Emergency Electrician: All You Need To Know About Power Surges In Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

Emergency Electrician: All You Need To Know About Power Surges In Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Power surges happen when an electric flow gets interrupted and then starts again. For instance, electrical surges can be between 5 to 10 volts when you switch on your hair drier and even exceed up to thousands of volts after lightning strikes the power lines connected to your Myrtle Beach, SC, home.

Some homeowners only know that surges make the circuit breakers trip and shut off electrical appliances but don’t know what causes them or how to protect their homes from these surges. Not worry, though; this blog will help you to know more about power surges.

Sources of Power Surges

Electrical Overload

As the name indicates, electrical overloads happen when you draw a lot of power from one circuit. They often occur when homeowners plug in multiple appliances or connect electrical appliances of higher amperage levels than what the circuit can hold.

If you have multiple appliances in your home, you should consult with an emergency electrician to add more electrical outlets. Additionally, if you just purchased high voltage appliances to increase the modern feel in your home, ensure you consult with the electrician to upgrade your current electrical sockets to prevent electrical overloads that lead to power surges.


Sometimes lightning strikes can compromise the electrical system in your home. When the lightning reaches the electrical system, it overwhelms the system with excessive current, creating a massive spike. The spike, in turn, triggers a power surge that can burn your expensive appliances.

Emergency electricians often recommend you unplug unused electrical appliances in your home when the storms get severe. However, if you need to use the appliances during the storm, the electrician can suggest the best surge protection device for your home and handle the installation.

Faulty Wiring

One of the most common sources of electrical problems in homes, including power surges, is defective electrical wiring. You may experience an electrical fire in your home if you don’t get an emergency electrician to fix the mess in time.

Apart from causing fires, the faulty wires can lead to other inconveniences such as lack of power and surges. Sometimes it’s hard to identify signs of defective wiring since most of the electrical wires are in ceilings and drywall.

However, it’s time to reach out to an emergency electrician to look at your wiring if you notice circuit breakers trip often, buzzing sounds coming from outlets, or the sockets display visible burn marks. The electrician you get should be experienced and qualified to prevent further problems.

Power Outage or Blackout

Storms and power grid failures lead to blackouts. Power outages are always an inconvenience in homes since it means all the electrical appliances stop working. The rooms get dark at night, and food supplies in the refrigerator start going bad. Although power blackouts are expected, it doesn’t mean they don’t cause damage.

Sometimes when the power comes back, the current may be excess, causing power surges that damage appliances plugged in outlets. Emergency electricians advise homeowners to immediately turn off outlet switches and unplug their appliances when power gets lost.

Another effective solution is asking the electrician to install a surge protector in your home, that is, if you don’t have the device.

Protecting Your Myrtle Beach, SC, Home from Power Surges

It’s necessary that you promptly visit a reliable company with skilled emergency electricians for new installation or upgrading services if you experience frequent power surge problems in your home.

Eliminating power surge issues prevents further inconveniences, including home fires and consistently visiting electrical stores to replace your damaged electrical appliances. One of the best solutions for power surge problems is having an electrician install switchboards, surge protectors, and safety switches in your home.


Usually, electricians should install switchboards with multiple fuses to control and channel the flow of electricity in your home. The switchboard protects home dwellers and property against electrical hazards, including electrocution and electrical fires, by cutting the power supply when problems such as a power surge emerge.

If you don’t have one in your home, you can request an emergency electrician to install a suitable one. Homeowners with outdated switchboards also need to upgrade since the systems aren’t designed to accommodate modern appliances with increasing power demand.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are devices that safeguard electronics from possible damage by absorbing a sudden rise of power voltage. The equipment ensures your electrical appliances receive a constant supply of electricity throughout, even when power surges occur in your home’s electrical system.

An emergency electrician can suggest the best size and quality for your home and handle the installation. However, if you have surge protectors and still experience power surge issues, it implies they are defective and require to be checked and fixed by the electrician.

Safety Switches

Safety switches regulate the power flowing through the supply wires and switch off quickly after identifying any fluctuations. These devices prevent electrical accidents, such as electrocution, when you unexpectedly drop a hairdryer into a sink with water or insert a car key into the socket while trying to plug in an appliance.

You should look for an emergency electrician to install safety switches if you have experienced electrocution in your home. It will help keep you and your family safe from electrical fires and electrocution that can lead to severe body injuries and losses.

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Mister Sparky of Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach, SC has experienced and reliable electricians that assist homeowners experiencing electrical problems. Our professionals offer comprehensive surge protection services including, new installation, repairs, and replacement of surge protectors.

They also fix defects leading to surges, including faulty wiring. You can rely on our company to avoid frequent power surge issues in your home. All you need to do is make a call.

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