Dealing With Water In Electrical Sockets: Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Dealing With Water In Electrical Sockets: Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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When it comes to safety, we all know that water and electricity are two things that should never be mixed. However, flooding and other accidents in your Myrtle Beach, SC property can result in water getting into plugs and plug sockets. Today, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions you might have about this scenario.

So what happens if you get water into your plug sockets?

Every year, it happens accidentally. It can lead to electrical problems, such as flickering lights, broken fuses, and damaged wiring. While flickering lights may just seem a bit of a nuisance, it could be an indication of a much larger issue that requires an emergency electrician’s attention, especially if you know there has been recent water damage.

Typically, if you get water into your plug sockets or any electrical systems, the trip switch in your fuse box should cut the power automatically to help you avoid injury. If it doesn’t cut power when the damage occurs, the power supply to the socket should be turned off. Any wires or cables that need attention due to water damage should be serviced by a professional electrician.

When is water damage most likely to occur?

Accidental water damage in plug sockets tends to happen more frequently in the evening and on weekends when there is more activity in the home. Luckily, getting water into a plug socket isn’t always a scenario that requires the whole house to be disconnected from the power supply, so you don’t always need to vacate the premises.

However, most of the water damage in Myrtle Beach is caused by tropical storms and hurricanes bringing ocean water and heavy rain during summertime. While Myrtle Beach, SC, is a moderate flood risk, five natural floodplain areas help protect the city. These areas hold, filter, and disperse floodwater: Bear Branch Swash, Cane Patch Swash, Deep Head Swash, Midway Swash, and Withers Swash. If you live near one of these areas or on the beachfront, you may experience localized flooding during storms.

How does an emergency electrician make my plug socket safe again?

Plug sockets or plugs need to be completely dry before reuse if they have been exposed to water. An emergency electrician can quickly take apart the affected socket, clean it, and dry it before reattaching it and making sure it’s safe to use.

I have water in my outside lights. Are they safe to use?

Many people have asked this question of an emergency electrician, and the answer is no. Rainwater build-up in your outside lights will not only cause damage to the lightbulbs and wiring, but it can also cause corrosion of metal parts. Similarly to when an indoor socket is affected, an outside light should be taken down, cleaned, and dried before reusing. Any damaged parts should be replaced with new ones.

Should I call an emergency electrician if the issue returns?

If you notice your trip switch going off again or flickering lights returning, then an electrician should be called to investigate the issue further. There may be a leak or damage to the wiring that was missed during the first inspection.

What should I do if electrical damage was caused by flooding?

If you’ve been affected by widespread flooding, you’ll need to wait for the water to subside. Once it has, you’ll likely be eager to re-enter your home and try to get things back to normal. However, there’s likely electrical damage, as well as water damage, that needs to be repaired. Anyone entering your home should make sure:

  • It’s as safe as possible before entry
  • Direct contact with any remaining water is avoided
  • The electrical supply is switched off
  • Damaged appliances are unplugged
  • Portable appliances are moved to a safer space
  • Additional services, such as gas supply, are also switched off

How do I go about making home repairs after flooding?

Flood-damaged buildings located in the floodplains of Myrtle Beach, SC, require a permit issued by the Construction Services Department for repair work. Buildings that experience severe damage affecting 50% or more of the building’s value need to be demolished or brought back to full compliance according to the city’s floodplain regulations.

Flood clean-up and sanitization services from local restoration professionals will deal with water extraction, drying, and dehumidifying your home to prevent mold growth and structural issues. An emergency electrician may need to then rewire areas of the home or dry out and replace accessories, such as outlets, plugs, and switches.

What other electrical safety advice should I follow?

Registered electricians are the best option for electrical repairs or temporary workarounds. Call a certified electrician to inspect and repair any electrical issues.

Arrange for periodic electrical testing and home inspections to guarantee electrical safety throughout the year. Certified electricians can complete condition reports that will highlight any issues and comment on the condition of wiring and equipment that needs repairs.

After a flood, any portable appliances should be tested to make sure they are safe for continued use, in addition to fixed equipment that sits on the ground, e.g., electric cookers, fridges, freezers, and washing machines. In some cases, it may be worth checking with the manufacturer to determine if any specific tests are necessary.

Severe flood damage caused by either contaminated flood water or clean water will likely result in the complete rewiring of areas within your home. Don’t attempt this yourself – call a certified emergency electrician to take on any large-scale electrical repairs. During rewiring, you may want to consider raising the height of installed components. Tasks, such as moving the fuse box and moving outlets higher up to prevent recurrence during any subsequent floods, should be completed by an electrician.

Minor water damage caused by clean water from a burst pipe or leaking water tank is likely fixable through a thorough drying process. A certified emergency electrician can inspect damaged electrical components and appliances to confirm if they are dry enough to use safely.

Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach understands that it’s unpleasant to live without electricity long-term in your home, and that’s why we offer emergency electrician services. Whether it’s day or night, weekends or weekdays, we can support your electrical repair needs. Call us anytime!

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