Electrician Myrtle Beach: Summer Electrical Problems

In just a few weeks, the kids will be headed back to school, the tourists will be gone and the temperature outside will be bearable again. Going to the beach is fun and all, but we all live in Myrtle Beach for the other 3 seasons…right? As we are headed down the home stretch this summer, you may encounter some electrical problems at your home or business. Below are a few issues that you may need Mister Sparky, the best electrician Myrtle Beach has to offer, to help out:

  1. Flickering Lights – If you encounter flickering lights when the cooling system kicks on, that may be a sign that your system is not functioning properly. It may be as simple as a cleaning or coolant change.
  2. Ceiling Fans – Your fans may be operating backwards if you haven’t switched them for the summer. While powering down to reverse direction, take the time to clean it well and wash the shades for the lights.
  3. Overuse of Extension Cords – This may be an issue if you don’t have outlets where you need fans. Extension cords are designed to be a temporary solution and should never be buried under carpets or rugs.
  4. Brown-Outs – These are a more systemic issue and in most cases are not caused by one consumer. When this is an issue, the power company may ask you to conserve usage.
  5. Tripped Breakers – Tripped breakers may be a result of overloading your circuit with an air conditioner or fan on a circuit which is already close to its limit.

If you experience any of these problems at your Myrtle Beach business or home, please give Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach a call at 843.213.6610 or contact us here »


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