Insight On How To Identify Faulty Electrical Wiring: Why You Should Seek Immediate Help From A Licensed Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Insight On How To Identify Faulty Electrical Wiring: Why You Should Seek Immediate Help From A Licensed Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Faulty wiring is no laughing matter since it is one of the common causes of electrical fires. Identifying bad wiring may prove a daunting task at times, especially when there is no visible evidence such as flickering lights or a tripped breaker. Poorly installed and outdated wiring are problems you should not take lightly. As a homeowner, always keep your senses alert so that you can detect any underlying issues before a fire breakout costs you your home.

At times our actions may contribute to the above issues, for instance, having multiple extension cords connected, which overloads the electrical outlets. You might end up bending or damaging the electrical plugs or worse, the entire wiring. Below is how you can identify faulty wiring and know when to consult your local electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The regular tripping of a circuit breaker

Circuit breakers trip when they sense danger, and an overload is one of the common reasons for regular tripping. It mainly occurs when the circuit is attempting to draw a large electrical load than it can carry. When there are too many appliances in use at once, the internal sensing mechanism in the circuit breaker malfunctions or breaks and results in faulty wiring. Regular tripping causes excessive damage to the wiring, and in some cases, an electrical fire.

Short-circuiting also causes breaker tripping, and this results from a hot wire touching a neutral wire. It usually arises from improper wiring and requires a certified electrician to detect. You can diagnose the presence of a short circuit when a circuit breaker trips instantly after you reset it. Faulty wiring may also result in a ground fault after live wires make contact with the ground wires. The ground faults usually happen when equipment is damaged or defective and can pose dangers such as electrical shocks and fires. Get a qualified electrician to inspect the electrical equipment and provide a lasting solution for the circuit breaker problem.

Flickering or dimming lights

Improper or outdated wiring can cause your lights to flicker unexpectedly. Dimming or flickering could also indicate that your electrical wiring cannot handle the amount of current passing through it. When the current demand is too high, the voltage tends to drop and cause your light bulbs to dim or flicker. Such cases are common in older houses with electrical wirings that cannot handle modern appliances.

When buying or building a home, get a certified electrician to inspect the wiring to ensure it can handle all your appliances. And although most fixtures today come with an energy-efficient feature, it will be wise to counter check that the wiring can match up to the voltages the appliances will use. Your local Myrtle Beach, SC, professional can inspect and fix the cause of flickering or dim lights. And in the process, they can protect you from house fires that can stem from loose wiring.

Burning smell

A burning plastic smell is an indication of serious electrical problems. In most cases, faulty wiring contributes to burning outlets that emit odors. It will suit you not to dismiss any burned patches or discoloration on your outlets, but instead, contact an electrician to look at the wiring. A burning smell may be a result of the wiring being exposed due to poor installation. During wiring installation, a certified professional should make sure there are no naked wires to avoid future accidents. The electrical wiring could also be damaged, especially if there has been a recent storm or construction work that tampered with it.

Damaged wires may produce sparks that may lead to a fire if you do not handle them promptly. Have your local electrician inspect the presence of a foreign object in your electric box. A licensed professional can detect the root cause of the burning smell and know how to navigate a solution with safety.

Frayed wires

Frayed wires are a result of small rodents chewing them up and potentially causing damage. That may be quite alarming since they can lead to a fire outbreak. Wires can fray or crack from age, heat, corrosion, or bending. Excessive use of the wiring can also contribute to damages over time. Electrical wires usually have a plastic coating that can wear out with old age. Ensure that your local electrician coats the wires with aluminum for durability.

The fraying of wires can also result from pinching or piercing by nails or screws. Exposed wires are dangerous, especially if they come into contact with flammable items. These wires do not provide a complete flow of electricity and may end up damaging your valuables. They give out minimal voltage hence overworking appliances so that they can meet their set target. The wires are also prone to overheating and sparking, which is dangerous. Frayed wires indicate bad wiring, and a certified electrician can resolve the matter with ease.

Buzzing noises

Consistent humming and buzzing is an indication that something is wrong with your wiring. It could be that there is an excess current flowing through your circuit breaker, and that is reason enough to schedule professional inspection services with your electrician to take a look at the wiring. Sizzling sounds with occasional sparks can allude to loose wiring.

Also, constant loud buzzing may allude to a sudden increase in the current flow that causes the wires to heat up and release the sound. The circuit breaker can also produce a loud thud due to failure to trip accordingly. Whenever any of the above happens, get a professional to fix the faults.

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