Emergency Scenarios That Require An Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

Emergency Scenarios That Require An Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

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With the vast number of home improvement stores in Conway, SC, including Home Depot, Lowes, Walker’s True Value Hardware, and other local home improvement stores nearby, it can be tempting for a determined DIYer to avoid calling an electrician. It’s especially appealing when you know you can pick up tools on a budget and watch YouTube tutorials on fixing issues within your home. However, there are various reasons that even the most seasoned home handymen (and women) should pause when deciding to undertake electrical work. Some things are definitely best left to an emergency electrician, and here’s why!

Mistakes made while fixing an electrical issue can be extremely damaging, even deadly. When an emergency electrical issue surfaces, the sense of urgency a homeowner might feel can lead to trying to fix an issue without the proper safety equipment and tools, just to meet a time crunch. Statistics from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) highlight that 35% of electrical-related deaths occur in the home, so it’s critical you call an emergency electrician who will have the right tools and expertise.

According to ESFI, approximately 51,000 fires are caused by home electrical appliances, and account for around 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion of property damage each year. They’re the third highest cause of home structure fires, and arcing faults are responsible for more than 28,000 fires per year. Even some electrical receptacles can be unsafe, cause fires, and lead to serious injuries or death. The message is clear. Home electrical work, particularly in emergencies, should be left to an electrician. Emergency electricians are fully trained to deal with electrical faults, and specialize in out-of-hours calls. Even if it’s a weekend, late in the evening, or a holiday, you can rely on an electrician to be there for you ASAP.

Other Benefits of Calling An Electrician For Your Emergency

Not only do you avoid putting yourself and your family at risk by attempting to fix an electrical emergency by yourself, but you can save time and money. Traditionally, you might think that you’re paying more and waiting longer for an electrician to arrive. Think about this, though. If you were to fix the issue yourself, you might have to wait to go shopping for parts, research how to repair the problem, attempt to fix it, and maybe even re-attempt the fix if the first attempt doesn’t go to plan. When you call an electrician, you’ll have a professional arrive on-site with all necessary equipment, and the expertise to do it right the first time. Emergency electricians expect to be called on typical ‘off-hours’ and are ready to roll, so you’ll never be waiting too long for a fix.

Emergency electricians are expected to provide fast response times and excellent customer service. When you speak directly to an electrician, anticipate speaking to a knowledgeable professional who can offer accurate advice and honest quotes. Someone who regularly deals with electrical emergencies should easily estimate the cost of fixing an electrical issue with quality replacement parts and help you to prepare for the final price before work begins.

One hallmark of a great electrician is that they will discuss hourly rates, estimates, fees, etc., upfront. Another thing an electrician will have over the average homeowner is a license, insurance, and experience dealing with wide-ranging electrical issues with confidence. Electricians also offer a warranty on work, so if a repair doesn’t go the way you expect, you are covered.

Common Electrical Emergency Scenarios

You can rely on an electrician to fix a variety of issues within your Conway, SC, home. Some you’d expect and some you might not! One common issue that often requires the presence of an electrician is unexpected issues with your home’s circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home and appliances from electrical overload. When a circuit breaker detects an overload, it shuts off power to that circuit. You then use the circuit breaker box to turn the tripped breaker switch back on. Any high-wattage item can cause a breaker to trip, and you might be familiar with a circuit tripping when you plug in a hairdryer or an extra appliance. However, if you can’t explain what is causing the power outage, an electrician can highlight and resolve major issues with your home’s circuitry.

Sparking is another common electrical issue. Small sparks when you plug an appliance into your home’s circuit are not too risky. However, faulty wiring, overloaded outlets, and incorrectly installed outlets can lead to much larger white or yellow sparks that a qualified electrician should attend to. An emergency electrician will often assess, repair, and resolve sparking issues.

If flooding or water damage occurs, your top priority may be to call an emergency plumber. However, an emergency electrician is just as important. Even if it’s not a widespread flood and water damage has only occurred in one portion of the house, you may have unexpected damage to internal wiring or nearby appliances. A flooded basement can be particularly hazardous. If your home lost power before the basement flooded, for example, you might think it’s safe to enter, but it may not be. Nearby generators and the electrical power grid can still back-feed electricity into your damaged home. Removing the electrical meter is the best way to ensure your home is safe, and an experienced electrician will know how to do this safely. While electronics and appliances are unlikely to survive excess contact with water, there are cases where items may be recoverable. Emergency electricians will know best if it’s possible to salvage an appliance.

An emergency electrician from Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach is here to serve Conway, SC, whenever you need them. Call our certified electricians at any time, day, or night if you suspect an emergency. We professionally deal with a wide variety of electrical hazards, including sparking outlets, faulty circuit breakers, and floods near electronics. Keep yourself and your family safe, and call our number 24/7/365 if you’re worried about electrical safety.

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