Electrical Repairs You Should Never Consider Doing Yourself | Electrical Repair in Shallotte, NC

Electrical Repairs You Should Never Consider Doing Yourself | Electrical Repair in Shallotte, NC

We believe that all the electrical repairs in your home should be done by a professional. The risk of serious injury, or in some cases even death, is much higher in electrical repair than any other kind of repair. Nonetheless, most of us take care of some of the minor electrical repair in Shallotte, NC, by ourselves.

Some of us get so good at it that we think of saving some more money and try our hand at some other, more serious electrical repair in Shallotte, NC, ourselves.

We’d strictly advice you to not do that; nothing is more precious than your health and your life. There are certain electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC, that you should not even consider doing yourself.

Call professionals and keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Here are some of the electrical issues that cannot and must not be repaired at home:

·      Appliances

Most of us consider ourselves completely safe when working on appliances. It’s because a large majority of us make sure to unplug them before doing our own electrical repair in Shallotte, NC. That’s where we are wrong.

Even if you unplug them, appliances are still dangerous to work on yourself. It is because most appliances have a device called a capacitor. A capacitor’s function is to store electricity to boost a unit’s start-up. Hence, a charged capacitor can cause a dangerous situation not just for you but also for the family members around you. It is far safer and wiser to call a professional for electrical repair in Shallotte, NC.

·      Live Wires

Working on live wires is not safe for you and or the professionals who are pro at electrical repair in Shallotte, NC.  

The only difference between you and them is that they actually know the risks they are putting themselves at. The professionals also know all about the protective measures to take to keep themselves safe. They also have protective gears that you probably don’t.

There’s a reason they have taken up this job so that you won’t have to. Trust the professionals to do the risky work so that you can stay back and stay out of harm’s way.

·      Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are actually a real problem in some homes. Sometimes the shock is quite intense; at other times, it is just static. Regardless, there’s an underlying problem behind it that needs fixing.

It should go without saying that working on an electrical repair in Shallotte, NC, of such nature is most definitely hazardous.

Messing with wires that are already running rampant with electrical shocks is not something to do on your own.

·      Light Bulbs Rapid Burnout

You would know there’s something fishy in your electrical lines when all your light bulbs are burning out too often. Not only is it annoying but ridiculously costly.

You shouldn’t consider yourself as an ideal candidate for repairing burnout light bulbs because it is not easy.

There could be many reasons why the bulbs are burning out too fast; singling out the issue would take time and energy. It is wiser to consult an electrician for this kind of electrical repair in Shallotte, NC.

·      Resetting Tripped Breakers

If the breakers in your house have tripped because of the power overload and you are just resetting it, then it’s cool. If you so much as go near the service lugs in the breaker box, then you are simply asking for trouble and pain.

The service lugs are always energized and hot, always; even when you have cut off the main electric supply for the breakers. If you are not sure what we are talking about, then that is a good enough sign that this electrical repair in Shallotte, NC, is not your cup of tea.

·      Weatherboard

Weatherboard is also called the periscope. It is that box that connects your house to the utility power hole. Due to usage, especially in old houses, the weatherboard tends to get a little run down. The temptation to clean it up a bit is definitely strong. Just to push it a bit to the side or to tighten a loose bolt is something you can handle, right?

Perhaps you can, but when 200 amps from the weatherboard run through your body, you will definitely not be able to handle it. You have a problem with it? Call a professional to solve that problem.

·      Outlets

Some outlets around our homes are closer to water. In fact, they are a little too close for comfort. While most people can replace outlets themselves, we believe they should steer clear of outlets that are in bathrooms or kitchens or in any wet area around the house.

As a general rule, outlets should always be installed far away from pools, bath areas and kitchens. Even using hair dryers, phones, and radios near these areas while connected to the outlet is dangerous.

·      Unprotected, Uncovered Electrical Outlets

If you see open wires running around any system, stay away. Wires should never be out in the open to start with. However, in most old houses and rundown buildings, wires lose their protective coverings, and even lose the boards that keep them inside the walls.

Do not risk working on these wires yourself.

As a safety measure, whenever something starts going haywire in your home, rush to the main electrical panel and cut off the power. Do not, under any circumstances, try to solve the issue yourself. At least not when you are unsure of the problem and lack knowledge regarding the matter.

By trying to fix electrical repairs like that yourself, you not only put yourself at danger but also the pets, kids and elders around you. If you want to deal with any electrical repair in Shallotte, NC, you can always rely on Mister Sparky Myrtle Beach. The professionals will come and take care of all the electrical issues in your home in a completely safe and secure manner.

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