Be Safe: Let the Pros Handle Electrical Problems for You | Tips from Your Trusted Myrtle Beach, SC Electrical Contractor

Be Safe: Let the Pros Handle Electrical Problems for You | Tips from Your Trusted Myrtle Beach, SC Electrical Contractor

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Did you know using DIY approach to handle electrical problems does not only endanger your life but also those of your loved ones? Faulty electrical systems may lead to hazards such as electrical shocks, even worse fires. The latter scenario leads to loss of property, injuries, and deaths.

More importantly, electrical problems are likely to happen from time to time in every home and they shouldn’t go unnoticed. Hiring good electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC, is always the best way to go about things. At Mister Sparky, we help you notice and fix minor and major issues. We will help you understand what is happening to your house’s electrical systems and why. Even better, we conduct routine checks to your electrical panels and wiring, to ensure they are in tip-top condition and working correctly.

Some of the major issues that warrants for electrical contractors’ professional eye include:

  • Outlets That Don’t Work

This is one of the most common problems experienced by every homeowner in Myrtle Beach, SC. Occasionally, power outlets may fail to work in your home. That’s why at Mister Sparky, we understand this is a major problem and we are dedicated to helping our client solve this problem in a professional and timely manner. Being one of the most experienced electrical contractors, if one outlet fails, we will check all the surrounding ones to determine if it’s just that one outlet that’s it’s faulty or if it’s a complete loss of power loss in your house. Sometimes a fault in your wiring may cause tripling of your breaker, so we examine your electrical system to get to the root cause of the problem. If it is just a fried outlet, we will replace it with a new one from our top-notch manufacturers.

  • Flickering Lights

Did you know that flickering lights most of the time signify loose or defective bulbs? Replacing a bulb is not a complicated undertaking. Therefore, this is the first step you should take in such a scenario. However, if the problem persists, it is the high time you contacted electrical contractors such as Mister Sparky to help you fix a loose bulb holder. Always remember, a short circuit on the holder can cause other problems like fire hazards, tripping of breakers, and damages to other outlets. Therefore, DIY is not the best approach. Sometimes flickering lights will go deeper than light bulbs. It may be a problem with circuit breaker or electrical wiring. Call an electrical contractor to be safe. A professional diagnosis goes a long way.

  • Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks cause death and irreversible injuries! That’s why if you feel a mild tingle while operating your appliances, you should not hesitate to call a contractor. This is a clear indication there is a ground fault in your system. Additionally, dismantled electrical wiring may lead to this scenario. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC, we implore you to take electrical shocks seriously as they may get worse with time. Call a professional electrical contractor to help you with the undertaking.

  • Circuit Breaker Problems

This is a very complicated problem that warrants the services of a contractor immediately. If a circuit breaker keeps on tripping, it means that the electric circuit is overloaded. In simple, it implies that too much power is flowing to a specific outlet in question. That’s why a breaker shuts the flow of electricity to prevent fires caused by overheating. Furthermore, tripping may imply that the breakers have become old and need replacement. At Mister Sparky, we are more than ready to help you with the undertaking.

  • Hot Ceiling Fixtures

It’s a wise move to have a contractor check the area around your ceiling light fixtures for any heat. You should realize that not all electrical fixtures are properly insulated—not the nicest fact to know. More importantly, installing bulbs that exceed the recommended maximum wattage may lead to sparking and overheating. A professional such as Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC, will help you choose the best bulbs that don’t produce so much heat.

  • Backstabbed Wires

Installing new electrical fixtures causes old electrical wires to be pushed backward and become loose. This is a common problem that is associated with fire hazards. It causes a switch or a receptacle to stop working leading to sparking. Remember, don’t try to DIY backstabbed electrical connections! Have professional electrical contractors such as Mister Sparky check the problem for you by removing a receptacle or a switch from its outlet box. We also solve the problem by releasing the wires and attaching them to the appropriate receptacles or screw terminals. Hiring a technician is always the best way to handle things.

  • Rodent Issues and Droppings

Rodents are very destructive to electrical systems as they love to chew the wires. Frayed wiring is a precursor to fire hazards. If you see droppings or any other signs of rodent activity in the basement, attic, or electric fixtures, it is about time you contacted electrical contractors to inspect your electrical wiring. At Mister Sparky, we will handle all the damaged electrical wiring systems and recommend a good exterminator to handle the problem from the root cause.

Mister Sparky: A Next-Level Electrical Company

If you are in Myrtle Beach, SC, and experiencing electrical problems Mister Sparky should be your first stop. Combining both experience and skills, our team of experts possesses excellent craftsmanship. We believe that the only way to do a job is the right way. Other superior features that make us stand out include;

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Warranties and guarantee
  • Affordability
  • Timely and convenience services
  • A wide array of resources, equipment, and manpower
  • Vetted, screened, and hand-picked employees.

We understand that electricity is the backbone of your home and organization’s operations. That’s why we have made it our life’s mission to help you with the undertaking by being one of the best electrical contractors while you focus on other money-generating activities. At Mister Sparky, efficiency and reliability are our middle names.

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