6 Issues That Require An Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

6 Issues That Require An Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The electrical system in your Myrtle Beach, SC home is complex, and occasional issues are to be expected. Some problems are minor and can wait until an electrician has an opening in their schedule. However, some issues cannot wait and would require a call to an emergency electrician.

If you have an issue with your electrical system, the repair should not be a DIY project. As mentioned above, your electrical system is complex. It takes just one mistake to spark an electrical fire that can destroy your home. In addition, a minor mistake can result in electrocution or death.

If your electrical system is experiencing any of the following issues, you should call an electrician as quickly as possible.

#1 Your Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently

The breaker box in your home is your electrical system’s brain. When the electricity comes into the home, the breaker box distributes it to various areas of your home. The breaker box is also designed to keep your home safe. If a circuit is overloaded, the circuit trips to prevent an electrical fire.

If your circuits trip frequently, try unplugging something. If this helps, you will know that you overloaded the circuit and can avoid plugging too many appliances and devices into that circuit. You can also have an electrician upgrade your electrical system, allowing you to plug in as many items as you need.

If multiple circuits are tripping and unplugging something isn’t helping, you should call an emergency electrician right away. The circuits could be tripping because there is an issue with the breaker box that can spark an electrical fire. The problem can also be with your electrical system. Older systems weren’t designed to handle modern electricity loads, and you may be putting too much strain on the system. The best way to resolve this issue is to have your electrical system upgraded.

It is best to call an electrician as soon as you have circuit breaker issues. Making the call immediately can prevent an electrical fire.

#2 Your Outlets Or Light Switches Are Hot Or Warm To the Touch

The outlets in your Myrtle Beach, SC home, should never be warm or hot to the touch. If you feel warmth from the socket or light switch, you should call an emergency electrician immediately. There could be a high demand in a circuit, or you could have a wiring issue.

These issues are very serious, and simply replacing the outlet or light switch won’t help. You will need an electrician to inspect the circuits and the wiring to determine why there is warmth before the issue sparks an electrical fire.

#3 Flickering Lights

It is easy to notice flickering lights, and it is just as easy to ignore the problem. Although it is easy to ignore the problem, it doesn’t mean that you should, and you should call an emergency electrician immediately.

The lights are flickering because of an overloaded circuit. The issue could also be due to faulty wiring, or your electrical system cannot handle your home’s electrical demand.

You will need an emergency electrician to inspect the electrical system to determine why the lights are flickering. They will need to repair the problem before an electrical fire starts that could destroy your home.

#4 Sparks When Plugging In An Outlet

It isn’t uncommon for an outlet to spark when you plug or unplug an appliance or a device. If you don’t turn off the appliance before plugging or unplugging it, it is not uncommon to see a blue spark. If the conductors in a circuit are too close or touching, it can cause a blue spark, which is relatively harmless.

If you see a yellow or white spark that lasts longer than a second, you should call an emergency electrician. There could be an issue with the wiring, an overloaded circuit, or improper installation could also be the issue.

You should call an emergency electrician the moment you see a dangerous spark. Waiting too long will put your home at serious risk. A spark can easily start a fire; therefore, you should make the call right away.

#5 You Smell Something Burning

If you smell something burning in your home but can’t find the source, it could be your electrical system. If you expect that the electrical system in your home is to blame, you should turn off the main power switch, leave the house and call the fire department. You need the fire department to determine if there is an active fire behind the walls. When the fire department has deemed your home safe, don’t go back in and turn the power back on. The next thing you should do is call an emergency electrician.

An electrician will inspect your electrical system looking for burned or melted wires. They will figure out what caused the electrical system to overheat and make the necessary repairs. You should avoid turning the power back on until the electrician has resolved the problem.

#6 Buzzing Sounds

If you hear a buzzing sound coming from behind a wall in your home, you likely don’t have a bee’s nest in the walls. This issue is likely with your electrical system.

There are a couple of issues that can cause the electrical system to buzz. There could be loose screws or a serious wiring problem.

This isn’t an issue that you should ignore or try to troubleshoot yourself. Instead, call an emergency electrician as soon as you hear the sound. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of an electrical fire.

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