What is a power surge? A power surge is a sudden spike in voltage, typically very brief, very strong, and very destructive. The average home today has thousands of dollars worth of electrical items and it only takes a split second for a power surge to destroy them. Power surges destroy items very quickly, like a lightning bolt hitting a power line, or gradually over time, when smaller surges are absorbed by your electronics slowly eating them away. Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach offers surge protection services that could prevent a disaster from happening inside of your home.

Power Surge Points To Know

  • Half of all suges come from inside your home when large appliances turn on and off.
  • Your homes average voltage is 120volts and a surgee can be 10 times stronger or more.
  • The average North American home faces 5 or more surges a day – 2000 or more a year.
  • Coastal SC ranks high for lightning strikes.

Properly protecting your home means going beyond the strip. Mister Sparky employs a two stage process to make your home Surge Secure.


  • Protection at the source, Incoming power line, Incoming phone line, Incoming Cable TV line. We will also address other items on the outside of your home that could caus surges such as pool equipment, landscape lighting and A/C compressors.
  • Protection at the point of use. Even a small amount of extra current can sneak by the Surge Secure, but with the proper protection points in place, you’re covered. We will identify TV’s, computers, dvrs, and other sensitive electronic equipment and place a point of use strip for protection.

Protect your home with Surge Secure, call Mister Sparky today at 843-213-6610.

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