Outdoor Lighting Services: Light Up Your Life

Outdoor Lighting Services: Light Up Your Life

As soon as the pollen leaves Myrtle Beach, it’s time for our favorite outdoor area to get some much needed TLC! That’s right, it’s time to pull those weeds, cut the grass, trim the hedges and sweep that pesky pollen away. This also means that you will be spending much more time enjoying the beautiful weather here along the Grand Strand! Perhaps this is the year you finally invest in that new patio or pergola that you have had your eye on. Whatever you choose, Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach can handle any outdoor lighting services that you may need!

Deck, Patio or Garden Lighting

If you enjoy dining al fresco when the weather is 70 or above, it’s important to make sure that area is well lit. When you have young children or animals running around, accidents can happen more often than not. That can easily be prevented with proper electrical work set up. Mister Sparky can access the area and provide recommendations for what we think would be your best option and supply you with on the spot pricing upfront.

Pathway Lighting

If there is a lengthy walk from your back porch to the pergola in your yard, perhaps you could use some discrete, ground level lighting. This type of lighting will guide you to your outdoor destination so that you don’t trip over your son’s toy truck and spill the chicken bog that has been cooking for 6 hours!

Whatever the case may be, we just want to let you know that we are here for you if you need us…inside or outside! If you would like a free quote on any of our outdoor lighting services, please call Mister Sparky at 843.213.6610.

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