Having An Electrician Wire Your Home Office Or Home Theater Room For Your Stay-at-Home Time | Myrtle Beach, SC

Having An Electrician Wire Your Home Office Or Home Theater Room For Your Stay-at-Home Time | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Many families in the Myrtle Beach, SC area served by our Mister Sparky electricians are facing significant changes that bring the focus of their daily lives back home. Work, education, dining, and entertainment are more actively pursued at home, and so far we’ve been adapting using our homes’ current design. For the sake of the future, a few changes around the house can make a big difference and lower our stress levels by adding convenience. Those changes include the provision of electrical power by skilled professionals like the ones at Mister Sparky, power that supplies all of these relocated activities.

Plenty of Power Outlets Keeps the Peace and Productivity Stays On Track

Modern construction needs to provide a maximum of six feet to a power outlet in most rooms to meet code, but that’s just a start. Power adapters often cover outlet spaces as well as using it, family members may compete for outlet space in some areas, and office and home theater space needs plenty of organized power access for all the equipment in use. Extension cords and power strips are not a good solution to the demand for several reasons including electrical safety with a lack of child-proof outlets and physical safety as trip hazards result. Power reliability issues also increase as a single tug on the main cord can disengage a dozen pieces of equipment. When your electrician installs features such as quad wall outlets, the number of outlets can be increased significantly.

Specialized Outlets for Modern Applications

In addition to quad outlets for increased power access, wall-mounted connections can include low-voltage USB power, network cabling, cable TV or satellite coaxial cable connections, and other specialized connectors. Having your electrician provide these minimizes visible wiring runs, limits the number of USB power adapters in use, and provides easy access to high-speed wired network connections for computers or WiFi access points. A professional can make this a win-win solution by reducing the complexity of in-room wiring and yet providing increased access to needed utilities at the same time.

Adequate Circuits Provide Flexibility in Power Use

Many modern devices don’t draw much current, so in theory many outlets could be connected to a limited number of power circuits. It’s good practice, though, to add circuits as the number of outlets grows to cover potential loads. Your electrician, in recommending an upgrade design, will take into account electrical standards and the possibility that outlets will be used differently in the future. Upgrading to more circuits avoids problems that might arise if, for example, high-power audiovisual equipment such as amplifiers and monitors share the same circuit. Likewise, a larger number of outlets in a home office with a limited number of circuits could prevent the usage of future heating and cooling equipment designed to avoid depending on whole-house HVAC temperature control.

Low-Voltage Wiring Brings Networking, Security, and Audiovisual Resources Where They’re Needed

Your electrician is a highly-skilled wiring professional, able to select the right cables for in-wall use for networking and other low-voltage use as well as electrical power. Did you know that code requires the right kind of fire safety certified cable for use in walls? A professional can pull all of your new wiring at the same time, resulting in lower project costs and more coordinated wiring than if multiple contractors each took their turns. Your home office and home theater are the most likely destinations for new wiring, so it makes sense to pull and install wiring and connections and keep things simple, then enjoy your new, flexible, technology-enabled spaces.

Smart Home Wiring Ensures That New Technologies Are Easily Implemented

Sooner or later your family will probably start deploying smart home devices, from simple wireless smart speakers and table lamps to in-wall smart outlets, switches, and dimmers, even control panels. Your electrician can install these, adding smart lighting fixtures indoors and out, and network wiring to bring WiFi access points to the areas where they’re needed to avoid having to use a tangle of WiFi extenders. With adequate planning, adding new smart home equipment such as security systems and smart locks will be simple, since the wiring and networks to support them are already in place.

Family Computer and Play Spaces Need Lots of Power Access for Adults and Kids

You may be redesigning space for your family to enjoy media room entertainment, your kids to connect with educational resources, and everyone to play with proper supervision and plenty of ways to enjoy stay-at-home life and keep all their gadgets charged. Your electrician has the answers for your media spaces, charging stations, and other electricity sources that the whole family can use.

Power Protection for Your Whole Home Prevents Electrical Damage to Expensive Electronics. The huge amount of electronics present in the modern home and connected to home wiring and the power grid presents a big problem: if power surges from problems on the grid or lightning strikes occur, expensive damage may result. We install whole-house protection devices. Backup Power is More Important Than Ever, and Generators are Convenient to Configure and Install by an electrician. 

Ask us about our wide variety of permanent and portable generators to provide your home with the power it needs during storms and other power outages. We can help you with convenient occasional backup power, or systems that automatically kick in and keep your home office energized and your family entertained and connected in all kinds of weather.

Count on Mister Sparky to Make Stay-at-Home Life More Livable with Plenty of Power

The professionals at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, serving the Myrtle Beach, SC area, have the best electricians and know-how to make your home an easy place to live when staying at home is necessary. We know that modern requirements for electrical power and other wiring are complex, and we can help you sort out your needs and plan for the future to keep your costs low. Call us to get more ideas and take action: 843-894-0901.

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