Electrical Services: 7 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Running Electricity In A Shed Or Garage | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Services: 7 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Running Electricity In A Shed Or Garage | Myrtle Beach, SC

Ever tried looking for something in your storage shed while stumbling along in the dark? Not only is it annoying, but it can also lead to injuries. You may have resorted to using extension cords as a source of power for your power tools and equipment.

But using extension cords is inconvenient and a safety hazard. Such cords should only be used temporarily and not with heavy tools. Every year, there are 3,300 home fires caused by misuse of and damaged extension cords.

That is why you may have decided to install electricity in your garage. Or maybe you are thinking of turning your backyard shed into a cozy hangout or a temporary living space. Whatever the reason, there are several things you will need to consider before you can start your project. The following things affect the cost of wiring an outdoor building in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  1. Electrical Requirements

The first and most important part is knowing what you want to use your shed or garage for. The cost will be minimal if you just want a few lights. However, if you plan to use power tools or make it a living space in which you will use several appliances, you will need a bigger budget.

In some instances, you may need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. A panel with less than 200 amps may not be sufficient to power your home and the outdoor unit. Your electrical services provider could also install a subpanel dedicated to the garage or shed.

This has the advantage of keeping it separate from the house, and you can decide to switch the power on and off at any time.

Another option would be to use solar power. Ask your electrical services provider what options are available. A simple solar system could be sufficient if you just need a few lights.

  1. Distance to House

Distance is another major factor. The further the shed is from the house, the more materials and labor are required. Depending on the location of the main electrical panel, the electrical services provider may have a harder time pulling the wires from your home to the shed.

You will have to decide if you want to run the wiring above or underground. Aboveground may be cheaper but is more dangerous, and the wiring is more likely to be damaged. You should place the wiring underground if the garage is far from the house. You may be able to dig the trenches yourself, but you need to be aware of any utility lines or plumbing that could be in the way.

  1. Size of the Building

A larger building will require more outlets and lighting fixtures than a smaller one. You’ll need more cables and materials. Your electrical services provider will also need more time to wire a big unit, increasing labor costs.

  1. Materials Used

You can choose between single-wire or multi-wire transmissions. Single-wire transmissions are much more affordable but are not an optimal choice if you plan to use a lot of appliances and power tools.

You will also have to decide if you want a metal or plastic, rigid or flexible conduit when running the cables underground. Some materials are better suited for certain soil types and areas.

The installation process also differs as you must dig deeper trenches using a plastic conduit. An electrical services provider will help you determine which tube you need.

You will also need cables, outlets, switches, light fixtures, and a host of other materials, which will all add up. While it may be tempting to cut costs by buying cheap, poor-quality materials won’t last long, leading to malfunction and unnecessary repairs.

  1. Amount of Restoration Required

This is not a problem if you are building your outdoor unit from the ground up, as electrical wiring will be part of the plan. In most cases, the electrical services provider will have to break the drywall to install the wiring.

Once the job is done, you will need to fix the walls and clean up, as most electricians won’t do that. You could also hire a contractor, which will add to the costs.

  1. Permits

You will need to get a permit to wire your shed or garage. Authorities in Myrtle Beach, SC may also require you to provide a building plan detailing the exact upgrades you want.

Once the wiring is done, you must schedule an inspection that ensures everything is done per local regulations. If you hire a reputable electrical services provider, they can help you with this process.

  1. Labor

Labor costs make up the biggest chunk of the expenses. Except if you are a professional electrician with a license, wiring your garage or shed is not a DIY project. You can dig the trenches and fix the drywall, but the electrical installations should be left to a professional. Every year, there are approximately 360,900 home fires.

The largest fires were caused by an electrical malfunction. Hiring a professional will greatly reduce the risk. Additionally, local building codes may require you to hire an approved electrical services provider for the job.

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