Outdoor lighting has many functions that add to the safety, beauty and value of your home or commercial location. Our menu of services includes innovative design and expert installation of a wide variety of outdoor lighting fixtures, including:

  • Deck, patio or garden lighting – and let your guests dine al fresco tonight!
  • Floodlights – emphasize dramatic architectural elements, or connect to a motion sensor for maximum security
  • Pathway lighting – discreet ground level lighting that lets you see your way while highlighting landscaping or building features
  • Recessed brick lighting – usually for decorative purposes only, these lights are safe for high-traffic areas as well

If you’re interested in outdoor lighting, don’t hesitate to call our master electricians at 843-213-6610. We’ll not only assist you in deciding what looks best – we’ll take into account your safety concerns and make sure you’re home’s outdoor area is well lit.

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