The Ultimate Wiring Guide | Electrical Contractors in Shallotte, NC

The Ultimate Wiring Guide | Electrical Contractors in Shallotte, NC

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Do you smell burning wires in your home? Are your lights flickering? Are there too many outlets in use? Do you have a messed-up meter?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might have electrical wiring issues. Now most folks do not really know when or if they have wiring issues.

That’s okay! Here is a helpful guide to wiring issues that might help you identify wiring problems:

What Causes Issues in Your Wiring?

Now Shallotte, NC homeowners and business owners alike may be wondering what exactly the cause of faulty wiring in a building is. Here are a couple of possible causes:

If you face this issue, you should contact an electrical contractor in Shallotte, NC.

Inadequate Outlets

If you do not have enough outlets and are using extension cords over-enthusiastically, you may have wiring and electrical problems in the long run. In order to avoid this, you should install more outlets.

Open Slices

An open slice causes fire hazards and issues in your wiring systems which should be attended to at the earliest convenience.

Most Shallotte, NC houses have an attic and if there is an open splice, you can get a fire in the attic under the right circumstances.

Ceiling Wires

You may have problems in the wiring in your ceiling. These are often invisible so you should have professionals regularly inspect and maintain the wires in your ceilings.

Electrical Panel Problems

If your breakers are tripping, you probably have a messed up electrical panel and should attend to the problem immediately. If your panel is too full, it will heat up and even start a fire.

Unsecured Meter

Your meter should be connected and secured in a set position outside your house. If it is loose, it will cause wiring and electrical issues on the regular.

If you face this problem, you should have an electrical contractor in Shallotte, NC check it out right away.

Taped Wires

In some instances, unprofessional electricians or home maintainers can tape up wires. If your wires are taped up, especially your main feeder wires, you should immediately rectify this.

Jumbled Up Wires

Your electrical panels should have neat and open connections of wires. If there are too many wires jumbled up and are placed all over each other, this may cause electrical problems.

Furthermore, you should make sure that the wires are connections that the panel has the capacity to handle. If there are too many wires, the panel may heat up and start a fire.

Electrical contractors in Shallotte, NC can help you figure out if there is an issue in your wiring system and help you fix the badly placed, installed and incorrect electrical connections and help you make your home safe.

Problems with Wiring

So what can go wrong with wires? Well, wires are connected through the entire electrical system in our walls, floors and ceilings. If there is a problem with wires heating, melting or sparking, it could be a disastrous fire hazard for everyone in the home.

You will notice signs of wires melting, heating or sparking if the electrical connection is going out or if you smell smoke or melting plastic that is inexplicable. If you face this issue, you should immediately contact an electrical contractor in Shallotte, NC for emergency services.

However, many other things can go wrong in your wiring systems. For instance, you might have an uncovered junction box. This is where the wires in your house connect to each other. If it is uncovered, there might be a risk of fire and may need emergency services from an electrical contractor in Shallotte, NC.

Another wiring issue has to do with lamps. If you have too many light fixtures of higher voltages connected to outlets that cannot sustain it, it might have a negative impact on your wiring system.

You should then have a professional electrical contractor in Shallotte, NC check out your connections, outlets, and panels to see if they are properly fitted and if the right appliances, fixtures and wires are connected.

You might have frayed wiring in the weatherhead which may cause your lights to flicker in certain weather conditions, like in a storm or when it is windy outside. The weatherhead is where the outdoor power lines of Shallotte, NC connect to the wiring inside your house.

If you notice flickering lights in your home or office during a windy afternoon or night, call an electrical contractor in Shallotte, NC at your earliest convenience because a problematic connection in the weatherhead can cause an electric fire.

Panels can also have too many wires and be fitted with too many circuits, way more than they are able to handle. If this occurs, you might be facing a fire and safety risk.

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Now, you may be worried about costs. We understand, as business owners and operators you need to drive the costs down. But don’t worry; our services will not put a dent in your pocket.

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