Electrical Repair in Florence, SC – Top 10 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards

Electrical Repair in Florence, SC – Top 10 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards

Electrical Repair in Florence, SC – The dangers involved with electricity are present in every home and building. There is no question about it that our dependence on electricity is increasing year after year as technology and innovations increase and with that in mind, so is the number of fatalities involving electricity increasing each and every year. Unfortunately, one of the most common victims with electrical hazards is children. In order to minimize the risks associated with electrical hazards we will go over the top 10 most dangerous hazards.  Being able to recognize these dangers will help you protect yourself around electricity and guard the ones you love also.

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What are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards?

  1. Wet Hands – Using electrical appliances or electronics when you have wet hands is a sure fire way for someone to might receive a shock. Any one whom touches an electric socket, appliance, or electronic can possibly get electrocuted as water is a good conductor for electricity. Another thing to keep in mind is that salt water is an even better conductor. So if you are heavily sweating while working with electricity, you could inadvertently electrocute yourself or worse.
  1. Water – Most people know that water and electricity do not mix. When it comes to the location of electric outlets in bathrooms and kitchens, they should be placed within a relatively safe distance away from any sources of water, such as, sinks and showers. To further increase safety, all outlets, including outdoor outlets, should be ground fault circuit interrupting types or GFCI for short.
  1. Exposed Outlets – If there are young children in the home, then electric outlets that are within reach will be a target for toddler’s natural curiosity. In order to prevent the possibility of a young child poking a finger or a fork for example into an outlet, you should install plastic closures that will slide into the sockets snugly and will be difficult to remove.
  1. Wiring – Electrical wiring should be in good condition if it is to be used. You should periodically inspect all of the wiring and cords in your home or building to make sure that all is in order. Brittle, corroded, torn and / or worn electrical wires and cords should never be used. The cords should be immediately replaced or repaired by a professional and licensed electrician who specializes in electrical repair in Florence, SC.
  1. Electrical Equipment – Whenever you are working with electronics, it should be done so while the appliances or electronics are powered off and unplugged. Never attempt to make repairs with the item still plugged in as this could be dangerous with serious consequences and even fatal. Some items may even hold a charge when unplugged. If you are unsure, you should always opt to have a professional do the electrical repair in Florence, SC.
  1. Putting out an Electrical Fire – Water does not always put out fires. When it comes to an electrical fire, water can act as a fuel that can make the situation much worse. In order to put out an electrical fire, a fire extinguisher must be used.
  1. Wiring – If electrical wiring is placed incorrectly it can lead to disastrous consequences. In order to avoid this, employ a professional company that specializes in electrical repair in Florence, SC.
  1. Light Bulbs – Sources of light should never be placed near flammable materials such as drapes and bedding. The heat from the bulb could combust the material, starting a fire.
  1. Extension Cords – Extension cords are a major contributor to electrical shock and fires across the nation each and every year. These are not permanent solutions when you need additional sockets. Extension cords should never be overloaded or the risks of an electrical fire are greatly increased.
  1. Hiding Cords and Wires – Electrical cords and wires should never be placed under rugs or furniture in order to hide them. The electricity traveling through these cords will generate heat and it could possibly combust these materials, this is especially true if the cord or wire becomes damaged or frayed. 

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