General Electrical Safety Tips To Reduce Electrical Repair | Conway, SC

General Electrical Safety Tips To Reduce Electrical Repair | Conway, SC

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You probably haven’t thought much about some of the minor things that you could be doing to improve the safety of your home and reduce your need for electrical repair, but the truth is there are plenty of things that you could and should be doing. With just a few basic steps you could be improving the safety of your entire family, and we’re going to explain why each of these things is going to work for you and what it’s going to do.

  • Check Electrical Cords

Any of the appliances or electronics that you use in your home has an electrical cord to plug it in. You should be taking a quick look at these every time you use them and examining them more carefully at least once in a while. Make sure that there are no cuts, breaks or other damage to the cord and if there is, you need to replace it. This is one place where you can call for electrical repair, especially if it’s an appliance with a bad cord. Your electrician can help you figure out your next steps.

  • Use GFCI Near Water

If you have outlets near your sink in the bathroom or kitchen (which you likely do) make sure that they are GFCI switches. These automatically disconnect the power if you have an electrical appliance connected and there’s any kind of water involved. You want them anywhere that you could be close to water, which could include a laundry room or even your garage as well.

  • Evaluate Extension Cords

Just take your appliances that have electrical cords you also want to check out any extension cords that you might be using. Make sure that if they are cut, broken, frayed or otherwise damaged you’re not using them. Don’t use them if they don’t seem to fit well into the wall and definitely make sure that nothing is breaking through the exterior casing of the cord. If any of these things are happening it’s time to throw out the cord and get a new one.

  • Reduce Your Use of Outlets

If you find yourself using your power outlets for far too many things or you notice that you’re using a lot of extension cords to plug in even more things then it’s time to get more outlets installed. Trying to overload your current outlets is only going to cause you more problems in the long run. You’ll end up needing a whole lot more repairs and it’s going to cost you a lot rather than just getting those new outlets installed in the first place.

  • Avoid Electricity and Water

Don’t touch any of your electrical appliances if you have wet hands and keep any water or other wet items away from appliances, especially when they’re plugged in. If something electrical does get wet when it’s not plugged in make sure that it’s 100% dry before you attempt to plug it in. If it’s plugged in when it gets wet do not touch it. Turn off the power at the breaker box and stay away.

  • Check for Exposed Wiring

If you have any outlets or switches that aren’t covered you need to contact an electrician to help you out. You should not have any exposed wiring in your home because this increases the risk of danger for your family and your home. If something gets into the wiring it can cause damage or even fire. Getting Conway, SC electrical repair done quickly and professionally will help reduce the risk of more serious damage to your property.

  • Get an Electrical Fire Extinguisher

You want a fire extinguisher that can take care of electrical fires because using water on them will only make the problem even worse. Having the right extinguisher means that if there is an electrical fire you can put it out (as long as it’s small) and protect your family. Keep in mind that if you do have an electrical fire that’s minor you’re likely going to need some type of electrical repair to fix the area of your house that had the fire.

  • Know Your Wattage

The lights that you have around your house will all come with recommendations for just how many lumens you can use. Make sure that you’re never using more than what the lamp or unit allows for as this could result in a fire hazard. Because they work at such a high temperature, you want to make sure that you’re not overloading the system. Instead, check the instruction manual and then use a lightbulb that’s well within the range that’s allowed. This keeps your danger down.

  • Recognize the Signs

There are plenty of signs that something is going wrong with your electrical and that you need to call a professional for electrical repair. So, make sure that you’re working with a professional at all times. Watch for hot switches or appliances, blow fuses, tripped breakers or shocks. Any of these could be signs that something is seriously wrong. But don’t ignore other signs either. There are plenty of things that could happen in your home to let you know that your electricity isn’t working quite right. You want to make sure you call a professional in electrical repair if you notice anything that doesn’t seem normal.

If you’re in need of electrical repair or you want more tips and advice on how to keep yourself and your family safe, make sure you call Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach. We can come out to your Conway, SC home and help you with any of your electrical repair needs. Our team is always ready and waiting for your call and we make sure that only the best are coming to take care of anything that you need. Whether it’s something minor or something major, your electrical is definitely not something you should ignore. So make sure that you give us a call to set up your appointment and get started on your electrical repair today.

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