8 Ways to Make Your House Tech Savvy | Tips from Your Shallotte, NC Electrician

8 Ways to Make Your House Tech Savvy | Tips from Your Shallotte, NC Electrician

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If you are moving into a new home in the Shallotte, NC area, or want to upgrade your current living space you should look into turning your regular home into a smart home.

What is a smart home you ask? It looks and feels just like a normal house, but it acts differently.

These tech savvy abodes are fitted with all sorts of devices, thingamabobs and doohickeys to make your life a little more convenient.

Start by calling an electrician to help you decide the best smart tech you can fit into your home, and then have them set it up. This list of 8 ways to tech-ify your home will have you saying “Hey Alexa” in no time.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is great for anyone who finds themselves outside their home a lot or for someone who travels often. The doorbell can be connected to Wi-Fi, and you can connect it to your phone so you can remotely see who is ringing your bell. Not only can you see them, you can also talk to them through your phone. Call an electrician to help you install one in your home.

Bonus: add a smart lock so you can lock and unlock your door from your phone as well.

Automatic Thermostat

Automatic thermostats can do everything from change the air temperature in your house with the use of your phone to responding to voice commands, depending on the system that you opt for. Either way, keeping your temperature under control can also help you save up on your electric bill at the end of the month; making the money spent on the device worth it! Call an electrician to get your auto-temperature control up and running.

Hue Changing Light Bulbs

This one is for those who enjoy mood lighting, host friends often or like having a little fun. Hue changing light bulbs are a fun way to pretend you’ve left your home and entered flashy club or dimly lit bar. Whether it’s a romantic red, blissful blue or pretty pink, hue changing light bulbs can be fitted anywhere by calling an electrician and can be controlled right from your phone.

Smart TV

It is pretty hard to find a TV in this Netflix, Hulu and YouTube era that isn’t a smart TV. If you haven’t already, it’s time to turn over to the dark side and buy into the hype of smart TVs. Long gone are the days of tethering your laptop to your TV or only being able to watch Netflix if you used a computer. You can now access all these platforms and more straight on your TV. You can even turn your phone into a remote controller so no more looking through sofa cushions for the remote! Just call an electrician to help you get set up!

Smart Switches

Smart switches are the answer to the prayers of anyone who has ever forgotten to switch the lights off before getting into bed. Leaving the house and realizing you forgot to switch off the fan; another one of those feelings. These can now all be solved with smart switches installed by an electrician. Smart switches can be controlled through your phone; they control lights, lamps, fans and anything else you would use a switchboard for.

Video Surveillance

When you think of video surveillance, you think of stores or banks, not your home. But these days tech has become so accessible, people are opting for video surveillance of their homes as well. Cameras these days are sharp enough to work at night with clear images as well as record sound. Plus, all the video and sound can be seen right on your phone. Ask an electrician to help you get your security system in place.

Smart Curtains and Blinds

Most people find it extremely hard to get out of bed when the room is completely dark. As soon as they open their curtains, they feel the energy of the sun wake them up; but getting up to open the curtains is the problem! So, why not invest in some smart curtains; they open with the flip of a switch that an electrician can install for you.

Smart Speaker

A hub controller or smart speaker is something that can control all your smart devices through voice control alone. Think along the lines of Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. These AI technologies have been adopted on many different devices to make you feel like you live in a home from the future.

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