8 Signs of Electrical Issues in Your Home | Electricians in Shallotte, NC

8 Signs of Electrical Issues in Your Home | Electricians in Shallotte, NC

Crackling or popping of outlets or an expected hush when a breaker pops in an appliance are sounds that signal an issue with your home’s electrical system. As a homeowner, you have to understand that there are several silent signs which can indicate an electrical issue in your home. These signs may not always create noise but they are equally dangerous for your home.

1.  Flickering Lighting Fixtures

Cinematic horror experiences may have forced you to believe that flickering lights are caused by ghosts. However, in reality, the actual culprit is a lot less scary: a loose electrical connection. If you experience flickering for a single light fixture, then it is quite easy to resolve. However, if the issue spreads to more rooms and lights, then electricians in Shallotte, NC may have to go deeper into the electrical circuits of your home. If the flickering continues in the entire home then an electrician may have to go evaluate your breaker box.

2.  Smell of Burning

Perhaps, one of the easiest signs of an electrical issue is the smell of burning. It is not uncommon for wiring to heat up and melt the plastic sheathing of your electrical system; in such a case a fire might be inevitable and therefore a quick call for electricians in Shallotte, NC is the need of the hour. An electrician can instantly begin searching your home and find the issue’s source regardless of the fact it is coming from the breaker box or a fixture.

3.  Aluminum Wiring

50 years back, copper used to cost quite a lot. As a consequence, aluminum was used by home builders for the electrical wiring in homes. At that time, the lab tests confirmed that aluminum was a worthy copper replacement. Therefore, to save costs, it was adopted on a large scale. However, later is was found out that when aluminum is exposed, the rate of oxidation is faster than copper; as a result it generated heat more readily and was prone to fire risks. While lab environment could not catch up on this problem but in a more realistic and everyday home environment, aluminum wiring was identified as a fire hazard.

Consequently, modern homes began removing and replacing aluminum wiring, especially for branch circuits. According to the CPSCS (Consumer Product Safety Commission), homes which still use aluminum wiring have a 55 times more chance to deal with fire damage.

Electricians in Shallotte, NC explain that there are several strategies which can help to resolve aluminum wiring issues like an entire rewiring process or installing specialized connectors for the aluminum wiring. In case you have aluminum wiring in your home call for electricians in Shallotte, NC before it causes property, financial, or health related damage.

4.  Hot Outlets

While it is common for electrical appliances to generate heat, it should not be usual for the outlet itself to become hot. In case you sense heat coming out from an outlet, unplug everything from it and avoid using it before electricians in Shallotte, NC can resolve the issue.

Similarly, you should treat the switch cover plates with the same approach. However, do note that it is normal for dimmer switches to get hot—they dissipate excess energy which helps them in production of the dimming effect. Though, keep in mind that the cover plates of the dimmer switch cannot be too hot or else it is bad sign.

5.  Loose Outlets

Other than hot outlets, you also have to keep an eye for loose outlets. When you use an outlet for plugging a cord, observe if the outlet’s inside is shaking or moving. Loose outlets can cause sparks, shorts, and fire hazards. Therefore, contact electricians in Shallotte, NC whenever you find a loose outlet.

6.  Grounding Irregularities

A flex line or CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing) is one of the most common options for gas supply in homes. However, it is necessary to ensure that it is grounded correctly for evading life-threatening blowouts. When a lightning strike or any other source causes an electrical surge at your home then it can damage the tubing, resulting into a gas explosion or leak. In order to make sure that your gas supply is safe, contact electricians in Shallotte, NC and ask them to take a look and ensure that nothing is amiss with your line.

7.  Shocks

As we are discussing about grounding and electrical systems, you should know that grounding issues do not stop here and they can be of a more serious nature. In case anyone in your home gets a shock from a metal object which is attached to the mechanical system in your home, you should recognize that it is a red flag which indicates that you might have to call electricians in Shallotte, NC and ask them to ground your electrical system properly. This includes electrical fixtures like ceiling fans, lamps while it can also affect furnace ductwork and water lines. Also, make sure that they are not static electricity pops—they are lighter and should not concern you much.

8.  Rodents Effect

If rodents are near to any of your electrical wiring then it is a good idea to look for bite marks on the wires. Often, rodents chew wires and remove their protective layers. While the rodent may die but you can be in for a great shock after an exposed wire overheats or sparks. Therefore, if you find any signs of rodent activity on your wiring then you have to call for electricians in Shallotte, NC.

Now that you have gained a basic grasp of what signs you need to be aware of, this is the time to select a company which has experienced and well-skilled electricians. Contact Mister Sparky. We have been providing all types of electrical services to both the residential and commercial customers in Shallotte, NC.

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