Electrical Safety From Your Electrician: 10 Things You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Safety From Your Electrician: 10 Things You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Some homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, complain about having few power outlets. And with a significant number of persons working from home, many rely on their gadgets, thus almost all sockets get occupied with charging devices, making it practically impossible to find an empty socket.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of a power strip to avoid such inconveniences. With multiple power outlets, power strips make it possible to use various gadgets simultaneously. However, power cords are meant for small loads. That’s why professional electricians advise against plugging some appliances into power strips.

However, some folks still plug prohibited devices in power cords, and it’s not surprising that 4,000 injuries ranging from sprains, lacerations, and contusions to fractures result from electric extension cords in the United States. Continue reading to learn more about electrical safety tips brought to you by your trusted electrician in Myrtle Beach.

Refrigerators and Freezers

In Myrtle Beach, SC, a refrigerator is an absolute necessity. Data from the Energy Information Administration shows that almost 35 million U.S. households have two refrigerators, indicating how important this home appliance has become. Since they are constantly in use, refrigerators need more power than other devices to operate. Therefore, plugging them into power strips may cause the circuit to trip.

These devices use a lot of power, and when they cycle on and off, they can overload your power strip. Therefore, play it safe by having the appliance plugged directly into a wall outlet. Locally, electricians advise homeowners to invest in a surge protector and always keep an eye on voltage ratings of the flat cord power strip to know the amount of power that their strips can handle.


For a functional kitchen, you need a microwave to warm up leftovers and prepare a frozen meal. As the number of kitchen appliances increase, it can be challenging to find an outlet to plug all your kitchen gadgets. Some folks could even be tempted to plug their appliances into a power strip. However, microwaves can be a safety hazard when plugged into a power strip, causing a fire outbreak or even damaging your electrical system.

According to professionals, most power strips cannot handle the 12 to 15 amps needed to power up a microwave. If your house does not have enough outlets, you can call an electrician for inspections and help you add a new outlet. If you live in an old home, you can have the professional also check your electrical system to see if you need an upgrade.

Coffee Makers and Toasters

Although these appliances appear lightweight, they use a lot of power that a power strip can’t deliver. Individuals who plug coffee makers into power strips risk overloading or even a potential fire. It’s crucial to plug this device into an outlet to keep yourself and your family safe and avoid a half-brewed pot of coffee.

On the other hand, inside the toasters, there is a network of exposed wires and a lot of power is required to fire up these wires. In many cases, a toaster can easily overload a power strip or cause a fire.

Slow Cookers and Hot Plates

Most individuals who plug a slow cooker into a power strip to free up outlet space for other appliances might not understand the basic operations of a power strip.

For starters, power strips are designed to function for long intervals of time, hence they cannot provide sufficient electricity needed by a slow cooker for optimum functioning. It’s better to set a timer and plug your cooker into a wall socket and wait about it until your meal is ready.

Hair-Care Appliances

Even if you are running late for the office and need a quick touch-up to straighten your hair, always avoid plugging your hair straightener into a power strip. This is because hair dryers, curling wands, straighteners, and LED lights need a lot of heat to function correctly, thus the right amount of electricity is required to have them heated.

If you have a hairdressing accessory that uses heat to operate, ensure to have an electrician install a GFCI outlet to your home to avoid common bathroom hazards such as accidental water exposure.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps help keep basements dry when there is flooding. However, it may not be effective if the power strip plugged into it gets wet when the basement gets flooded. To avoid such situations, you can have an electrician install a proper GFCI outlet on a wall above the expected flood level.

Air Compressors

With high temperatures here locally that can even reach the high of 89 degrees during summer, an air conditioning system is necessary to enhance your indoor temperatures. However, it requires more energy than that provided by a power strip, hence a heavy-duty, properly rated extension cord is required to ensure your air conditioner functions properly to avoid overloading.

Another Power Strip

Most homeowners make the mistake of using power strips in conjunction with one another. “Daisy-chaining” or plugging various power strips together does not quickly only overload your electrical systems but violates fire safety codes. It’s not recommended to use extension cords with power strips.

Homeowners who find themselves short of outlets can unplug one appliance before plugging another. You can also consult an electrician for power-free alternatives to your household appliances.

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