How to Become Greener in Your Electrical Usage | Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC

How to Become Greener in Your Electrical Usage | Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC

Everyone knows how the environment is changing all around us and we now know how important it is to be environmentally active and aware.  Our electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC would, therefore, like to ask people to consider how much money they can actually save by building a greener home.

Our agenda here is to discuss ways and methods by which you can change your home from a powerhouse of dangerous emissions to more of a simple and easy greenhouse. According to our expert electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC all you need to do is be aware of some energy-saving strategies to be able to switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Green Home Building Ideas According toElectricians in Myrtle Beach, SC

1.   Consider Your Location

While you’re buying a property for yourself, electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC will recommend that you take note of a couple of things. The very first thing you can do is to avoid properties that are west facing. By doing so, you will have made sure that your home is always cool due to the minimized exposure to the sun.

The second thing electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC would like you to consider is to avoid building homes in environmentally sensitive locations. These areas could be those that are prone to extreme weather changes or are prone to floods.

2.   Smaller Is Always Better

A home that is small and was built with some eco-friendly techniques will always have a smaller impact on the environment according to electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC. A home that is large, on the other hand, will cost more to cool and heat. This is why you should really think about making your future green home cost-effective and manageable.

3.   Buy Only Energy Efficient Equipment

In order to do so, electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC will recommend that you buy equipment that has Energy Star Labels on it. Why though? You should do so because these particular products have been deemed energy efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This label is becoming well-known as consumers are now beginning to choose these appliances for green homes. These appliances not only prove to bring forward energy savings but they perform really well too.

4.   Proper Insulation

Insulation is among the most important things you need to consider for your new green home according to electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC. This is because of the fact that cooling and heating account for approximately 50% of all your energy consumptions.

That being said, air leaks such as those that occur in duct works, doors and windows are responsible for a lot of heat loss. This is why you shouldn’t let these factors the comfort of your home by implementing the proper form of insulation.  With proper insulation, you will not only be able to bring down your energy consumption but you will also experience considerably low electricity bills.

5.   Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

The professional electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC also recommend that you stop buying new appliances or products that aren’t environmentally friendly. They also recommend that you reuse any old materials like windows, doors and wood floors for your new home. Lastly, recycled materials such as recycled plastic, lumber, tile, aluminum, and glass can and should be used in building your green home.

6.   Use Only Sustainable Building Materials

If you’ve set a goal to build a green home, then you should also be using eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products. These will considerably impact the construction of your new home according to electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC,

Every little part of your home, such as the flooring, insulation, counters, cabinets, building materials, and roofing materials, can be done with environmentally friendly products. This is why you should use products such as linoleum, cork, bamboo because they are natural. You can also use recycled glass, plastic, and lumber as your renewable materials.

7.   Install Solar Panels

Every child would know that solar energy is a renewable and clean source of energy. For this sole reason, solar panels have been known to be a hot and emerging technology for all of those people who would like to utilize natural power for a green home.

Granted, solar panels will be an expensive investment, but what you need to see are the long-term savings. When you do see these, you will realize how stunning this investment truly is. Our first consideration – the location of your home – is also very important when it comes to installing solar panels. You will have to plan the structure of these solar panels in order to determine how you will be able to generate the most energy.

8.   Tankless Water Heaters and Rainwater Harvesting Systems

If you ask your electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC to install a rainwater harvesting system in your home, then you will be able to collect rainwater and then store it in your water tank. The collected water will then be used in sprinkler systems or toilets.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, function in a manner that you don’t have to wait around for the water to get heated. The benefits of these water heating systems are twofold. You will not be using excess energy in your green home as you will only heat as much water as you need. Secondly, you will be able to save up on storage space because you wouldn’t actually need a hot water tank.

9.   Eco-Friendly Lighting

You will, again, find that CFL and LED light bulbs are a little more expensive than traditional bulbs, but they will last much longer than the latter. In simple words, they will be able to bring forward considerable cost savings in the long run.

All of these considerations will be ideal for your home – but all you need now is professional help in installations and maintenance. We can help you out here too!

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