Electrical Repair in Wilmington, SC – Electrical Wiring Repair

Electrical Repair in Wilmington, SC – Electrical Wiring Repair

Electrical Repair in Wilmington, SC – Older homes can have their charms but they can also have quite a few problems to go along with those charms. If you have a home or are looking to purchase a home that is more than thirty years old then you should really be having a look at the electrical system. If the home’s electrical system has never been updated then it is most likely going to require electrical repair in Wilmington, SC to get it up to specs for modern home and today’s electrical code.  Not only this, but it could possibly be in such bad shape that it may pose a serious fire risk.

The leading cause of residential fires year after year is due to faulty wiring, as quoted by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). It is estimated that there are more than 25,900 electrical fires in homes across the nation year after year.  This results in an estimated $1.1 billion in property loss per year and tragically 1,125 injuries and 280 deaths.  The older a home is, the greater the risk will be that the electrical system will not be within code and possibly dangerous. If you are not positive about the condition of the electrical system in your older home then you should get in touch with Mister Sparky today and one of our professional electricians will have a look and diagnose your electrical system and provide you with any necessary electrical repair in Wilmington, SC that your home may require.

Warning Signs of Old Wiring

  • If you have breakers or fuses that frequently trip
  • If you receive a small electrical tingle whenever you touch a wall switch, appliance or receptacles
  • If the lights flicker and dim
  • If there is a burning smell in a room or coming from an appliance
  • If there are discolored outlets or switch plates and they are warm to the touch
  • If outlets in the home are ungrounded; these are outlets that only accept two-prong plugs
  • If there are no ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets in the bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas in the home that may be exposed to damp and wet conditions, such as the laundry room.
  • If you are having to rely on extension cords to provide electricity
  • If you have recently made major home improvements or added new appliances that may possibly strain the existing electrical system
  • If the home was built more than 40 years ago

Aluminum Wiring Dangers

Quite a many homes across the nation between the 1960s and 1970s had aluminum wiring installed rather than the standard copper wiring that we see in homes today. Today, aluminum wiring is considered a safety hazard. This is due to the fact that the connections in aluminum wiring will loosen over time.  As it loosens, gaps will open up, that can lead to arching and overheating, possibility igniting an electrical fire.

Mister Sparky’s qualified and professional electricians can inspect your older home’s electrical system in order to determine if the existing wires are copper or aluminum. If aluminum, then you will need extensive electrical repair in Wilmington, SC in order to get the home’s electrical system up to code and more importantly safely.

If you notice any of the warning signs listed above then give Mister Sparky a call to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. Even if you do not notice any of the warning signs but you do live in an older home and you are not sure about the state of the electrical system, you should still set up an appointment. It is better safe than sorry.

About Mister Sparky in Wilmington, South Carolina

Back in 1996, Mister Sparky first opened its doors in Atlanta, Georgia.  This, the original location for Mister Sparky is now one of the leading residential electrical service and electrical repair companies in the entire Eastern area of the United States and is also considered one of the biggest nationwide.  Mister Sparky has an impeccable record for delivering prompt and professional service that is hard to beat and we provide our customers with upfront pricing before any electrical work is started.

At Mister Sparky we differentiate ourselves from our competition by our unique message: Mister Sparky – “America’s On-Time Electrician.” Out mottos is, We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair is Free. And we mean it. In fact, Mister Sparky is the “On-Time” electrical contractors in the electrical repair field and we are the leading electrical repair company with superior service nationwide.  With over 86 locations nationwide, Mister Sparky is growing faster than its competition. When it comes to upfront pricing, honesty, integrity and professional service that simply gets the job done, time after time again, you can rely on our professional electrical repair in Wilmington, SC. 

It does not matter what type of electrical problems you may have at home or the office, if you are in need of professional electrical repair in Wilmington, SC that you can trust time after time again, then Mister Sparky is the first and last phone call you will need to make.  All of Mister Sparky’s electricians that perform electrical repair in Wilmington, SC are vetted and well-trained in order to resolve any electrical issue with prompt, accurate and professional results. If you are in need of professional electrical repair in Wilmington, SC that you can trust then give Mister Sparky a call today. You can rest assured knowing that you will be placed in good hands and for your convenience we are also available three hundred and sixty five days a year and twenty four hours a day for emergency electrical repair services. Keep Mister Sparky in mind for your next electrical installation, maintenance or repair needs.

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