Lights Went Out, Flickering, Only Some Of Them Failed? Call Our Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

Lights Went Out, Flickering, Only Some Of Them Failed? Call Our Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

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In addition to smoke, wires that are heating up, and the sound and sight of sparks, there are many other clues that your home’s electrical wiring isn’t right. For example, you should call the emergency electrician here at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach if your circuit breaker panel in your Conway, SC home is making a buzzing sound that could indicate an unreliable circuit breaker. Flickering lights could mean a loose wire that’s a potential fire hazard, and dimming lights throughout the house should be checked out as well, especially if they happen more than once or twice.

Putting Electricity in Perspective

One of the jobs of our emergency electrician is to make sure that your home’s wiring harnesses electricity for the uses that you need. This includes everything from running a dishwasher to lighting your rooms. Electricity is also used to heat furnaces that melt steel, and to run trains pulling dozens of cars in countries around the world. Electricity can work hard, but it’s also easily tamed for household use. It makes a great source of energy for cars these days, but of course, some of the world’s fastest and most powerful supercars are also electric, with the Japanese Aspark Owl currently leading the way with 0-60 at 1.69 seconds, and a top speed of 249mph. As electricians, we learn to respect the power in the wires we install, and to make sure that you can enjoy it in your home. The same “juice” flowing through your extension cords can do amazing things, and also do a lot of damage if things go wrong. That’s why our emergency electrician is here for you, ready to make sure they don’t go too far wrong.

The Line Between Needing Electrical Repairs and Needing an Emergency Electrician

Unreliable electrical power such as an outlet that’s intermittent when you jiggle the plug, or a light switch that sparks when you flick it and occasionally seems to be causing the light to flicker, may be more than an annoyance. Loose wires and poor contacts in switches can cause sparking inside your walls, which like the flint in a cigarette lighter is a source of ignition and fire if conditions are right. Sparks aren’t the only issue, since a loose connection can also heat up from the poor contact between wires and other components, also leading to a potential fire, melting plastic on the wires or in the outlet or switch, and other damage that can quickly escalate. An emergency electrician can definitely help if you notice the transition from intermittent to smoke, sparks, or electrical odors. Remember, too, that the more power flowing through an intermittent connection, for example to a space heater or toaster oven, the more these potential risks are elevated.

What About Water?

Disruptions in the flow of power can also come from water leaks inside your walls getting into your electrical circuits. This can develop into corroded connections, resulting in risks such as heating up later on when the water dries. The insulation around wires can draw moisture up inside, leading to corrosion in unexpected locations, and more extensive wire replacement after water damage in your home. Water also can present a hazard to people when electricity is involved, and in many homes, GFCI protection is only available to protect against this in areas where water and electricity are expected to be found together. When water leaks occur, all bets are off. By the way, GFCI protection is now available on a per-circuit basis as part of the circuit breaker protecting the wiring, so it’s possible to protect your entire house quite easily, or at least to spread coverage to a broader area. In addition, AFCI protection is available in the same way, which helps avoid arc-related fire risks such as the loose wires we mentioned earlier. Ask our electrician about these options to help minimize the risks of fairly common arcing and sparking in your walls.

When an Emergency Electrician Can Help with Plumbing-Related Appliances

The general rule is that plumbers are the ones to call for water heaters, dishwashers, and tankless water heaters under your sink or in your bathroom, but when it’s a safety-related issue regarding electricity, our emergency electrician may be your best call. Issues like frequently tripping circuit breakers, fuses blowing on units, intermittent operation, or signs of electrical trouble such as smoke, electrical odors, or melting wire insulation need to be addressed for the electrical risks they represent, even if in conjunction with a plumber. Ask us what we recommend for your specific situation, but know that our electrician is ready to take care of any kind of emergency electrical problem if you’re unsure of who to call. The same goes for HVAC systems and similar equipment, we can take steps to make it safe first, no matter who is called in to make repairs.

Making Things Safe in Complex Electrical Situations

If you have an overflow in the bathroom, a water disaster in the kitchen, or another issue where the problem is water everywhere but that everywhere could include electrical outlets, wiring, and appliances, our emergency electrician can make sure that it’s safe to proceed with plumbing repairs and cleanup without risking electrical shock. It’s another situation where coordinating efforts is important, and calling us is a wise first step to make sure things are safe.

Your Highly Experienced Emergency Electrician in Conway, SC

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we know that when problems arise with electricity, most people aren’t aware of all the potential risks that can arise. Our emergency response team members can provide advice, services, and mitigation of the risk to ensure that your Conway, SC family, home, and service providers are safe. From shock hazards to structure fires as a result of electrical problems, there are too many tragic consequences each year of electrical issues. Give us a call for a fast response, day or night, to be safe.

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