What Electrical Repair Can Save You | Conway, SC

What Electrical Repair Can Save You | Conway, SC

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When you are looking at a new house, or looking at remodeling your current house one of the biggest items in it is one you don’t see much of, the electrical system. These systems can vary in layout and materials depending on the age and installer and there is a wide variety in Conway, SC that can affect how well your home is built and how safe it is. Getting it checked regularly for reliability and build quality makes sure that you and your electrical items are safe from weather and other issues that come up from old systems.

What Could Be Wrong

There are many things that may be wrong with your electrical systems. One of the most common things that can show that there is an issue and cause you to call for electrical repair is that you have electrical surges quite often. This can also happen from outside the house from things like lightning or power line damage but if it is only happening to your house it is likely bad wiring. Whether it’s from improperly ground wires, a transfer between wire materials going wrong, or just damage from pests or age inside your walls.

You may also be having problems with switches and outlets that either don’t turn the lights or appliances on, or that the power current sways between too high and too low. These “brown outs”, as opposed to the more known “black outs” wreak havoc on unprotected electrical equipment because it is operating outside the boundary of normal parameters and it may not be able to correct it without damaging the electronics inside your appliances and equipment. Getting an appointment for electrical repair means you can have a licensed electrician identify if the issue is inside or outside of your house.

The last major point where you can have issues is at the circuit box itself. You’re more likely to have issues at the box, again, with older boxes especially if you don’t even have circuits but have fuses instead. If you have a high amp switch running total electric circuits that shouldn’t be an issue but it’s still tripping you should call for electrical repair. If you have a fuse box instead your electrical system has likely not been updated from the 1960s or even earlier and it is getting ever harder to find replacement fuses. Even first generation circuit breakers can be faulty as they have modernized a lot in the past twenty years. Calling for an electrical repair expert can help make sure the wiring in your house is correctly marked on your circuit box, that your circuits are not overtaxed, and that you and your equipment are being properly regulated at the electrical connections.

Small Things That Could Show You Have Issues

In the summer it is no small feat to have high electrical bills in the area. But if you’re noticing your electrical bill skyrockets with a new appliance or an appliance is acting strange when in operation it may be time to call for electrical repair. One of the most common appliances that start failing in this circumstance is an electric hot water heater. If there is a leak in the system you will be continually feeding cooler water in meaning your water heater will be working more often. Getting an electrical repair specialist in for that would also likely require a plumber to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Be sure that you are taking steps to save electricity otherwise like unplugging chargers and appliances that are not in use and ensure that if you have a choice in your neighborhood try and make sure your electrical rates are competitive with others who may be able to provide power.

Another issue that could be small and warrant electrical repair is if you notice light bulbs burning up in certain locations a lot. There are many reasons that this could be an issue including using an improper wattage in the socket, specifically if you use a higher wattage bulb than is recommended. It is also possible that insulation either in the unit or in the ceiling, for recessed lighting, is too close causing the unit to overheat. This can also trace back to bad wiring either in the circuit or the mains down at your box. Two other small things about light bulbs that may be causing issues. If lights flicker independent of power outages there is likely a poor electrical connection to wherever the bulb is at, and if you use a dimmer switch and you’re bulbs aren’t dimming well or blowing out you may be overtaxing the regulator in the dimmer causing the bulbs and eventually your dimmer to fail.

The last small thing you may notice is electrical shocks happening more often. Although more common in homes equipped with forced air heaters and air conditioners it is possible that your shocks when plugging in your equipment is unrelated. When items are unplugged when they are still on or plugged in when a current in your plugs is high you may see a light arc from your prong to your plug. This is very dangerous and if you’re plugging in an item that is not on with a battery you should immediately call for electrical repair as it likely means your electrical system is malfunctioning and you are possibly putting yourself and your house at risk. Be smart though and try to reduce the risk of shocking your appliances by keeping the humidity in your home at a marginal level.

When you need electrical repair in the Conway, SC area be sure to consider Mister Sparky electric. Their licensed contractors make sure you get peace of mind at a price that is reasonable. They offer protection plans for work they do and use the highest quality technique’s, parts, and technology to ensure your electrical job is done in the most efficient way possible.

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