How An Average Home Can Reduce Electricity Bills Energy Saving Tips From Your Trusted Electrician | Conway, SC

How An Average Home Can Reduce Electricity Bills Energy Saving Tips From Your Trusted Electrician | Conway, SC

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Most homeowners in Conway, SC, and the world at large want to save money. According to, a typical U.S home spends about $2,060 per year on utility bills. As much as utilities enable households to function properly and become livable, they can be quite costly. The energy use in a home can depend on factors such as size, usage patterns, and the surrounding climate. For instance, residences prone to intense temperatures can lead to high usage of HVAC systems hence translating into high energy bills.

Electricity is a major contributor to utility bills. It comprises lighting and general electrical needs, as well as heating and cooling appliances. Rewiring or getting new electrical installations can be a good place to start if you’re looking to lower your utility bills. Prospective homeowners need to request copies of the current homeowner’s utility bills from realtors to get a rough idea of what you’ll be spending. Otherwise, here’s some insight on energy-saving tips from your seasoned electrician.

Light bulb upgrade

You probably have a light bulb in each area of your home, right? From your kitchen and dining area to the living room and even porch, the amount of electricity that light bulbs utilize to illuminate your home can be quite high. This is so, especially if you’re using the traditional incandescent light bulbs that not only consume a huge amount of energy but also require frequent replacements. That means you’ll incur huge utility bills and additional replacement costs. If you’re stuck with traditional light bulbs, it’s time to call your local electrician in Conway, SC, for suggestions on the energy-saving alternatives.

A seasoned technician can suggest options such as compact fluorescent lights, halogen incandescent bulbs, or light-emitting diode bulbs that can save a huge percentage of electricity and last up to 25 times longer than their traditional counterparts. You can also consider smart bulbs that allow you to remotely switch off lights via your smart device in case you aren’t in your home and forgot to turn off the lights. Energy-efficient bulbs may be quite pricey but they’re definitely worthwhile in the long run. And if you’re an environmental enthusiast, these bulbs will significantly contribute to saving trees.

Utilize smart power strips

Power strips are important devices that interrupt current flow in case of a short circuit or an overload. If your home has many electrical appliances that are close to each other, it’s wise to get them protection. An electrical failure can affect any of the computer, video, audio, or lighting systems. And if all your devices are in proximity, you can be looking at a huge loss if the power affects all your appliances. While power strips are a welcome investment, getting smart devices would be ideal. You probably haven’t heard of the term phantom loads, right? Not to worry though. You can always seek insight from an expert electrician.

Phantom loads refers to the electricity that appliances use when they’re off or in standby mode, and this can account for about 5 to 10 percent of household electricity consumption. Smart or advanced power strips shut off electronics’ power when not in use. For more on smart power strips, why not contact an experienced electrician?

Install a smart or programmable thermostat

HVAC systems are among the leading energy consumers in households. Inventions such as programmable thermostats help in regulating the energy use of HVAC units. You can set the device to automatically turn heating and cooling off whenever you’re away or are asleep. The smart devices help to reduce energy waste from your HVAC system without the need for upgrades.

When you feel it’s time to purchase a smart thermostat, it’s wise to seek help from an experienced electrician. You’ll get knowledge of the various models available in the market and their features, help in choosing the perfect device for your home, and installation services.

Check on your water heating

Water heating is also a major factor that contributes to high energy bills. Other than installing an energy-saving appliance for your home, your electrician can provide alternatives to conserve electricity from your water heating. These include turning down the thermostat for your water heater, insulating the appliance, or using up less hot water.

Any residential owner looking into replacing their hot water heater should consider seeking the help of an electrician. They will assist you in choosing an efficient model and one that meets your needs, with the fuel factor in mind.

Go energy-efficient with your windows

Windows significantly contribute to energy waste which translates to high electricity bills. That’s why you should seek the services of a professional to get energy-efficient window options. This may include installing double-pane, Low-E coating, gas-filled, or interior and exterior storm windows.

Additionally, window shades, screens, shutters, and awnings can provide added insulation. Depending on the location of your home, you may require a specific energy-efficient window model due to variations in climatic conditions.

Weatherize your residence

Your home probably has multiple air leaks that contribute to energy loss. Weatherizing or sealing air leaks around your house is another way of cutting down on your electricity bills. Some common sources of leaks include vents, doors, windows, light fixtures, or electrical wiring. The only way of preventing air leaks is by sealing openings or cracks between walls, windows, or door frames.

Depending on whether the opening is between stationary or moving objects, sealing may be via caulk or weather stripping. Air leaks usually occur when air moves from your home’s interior to the attic through small openings. Since the flow of heat is from warmer to colder areas, you may be looking at a significant amount of electric bills if your attic has no sufficient insulation. To save up on utility bills, consider calling an electrician to fully weatherize your home.

Get help from your top-notch electrical company

Homeowners who need an electrician to update their homes, complete additions, or repair faulty appliances can turn to Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach. Our technicians are competent with multiple electric services, including wiring, surge protection, lighting, generators, and code compliance. For these and more, give us a call and we’ll be at your doorstep within no time.

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