Lighting Trends For Your Home As Recommended By Your Trusted Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Lighting Trends For Your Home As Recommended By Your Trusted Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

The world transformed at an astonishing speed throughout the pandemic. This was obvious in the residential market, with most homes evolving from places to relax and live to where homeowners can study, work, and learn. Even as the pandemic is slowing down, this trend is not stopping, as 96 percent of employees in the United States prefer to work remotely.

Since people are staying in their houses more than ever, most have realized the importance of lighting. Thus, it’s not surprising that in 2021, there was a 44 percent surge in the number of residential lighting projects. There has been a high demand for different lighting options ranging from fairy lights, hanging and desk lamps, and bare bulbs to chandeliers.

If you plan to enhance the beauty and aura of your home using lighting, it’s essential to know the various types of light designs. Also, you need to hire a licensed electrician to guide you on the latest trends ruling the lighting industry. Here is a guide.

Shapely Bulbs

At some point, homeowners used to hide bulbs; nowadays, the shape of the bulb is seen as essential. We have come a long way from being limited to two or three bulb shapes to having a wide variety of bulb shapes to choose from today.

For instance, you can decide to pick a lightbulb that echoes your fixture’s body for extra impact and to obtain the best appearance. Do not forget to call an electrician to check the distance between the sockets.

Well-Lit Outdoor Rooms

From Instar-worthy plug-and-play strands of outdoor string lights to magnificent hardwired schemes, alfresco lighting gives outdoor spaces a feeling like indoor rooms. Before, homeowners did not take outdoor lighting seriously.

Today, people appreciate it more. Individuals have expanded exterior lighting to LED path strips, chandeliers, and other distinctive fixtures. In any outdoor space, security, flexibility, and comfortable lighting where you can gather with your family and friends are essential.

Matte Black Finishes

Matte black finishes give sophistication to your light units in various styles varying from ultra-modern to retro-inspired. The electrician can recommend you take advantage of contrast to emphasize this lighting trend. Glossy and polished metals usually stand out against matte black finishes.

Nature Inspired Lighting

Although we spend a lot of time outdoors, it is human nature to desire to feel connected to nature. Biophilic designs assist you in creating a better connection to nature.

To introduce these nature-inspired trends in your home, you should consider ideas for biophilic designs such as prioritizing plants as a design element, fostering an indoor-outdoor part, highlighting the view outside, and decorating with natural ingredients.

Stone Surfaces

You might have seen stone surfaces on countertops and floors; they are also becoming prevalent with lighting designs. Individuals prefer elegant and neutral materials such as alabaster, travertine, ceramic, and marble.

Such materials tend to bring a warm earthiness to your light fixtures with unique swirls and streaks that look amazing when lit up.

An electrician can help you choose fixtures made with translucent stones such as alabaster that allow light to pass through, leaving an organic glow.

Art Deco-Style Fixtures

Since the 1920s, art deco-style fixtures have been common and remain influential. A century later, individuals are mining the past for design inspiration.

Art Deco fits quite well in today’s homes by using stylized florals, geometric shapes, stepped forms, and sunburst motifs.

Statement Lighting

You can have an electrician replace fixtures meant to disappear and blend with dramatic oversized fixtures. Individuals are taking the creativity inside lighting designs that are expansive, timeless, and personal.

Nowadays, homeowners are even styling spaces that used to be overlooked, such as the corsets with highly styled fixtures.

The architectural chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling-mount fixtures can give your dressing zone an elegant look, making it more than just any ordinary storage space.

Environmentally Friendly Lighting Choices

The use of raw natural light is not something new. Recently, there has been a noticeable trend of some homeowners becoming environmentally conscious and turning to eco-friendly choices.

Apart from natural fabrics, bamboo, and timbers, some environment-conscious individuals use hand-blown glass lights in their homes. If you’re not sure which lighting option is eco-friendly, you can consult with an electrician.

Bold Lighting Designs

Bold lighting choices are gaining popularity. Nowadays, homeowners prefer to choose unique statement pieces that reflect their individual style; something sculptural, mixed materials, oversized, and larger-than-life design.

An electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC, can help you achieve bolder lighting to show a sense of individuality and uniqueness people are looking for when building their homes.

Chandeliers as Statement Pieces

Chandeliers have been coming back, with new architectural chandeliers playing center stage. These chandeliers are fresh, modern, seriously chic, and serve contemporary glamor in spade. An electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC, can help you validate the quality of these lighting products before you install them.

Metallic and Marble Floor Lamps

Marble is not mainly a new element in lighting elegance. But it is one we continue to see when combined with metallic finishes, which helps hinder the opulent feel of marble.

This combination is more common in lambs. These new slender lambs embody both charisma and elegance. An excellent example of metallic and marble use is seen in the Ville, floor, or table lamp.

Handmade Pendant Lights

Homeowners are nowadays taking a keen interest in handmade and artisan products. The effect of these new interests is that homeowners want something they buy for their home to have more meaning.

The handcrafted pendant lights are made from repurposed banana skins molded over a bronze frame. They have a glowing, casual evening dinner party vibe, giving a sleek addition to your kitchen lighting.

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