Electricians in Wilmington, NC – Electric Fireplace

Electricians in Wilmington, NC – Electric Fireplace

Electricians in Wilmington, NC – With winter in full swing homeowners are spending more time in front of the fireplace. Other homeowners may be considering having a fireplace installed. If you are thinking about having a fireplace installed professionally by electricians in Wilmington, NC; consider having Mister Sparky do the work for you. With an electric fireplace installed by our professional electricians, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are receiving service from one of the best electrical service companies in the area.

Electric fireplaces are not just for homeowners who are thinking about how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Electric fireplaces come in all styles and sizes, and some sport realistic flames and coals, which can make electric fireplaces an attractive option for anyone who is seriously considering foregoing the cost of a brick and mortar wood-powered or gas-powered fireplace. Mister Sparky’s professional electricians in Wilmington, NC specialize in electric fireplace installations and can get you setup in no time. If you would like to NChedule an install with us then give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you and help spruce up your home this winter. Below in this article we will diNCuss some of the benefits homeowners can have by choosing to go with an electric fireplace.

  1. Electric fireplaces will not emit toxic greenhouse gases unlike traditional wood burning fireplaces. Even wood burners that claim to have clean combustion will produce some amount of dangerous carbon monoxide. There are many different types of electric fireplaces to choose from and some available models even have air filters that will help in improving indoor air quality also.
  2. If you already have an existing fireplace in your home but would like to switch to an electric one; electric fireplaces can be set up on existing hearths. This will enable the homeowner to be able to close the damper and cap the existing chimney; in the process of doing so will prevent a major area where conditioned indoor air eNCapes from a home. Looking for electricians in Wilmington, NC for electrical installation, maintenance or repairs? Give Mister Sparky a call to NChedule an appointment now.
  3. Electric fireplaces can be used for zone heating and is a very efficient source for heating these zones. For greater efficiency, purchase a model that includes a thermostat and will allow control over the amount of heating desired. There are also models that will offer timers and remote controls.
  4. Additionally, electric fireplaces can be used for aesthetic appeal in the area of the home where it is installed also. The feature allows the heat source to be turned off, but the flame and coal functions can remain on. If you are looking for professional electricians in Wilmington, NC for electrical repairs or installations give Mister Sparky a call now.
  5. When it comes to the whereabouts for the installation of an electric fireplace there are many different choices. Electric fireplaces can be installed in an existing fireplace, on the wall or you can have a custom surrounding boxed around it. There are also portal models that are available in the marketplace to allow for the electric fireplace to be moved room to room as needed.
  6. Electric fireplaces are attractive and popular on kitchen walls, cabinetry, dining rooms and bathrooms. They can also even be used outdoors when under the shelter of covered porches, gazebos or other covered outdoor structures. Some models will need professional installation by reputable electricians in Wilmington, NC.
  7. When it comes to safety, electric fireplaces provide many features. Even in the event of an electric fireplace being knocked over the safety tilt switch and shatterproof glass will offer protection. There are even some models available that have stay cool surfaces making them an attractive option if you have a home with children. However, as with many electrical appliances you should not use them around water or flammable materials.
  8. You can also opt to have electric logs installed in existing fireplaces. If you would like to learn more or have electric logs installed in your home’s existing fireplace then get in touch with Mister Sparky, and one of our professional electricians in Wilmington, NC will come and assist you.

About Mister Sparky in Wilmington, North Carolina

Back in 1996, Mister Sparky first opened its doors in Atlanta, Georgia.  This, the original location for Mister Sparky is now one of the leading residential electrical service and electrical repair companies in the entire Eastern area of the United States and is also considered one of the biggest nationwide.  Mister Sparky has an impeccable record for delivering prompt and professional service that is hard to beat and we provide our customers with upfront pricing before any electrical work is started.

At Mister Sparky we differentiate ourselves from our competition by our unique message: Mister Sparky – “America’s On-Time Electrician.” Out mottos is, We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair is Free. And we mean it. In fact, Mister Sparky is the “On-Time” electrical contractors in the electrical repair field and we are the leading electrical repair company with superior service nationwide.  With over 86 locations nationwide, Mister Sparky is growing faster than its competition. When it comes to upfront pricing, honesty, integrity and professional service that simply gets the job done, time after time again, you can rely on our professional electricians in Wilmington, NC.

It does not matter what type of electrical problems you may have at home or the office, if you are in need of professional electricians in Wilmington, NC that you can trust time after time again, then Mister Sparky is the first and last phone call you will need to make.  All of Mister Sparky’s electricians in Wilmington, NC are vetted and well-trained in order to resolve any electrical issue with prompt, accurate and professional results. If you are in need of professional electricians in Wilmington, NC that you can trust then give Mister Sparky a call today. You can rest assured knowing that you will be placed in good hands and for your convenience we are also available three hundred and sixty five days a year and twenty four hours a day for emergency electrical repair services. Keep Mister Sparky in mind for your next electrical installation, maintenance or repair needs.

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