Electrical Problems You Might Face If You Live in an Older House | Tips from Your Myrtle Beach, SC Electrical Contractors

Electrical Problems You Might Face If You Live in an Older House | Tips from Your Myrtle Beach, SC Electrical Contractors

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Living in quaint older homes built in the 50s or 60s in the Myrtle Beach area sounds charming and delightful, but the nostalgia adds an element of danger. That’s right, you lovely home might be a threat to you and your loved ones. Many older homes haven’t upgraded or changed any electrical wiring, which could be a hazard to you. Here are a few problems you could be facing if you live in a house built more than a few decades ago:

Damaged Wiring and Insulation

If you live in an older home, even just 20 or 30 years old, probability states that the wiring in the house has not been changed. Over time, through wear and tear wires and insulation can get damaged. One way that happens is through deterioration over years of use; this can be extremely hazardous.

The insulation of the wiring can also be worn down after years of use as well as other factors like rodents and pests chewing down on it. If the insulation of your wiring is damaged, it could cause a short circuit and an electrical fire within the wiring. This fire might spread before you’re even able to identify it. Call electrical contractors if you think you might be dealing with old or damaged wiring.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Was your home built an extremely long time ago? We are talking about the 30s, 40s or 50s. If your answer is yes, it’s most likely that your house has the old school knob and tube wiring.

Knob and tube wiring refers to the way electricians back in the day used tubes connected by knobs as insulation for wires. These tubes were made of ceramic and ran through the walls of the house and were connected to each other by knobs. The problem with this kind of insulation is, ceramic still gets hot, and if it is damaged, new insulation cannot be added over these old wires.

In a case of knob and tube wiring, the entire wiring system of the house needs to be replaced or you could be dealing with a fire. Call electrical contractors to make sure your home is safe.

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring became popular in the 60s and 70s when copper prices were through the roof. At the time, aluminum wiring seemed to pass all the lab tests to pass it as a cheaper viable option for wiring. However, there are a few problems with that.

Aluminum is softer than copper; this meant if the wires weren’t dealt with gently, it was quite possible that they were crushed and damaged. Aluminum also expands and contracts more than copper when it is heated up. Constant expanding and contracting of the metal can cause them to break free from the screws, which can cause loose connections and overheating.

Finally, aluminum is known to corrode and oxidize. Now with copper, oxidizing is not as much of an issue because copper oxide is electrically conductive. However, the white aluminum oxide is not a great conductor, and it can disrupt the flow of the current, causing overheating.

If your house has aluminum wiring, it is probably a good idea to have it changed. To do that, call electrical contractors.

No Proper Grounding

Older fuse boxes are safe, but they weren’t designed to carry the energy load of a modern household. These usually lack ground fault circuit interrupters, which could cause flickering and fuses because of energy overload.

Simply call electrical contractors to upgrade your fuse box and circuit breaker panel and you will be good to go!

Flickering or Dim Lights

Though old houses are known to be haunted, and you want to believe the flickering lights and dim bulbs are the workings of a poltergeist, we are sorry to burst your bubble.

Old houses, more often than not have old worn down electrical wiring. These wires need to be replaced as the can cause a fire. There is also the problem of loose wiring over time which can cause your lights to flicker.

This can also be the cause of old aluminum wiring that has been attached to newer copper wiring, but the connection has not been made properly. All these reasons for flickering lights can possibly cause a fire in your home and should be addressed immediately. Call electrical contractors to have this problem looked at and rectified.

Insufficient Power

The modern-day house uses a lot more power than those built in the good old days. What was considered luxury back then is considered a basic need today. With smart appliances, air conditioners and televisions these days take up a lot more power than these old houses were built for.

This lack of sufficient power can lead to all sorts of different electrical problems. Fortunately, all you need to do is call electrical contractorsto come and inspect your home and see what kind of electrical upgrades are needed and they can do it for you.

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