10 Signs You Might Need an Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

10 Signs You Might Need an Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Sometimes we don’t realize that there is an electrical fault in our home that could be potentially dangerous. There are a number of things that we can look out for to help ensure our home and our families stay safe. Did you know that a dead outlet, a humming sound or a pest infestation could all be signs that you need to call an emergency electrician to your Myrtle Beach, SC home?

1) You Have an Issue Lasting Longer Than an Hour 

If you have been having issues with a light source or appliance that has lasted for longer than an hour, then you may need to hire an emergency electrician to carry out preventative repairs. Although it may not always be an emergency, it often can be, so a quick response is important to make sure you and your home are safe.

2) The Light Bulbs Are Burning Out Frequently

Do you have one light bulb that you always have to change a lot more often than any other? If so, the light probably has some loose wiring behind it. Alternatively, something nearby could be causing it to overheat, making the light automatically shut off by default. If either of these sound familiar to you, be sure to call out an emergency electrician to fix the problem and ensure the safety of your home.

3) You Have Dead or Loose Outlets

If you have a loose or a dead outlet, this could be a sign of something more serious. A dead outlet often means overheating that has caused a breaker to trip. If this is the case, then it needs to be rectified by a professional quickly to avoid further damage. Buzzing from a loose outlet can be caused by loose wiring, which if left can be a fire hazard or even cause electric shocks.

4) You See Brown or Black Marks Around Your Outlets 

A blackened outlet signifies that it is very hot and may be overloaded. Excessive heat can cause burnt wiring which could then go on to cause a house fire. Be safe and always call an emergency electrician if you spot an outlet with brown or black marks.

5) You Get an Electric Shock

Receiving an electric shock from an outlet or appliance shouldn’t be ignored. An appliance only shocks you if the currents intended pathway is damaged or broken, leading it to try and use your body as a way of grounding itself. Keep yourself safe by getting a professional to come and look at it.

6) You Smell Something Burning

Do you ever walk into the house and smell burning, but assume your husband must have just burnt his toast again? Well that could be the case, but it could also be a sign that some of the wires in the walls are damaged which can lead to a house fire being started. Turn off the power in that area of the house if it is safe to do so and call an emergency electrician to take a look.

7) Your Power Outlets Have Come into Contact with Water

Water and electricity shouldn’t come into contact with each other, but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. For example, if your house has been flooded or if the roof is leaking, you need to act quickly to try and keep everyone safe. The most important thing is to keep yourself and everyone in your home safe, so don’t touch the water and don’t use any electrical equipment including the lights. Any outlets which have been damaged by water need to be assessed by a professional. You might think you can wait a few days, but it’s important to get an immediate emergency electrician to look at it, to ensure the outlets are not at risk of causing a fire or giving you an electric shock.

8) Your Power Has Gone Down

Power cuts can be frustrating at the best of times, and they can be caused by lightening or car accidents miles away. If your power is out, look down the street to see if it’s the whole street or just your house. If it’s just your house that is affected, then this could be a sign of problems with the electrical wiring in your house. Putting on a few appliances at a time shouldn’t be enough to bring the power down. But if it is, then you might need to hire an emergency electrician to come and examine the wiring and see if any repairs are needed to fix the problem.

9) You Have Flickering or Dimming Lights

If you have lights which keep flickering on and off or becoming dim, then this might mean some of the wiring in your house isn’t quite right. If you are experiencing regular flickering or dimming, particularly if it is across multiple lights, then it’s best to call an emergency electrician to assess the wiring in your house.

10) There Are Rodents or Pests

If you see any rodents or pests running around, particularly near areas with wiring, then they may be nibbling on the wires behind the walls. If this is the case, you will need to call pest control and an electrician to come and make sure that they haven’t chewed through any of the wiring or insulation.

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