Office Electrical Work: Indicators You Need An Electrician | Conway, SC

Office Electrical Work: Indicators You Need An Electrician | Conway, SC

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Did you know that a third of your life could be spent in your workplace if you live in the United States? Well, that’s approximately 90,000 hours of your lifetime. Since most of your time is spent in the office, it makes sense to ensure that everything runs smoothly to avoid any inconveniences that would affect your business.

Among the many critical things for your business is electricity, considering that almost everything in the office relies on electricity. Despite the vital role of electricity, some business owners rarely think about the condition of their electrical fixtures until they start misbehaving.

Most of the electrical issues in the office may occur due to wear and age. But some could happen if an electrical contractor did not consider additional load when upgrading. If such signs are recognized earlier, it may save you time and money when a licensed electrician fixes the underlying causes.

Therefore, it’s important to recognize when you need electrical work in your office and contact an electrician immediately to avoid costly electrical problems. But what exactly should you look for to know that you need to call a technician? Not to worry; in this blog post, you’ll learn about the five most common signs that your office in Conway, SC, needs electrical repairs.

Burning Smells

A burning smell should set off alarm bells in your brain. If you detect a smokey burning smell, you could be experiencing electrical issues such as burning insulation, baseboard, or wall. On the other hand, an ozone smell could be a sign of burning wires, which could happen if the circuit is overloaded or due to the melting and overheating of the wiring. It would help if you did not overlook burning smells, as this could be a sign of a looming electrical fire.

Typically, burning smells occur near outlets due to exposed wires, overloading circuits, incorrect wiring installation, or foreign objects stuck in the electrical box.

A certified electrician can detect the cause of the burning smell and help you by rewiring or installing a new electrical component.

Dead Outlets

This problem occurs especially when many gadgets are plugged into the outlet at once or due to issues in circuit wiring.

A dead outlet indicates a larger electrical problem that should be addressed promptly. Since, in most cases, a dead outlet could be due to a poor connection or tripped breaker, you need a licensed electrical professional to check the office’s overall electrical system.

Sometimes the outlet could be dead because it has reached the end of its lifespan. When that happens, it may either develop many problems or stop working. Therefore, if the outlet has served you for over 50 years, you can have it professionally replaced by a competent electrician.

A Tripping Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is a vital safety device that cuts off the flow of electricity through a circuit whenever it’s in excess. Modern offices and homes are fitted with these devices to prevent shocks, fires, and other electrical accidents.

High electricity consumption in commercial buildings may cause circuit breakers to trip once in a while. But if you notice that the circuit breaker in your office is frequently tripping, then it’s crucial to have it inspected by a licensed electrician.

The circuit breaker can be upgraded to allow more current, thus preventing frequent interruptions and preventing the problem from worsening.

Flickering Lights

This electrical problem is often overlooked by most business owners and could signify a loose connection in the electrical system. Flickering lights are not only irritating to the eye but can also lead to reduced productivity among your staff, high electric bills, and headaches.

Flickering lights should be a concern if they occur in more than one room. This indicates the source of power needs to be checked, or there is something wrong with your cable connections. It would help if a certified commercial electrician could check the issue and offer a long-lasting solution.

Warm Electrical Outlets

Your office electrical system should handle any gadgets you are using in the office comfortably. Sometimes after using your electrical outlet for an extended time, you may notice that it’s likely to get warm or hot. You should not overlook this problem as it could indicate a problem with your electrical system that needs to be checked by a competent electrical professional.

However, it’s important to note that some warmth at the outlet is normal, especially when the voltage input (AC) is being converted to a usable output (DC). But, the receptacle should return to room temperature within an hour after being unplugged.

If you notice this persistent occurrence, it could be due to unsuitable wiring. Also, it’s important to note that dimmer switches may be warm compared to regular outlets because they absorb extra power to regulate the brightness of the light. But the dimmer outlet or any other switch should never be hot to the touch.

When you notice that your outlet is heating up, you should immediately stop using it. In such cases, you should avoid any DIY attempts; instead, you should seek an electrical company in Conway, SC, with the relevant expertise to troubleshoot the heated outlets or the entire electrical system.

You should also advise your staff to avoid overusing the outlets by controlling the number of devices plugged into a single circuit. And if you notice an outlet that’s constantly overheating, you can block it off with electrical tape or mark it until a reputable electrical company examines it.

Sparks from Outlets

If you’re plugging or unplugging appliances and you notice sparks, this should not cause any alarm because it could be because your power supply is rapidly diminishing. But, if this scenario happens frequently, it could signify a bigger problem.

In such cases, you should call a commercial electrician in Conway, SC, to prevent electrical fires. Common reasons for the sparks from your outlets could be short-circuiting, excessive heat build-up, loose connections, or water leakage.

Need A Trustworthy Commercial Electrician?

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we ensure that electrical problems won’t slow down your office operations. That’s why we have commercial electricians trained to provide quality installations, inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs.

With the above information, you can now quickly know when there’s a problem and have an electrician check and fix it immediately to avoid unnecessary inconveniences for your staff and clients. Our electrical services cover generators, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, circuit wiring, lighting, sub-panel, and surge protection. Connect with us today.

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