Some Of The Surprising Benefits Of Professional Electrical Wiring From Your Local Electrician | Conway, SC

Some Of The Surprising Benefits Of Professional Electrical Wiring From Your Local Electrician | Conway, SC

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Did you know that a poor electrical connection, a bad switch, or an outlet problem can cause not only audible buzzing sounds but radio interference? Quality electrical wiring performed by an experienced professional has other hidden advantages besides keeping your radios, Bluetooth, TV, and Wi-Fi working their best. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, the care we take in our work helps our Conway, SC customers enjoy the technologies in their homes without the hidden side effects of loose connections and faulty electrical equipment. This is in addition to the safety and reliability of professionally installed wiring in the home, where connection issues can disrupt essential equipment or generate heat and produce odors, smoke, and possibly fire.

Sparks Were Actually Used in Early Radio Transmitters

Before the end of World War I, spark transmitters that harnessed the radio energy from high voltage sparks were used for telegraph communication between ships and stations on the shore. One of the first shore stations was created by an inventor named Marconi, and located on Cape Cod on the east coast of the United States. Not only did it generate enough radio signals to reach Europe, but it also created enough noise to annoy neighbors for miles around. This was before people owned TVs and radios, so interference wasn’t a problem, but eventually, people would start to notice that their equipment, especially the radios in their cars driving past power lines or in homes located near power substations, was affected by electrical power sources. When an electrician prevents connection problems by carefully wiring your home, he or she does your gadgets a favor by decreasing the interference they have to deal with.

A Bit More on Electrical Interference

Your electrician can help locate many sources of electrical interference that they are able to address in addition to wiring issues. Many older dimmer switches tend to interfere with local electronic equipment, especially radios, and your electrical service can help you identify the culprit and change it out with a newer model. Fluorescent lighting, motors, and many other devices can also affect your modern electronic lifestyle and may have similar solutions such as a fluorescent fixture servicing to replace a ballast device.

Some People Use Their Power Wiring for Their Network

A technology called Powerline networking carries your home network over your electrical wiring. It can be useful when your Wi-Fi is too far away, or to provide a bridge between your router and a TV or other device that only accepts wired Ethernet. The technology has been considerably improved over the years and is a decent substitute for other forms of networking in some cases. The key is that your home’s power wiring needs to be in good shape, done to the code electricians follow, providing a reliable path for the transmitted signal that’s carried over the wires. It’s a situation that no one is probably thinking about when electrical wiring is installed, but thanks to quality wiring, when you purchase a pair of Powerline adapters and set up your network, it just works.

Keeping Power Wiring Away From Network and Low-Voltage Such as Alarms

The induced current is a hidden danger around high-voltage lines and even subway and light rail systems. You may have seen signs around the tracks saying “warning, induced current,” and what they mean is that voltage can arise in metal around the high-voltage wires that power the trains, even if they’re not connected. A similar effect occurs at a much lower level when wiring in your home is installed incorrectly, without spacing between your home’s AC power wires passing behind walls and other wirings such as network, phone, or alarm systems. These low-voltage lines, as they’re called, can pick up a bit of current from the AC power line if a non-professional runs them close together in parallel, interfering with the signal they’re supposed to be carrying. There are other concerns and various codes which cover electrical wiring address issues related to exactly how different wiring types can run in a home including issues regarding safety. Your electrician knows about issues like this, but someone just running wires where they fit might not realize the hidden issues.

Aluminum Wiring and Other Older Wiring Systems

Your professional electrician can maintain older wiring systems and add to them, but it’s often to your advantage to have it replaced, especially aluminum wiring that was popular a few decades ago. Connecting aluminum wiring to standard copper wires and regular receptacles and switches can be tricky, and it takes a trained professional to know the ins and outs of these connections. Wiring that isn’t performed to these standards will work but is likely to present issues and even danger over the years as the two metals interact, so it would be easy to consider the job done when the lights work or the outlet has power. Not so, unfortunately.

Count on Your Professional Electrician for Safe, Reliable Home Wiring

The years of training, mentoring, and apprenticeship electrician’s experience on the way to licensing provide them with a wealth of knowledge that forms a part of their work, whether customers realize it or not. In many ways, when you have work done by a professional, you’re being served and protected by their knowledge against problems you didn’t even know existed, such as radio interference from loose connections or interference and other risks from wires run too close together. We’re pleased to offer the services of our team to you.

Your Professional Electricians Serving Conway, SC with Expert Electrical Wiring Skills

The team of electricians at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach are ready to install, fix, and upgrade your electrical wiring with an eye to unexpected side effects, many of which are covered in electrical code requirements but some of which are simply a matter of good habits from years of training. We proudly serve the Conway, SC area, so give us a call and let’s discuss your electrical issue or project.

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