9 Common Issues That An Emergency Electrician Solves | Myrtle Beach, SC

9 Common Issues That An Emergency Electrician Solves | Myrtle Beach, SC

Your home should be a safe sanctuary and a serene place of refuge. Unfortunately, incidents can happen to put loved ones and valuable property at risk. One obvious area of potential danger we should pay more attention to is electrical faults. Studies reveal an estimated average of 46,000 home fires related to electrical failures or malfunctions occur each year in the US. An effective way to stay ahead of these hazards is to be aware of signs of electrician problems that require the immediate attention of a licensed emergency electrician.

Here are eight common electrical issues that an experienced electrician solves.

Tripping circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are your first line of defense whenever there is a critical power fault in the electrical circuit. Usually, tripping could be due to a local power surge caused by overloaded circuits. It can also happen when you unplug some household electrical appliances. Circuit breakers that keep going on and off can put your household at risk and should never be ignored. If one of your breakers trips regularly, take note of the circuit and call an emergency electrician to address the issue.

Loose outlet plug

A loose outlet plug in your home can put you and your loved ones at considerable risk for electric shock. Loose outlets disrupt the flow of electricity and potentially cause serious fire hazards. This problem could be due to worn-out contact points in the receptacle or loose outlet face. If you have a loose outlet, turn off the breaker and call in an electrician. The expert will use a voltmeter or plug, double-check for voltage, and retighten the loose outlet plug.

Warm/hot power outlets

Abnormal warmth or heat from the sockets or switches is a red flag requiring an emergency electrician. This sign is typically a primary precursor to a potential fire and therefore needs immediate remediation. A Hot power outlet is caused by high demand in circuits or loose wiring that triggers heat build-up in the electrical outlet. Because this is a silent sign, it is advisable to regularly check how your sockets feel to the touch. You should also watch for sparks when you plug an appliance into the outlet.

Flickering lights

Light flickering is a common electrical issue that you can spot easily. Unfortunately, it is also quite easy to ignore. Flickering lights can be due to overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, faulty or incompatible wall switches, or loose bulbs. Even when the flickering lights seem harmless, it could be a sign of a more serious underlying issue that could trigger a dangerous fire hazard to your home. The only way to be safe is to call your electrician for an inspection.

Burning smells or smoke

An electrical fire smell is typically described as a burning plastic smell. This problem is caused by overheated wires that burn the insulation around them. As it burns, it breakdowns and releases chemicals into the air resulting in a strong, acrid smell that can be difficult to ignore. If you notice these smells, it is a clear sign you need to replace your electrical outlet immediately. You may also need to limit the number of power strips, especially where too many are using just one outlet. Importantly, have an experienced service provider to check the wiring for wear and tear and keep installations in top gear to ensure everything is in great condition.

Electrical shocks

Our bodies conduct electricity, and when any part meets live electricity, the current flows through it, which results in electric shocks. Electrical shocks are an unfortunate experience that can compromise your safety and cause burns to the skin or internal tissues. These shocks may be caused by faults in appliance wiring or the appliance itself. They might also be caused by faulty switches, outdated outlets, and cords that touch the water. Always hire a licensed electrician for all electrical work around your home to reduce the risks of electrical shocks. If you experience shocks in your home appliances, have a licensed emergency electrician look at the issue and fix the problem.

Water damage

Experiencing a flood or major leak in your home can be a major cause for alarm. Damaged cables can come in contact with water in a damp environment or where steam condenses and could lead to short circuits. Given the many dangers of mixing water with electricity, it is advisable to call a professional emergency electrician to assess the electric system before you can switch on any electricity. An electrician will determine the extent of damage and recommend that you rewire or change electrical outlets and switches based on their findings.

Buzzing sounds

Humming or buzzing sounds from outlets or switches are warning signs that should never be ignored. These sounds could be due to loose, overloaded, or improperly grounded wires. Each of these faults is a fire hazard that could cause life-threatening injuries and major property damage. If you notice humming or buzzing sounds in your electrical systems and appliances, call a reputable emergency electrician.

Dead outlets

Another sign of electrical trouble in your home is dead outlets. Outlets that don’t work could be due to loose or damaged wires within the walls or overloaded circuit breakers. These hazards are dangerous and can cause a fire. Check nearby outlets and circuit breakers to see whether they are working. When a circuit breaker has tripped, the lever flips to the middle or off position. Don’t attempt to fix dead outlets on your own. Call a licensed emergency electrician to determine the root cause and fix the problem safely and efficiently.

Contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for Quality Solutions

Some electrical problems can wait for days, while others should be resolved immediately. If you notice any of the issues discussed above, call an emergency electrician immediately. These professionals leverage their vast experience and top-notch tools to diagnose and fix the problem so your home can be safe again.

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, our licensed and certified emergency electricians are ready to help you with all electrical emergencies. We provide reliable 24/7 emergency services to residents and businesses in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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