Why Homeowners Should Consider Installing Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting: Tips From An Electrician Near Me In | Conway, SC

Why Homeowners Should Consider Installing Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting: Tips From An Electrician Near Me In | Conway, SC

Research shows that a burglary occurs nearly every 30 seconds in the United States. This is approximately two burglaries per minute. Despite considerable concerns, only 25 percent of Americans have a home security system.

Keeping your property safe should be a top priority if you are a homeowner. It’s wise you invest in security gadgets that increase your home security. One of the significant ways you can do this is by installing motion sensor lighting in your home. This type of outdoor lighting turns on only when it detects movement and shines on the place it’s located for a specific time and turns off later.

Unlike conventional outdoor lighting, motion sensor bulbs do not have security or visibility problems. They are popular because, unlike traditional bulbs, you don’t have to manually turn them off at night and on again for visibility or to scare off potential threats. Besides boosting your home security, the motion sensor has other valuable benefits, as discussed in this blog.

Protection When You Are Away from Home

Homeowners whose job requires them to work late or are often outdoors should consider hiring an electrician near me in Conway, SC, to install motion sensors. These bulbs will flood their outdoor area with lights whenever someone comes within range.

You can have peace of mind wherever you are because you’ll know anyone who attempts to come near your property will be seen since the lights will automatically light up. In such a case, the neighbors and passersby will see the person trying to access your property and call authorities.

Protection from Wildlife

Besides fellow human beings, you also need protection from animals. Depending on your location, you may need to protect yourself from wildlife wandering into your property. These animals include raccoons, monkeys, bears, and even deer.

When these animals come in range, motion detectors will light up; hence, you’ll be aware of their presence. Also, if you are a vegetable lover, you don’t want rodents like rabbits messing with your kitchen garden. You can contact an electrician near me in the greater Conway area to install the motion sensors to scare the animals before they eat your vegetables.

Save On Energy Expenses

If your home does not have sensor lights, you’ll be inclined to leave your lights on most of or the entire night. This is not energy efficient and can increase your electric bills; hence, not cost-effective in the long run. But motion lights save unnecessary electricity bills because they go on only when necessary and turn off automatically.

This can benefit most places in your home that you rarely use at night, like your backyard. To save on energy expenses, you can call an electrician near me in your city to install motion sensor lights.

A Deterrent Against Criminal Activities

An interesting fact about burglars is that they are attracted to dark corners where they can easily hide! Thus, it’s not surprising that external lighting systems reduce the crime rate by 39 percent.

Once an electrician near me in Conway installs motion sensor lights in your residential home, criminals will avoid your place. Motion sensor lights are effective as they catch burglars off guard, thus, preventing criminals from breaking into your home. Some motion sensor lights allow homeowners to set how long they want the lights to stay on if movement is detected.

An Affordable Security Option

These lights provide an affordable security option for you and your family. You will find that these lights are inexpensive and cheap to maintain. Also, in some cases, you may not need an electrician near me in Conway to help you install them, unless there is wiring that needs to be extended.

You can always find a good deal on the variety of motion sensor lights available today in such a way you can gain extra protection without affecting your budget.

More Convenience

Navigating your yard at night can be frustrating. You have to fumble around to find your way, and you may end up hurting yourself, or someone can sneak up on you. For your safety, you can have an electrician near me in your area install motion sensor lights on your property to enjoy this self-activating light source.

Light Up Difficult Areas

In most homes, some places do not have convenient light switches. You can avoid this by letting an electrician near me in Conway, SC, install sensor lights in your home as they switch on whenever you walk by.

A Wide Range to Choose From

You can benefit from the wide range of motion sensors on the market today. Various makes and models are available in the market, ideally suited for your needs, budget, and preferences. You can take advantage of the varieties by shopping around to get the best deals and determine which will be best for your home. It’s also wise to consult with an electrician near me in choosing a sensor for your home.

Making It Easier for Your Neighbors to Keep an Eye Out

When you are on business or vacation, asking your neighbors to watch your property is the most sensible thing to do. Even though the neighbors can pop in and out from time to time, they cannot always be there; thus, your house is often left vulnerable.

However, if an electrician near me in South Carolina installs the sensor lights in your home, it will make it easier for the neighbors to spot when someone is trying to access your property.

Install Motion Sensor Lights in Your Home Today!

With so many benefits, motion sensor lights are becoming popular for homeowners who want their homes to be more secure and accessible.

Are you ready to take the next step? Contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach. We are an electrical company with a team of professional electricians serving the entire Conway, SC, and beyond. Besides installing motion sensor lighting, we mount and fix surge protectors, ceiling fans, and smoke detectors and handle generator replacement and repair. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency electrical services. Drop us a line today!

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