Reasons To Get An Electrical Services Professional For An Electrical Outlet Changeout

Reasons To Get An Electrical Services Professional For An Electrical Outlet Changeout

Did you know that over 13% of home fires usually result from electrical malfunctions? This means electrical faults rank second as the leading cause of home fires within the United States. In most cases, the fires originate from electrical outlets installed in the kitchens, bedrooms, or outdoors. Hence, this begs the question, is your home safe? How safe is it? Although some homeowners have their electrical systems serviced regularly, others see it as a waste of money. If it works, why bother with it? Inspections and maintenance are a surefire way of preventing electrical issues that might cause fires. Essentially, they increase safety. There comes a time when your electrical services recommend you upgrade some electrical fixtures, such as outlets, for various reasons. The outlets are working fine at the face of it but harboring serious impending dangers like a ticking time bomb. Not replacing them per the electrician’s recommendations will only result in severe damage. Hence, follow the electrician’s recommendations and upgrade the electrical outlets.

Why Should You Change the Electrical Outlets?

Simple actions like operating your refrigerator, flipping on the TV, or turning a lamp might appear too mundane. However, most of these daily or mundane activities and tasks at your home involve working an electrical outlet. Although you might haven’t given it much thought, whatever happens behind those walls or within the electrical wiring is the reason you’re able to enjoy your show, cool the food, or even light your home. For a flawless electrical current flow at your home, the electrical outlets must be operating optimally. Any slight mishap in the conditions of an electrical outlet might spell doom for your home. Hence, the reasons below should inform your choice to upgrade the electrical outlets at your home.

Replace Worn-Out Outlets

Like all the other components of your electrical system, your electrical outlets are also prone to wear and tear caused by factors like aging. The outlets are among the most frequently used electrical components in your home. Their frequent use exposes them to damages that might weaken or loosen the connections. Most damaged or worn-out outlets may experience a gradual buildup of heat. This could ignite a fire.

Are your electrical outlets cracked? They pose an electrical hazard, especially if you have young children at your home. Although such cracks might be a dust trap, they also pose a danger of electrocution. Cracked outlets might need urgent replacements to avert such inherent safety concerns. Therefore, if you notice the outlets are cracked, it is always a good practice to have an electrical services provider replace them. While you may be tempted to replace them, that is a terrible idea. Instead, let the electrician replace the outlets on your behalf. This ensures you’ll get a quality installation.

For Upgrade Purposes

Eventually, even the best of innovations experience a phase-out. Although those old electrical outlets might function just fine, consider replacing or upgrading them with newer versions, such as recessed ones. Earlier versions might have diminished usefulness with changes in time. Additionally, the onset of more sophisticated, newer appliances means upgrading your electrical outlets is necessary. Consider shifting to GFCI outlets from the standard versions or installing new receptacles.

Modern technology provides safer receptacle options in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Whether planning to upgrade your 2-prong receptor to a 3-prong one or even replace the coaxial wall plates with more modern ones, having the job done by an experienced electrician is essential. Ultimately, the upgraded outlets will have far superior functionality. Additionally, the electricians can guide you on the recent trends in electrical outlet technologies and let you choose one that works best for your needs.

When You Have Reasonable Suspicions, the Outlets Have Been Exposed to Excessive Moisture

Water and electricity don’t mix; when they come into contact, that is a hazard waiting to happen. When water comes into contact with the electrical outlets, it can introduce two risks— you could probably be electrocuted, or an electrical fire outbreak might arise. You don’t want to experience it either. Should you realize or reasonably suspect the electrical outlets have been exposed to moisture or water, consider changing them?

Enlist an electrical services provider to help you with the replacement. When they come to your home, the electrician will first inspect the surroundings to establish where the water or moisture comes from and arrest that situation. Replacing the electrical outlet is the next step after dealing with the cause of the moisture or water. You could think blowing the outlet and its connecting wires dry will do the trick. Unfortunately, that doesn’t address the cause or guarantee that the outlet will completely dry out. Hence, consider taking the safer option by overhauling the system. While at it, install a GFCI outlet that can withstand moisture.

The Outlet Slots Have Become Loose

Have your electrical outlets since become too loose? They might be unable to hold the weight of your attached cords. Instead of remaining firmly attached to the electrical outlet slots, the cables might always unplug or pull, which could result in power interruptions. Foundation shifts, removing and forcing incompatible plugs into the electrical outlets are reasons the outlets might loosen with time.

In other instances, the outputs could eventually loosen because of the expansions and contractions in your walls. However, you should consult your electrical services provider whenever such an instance arises to determine the cause. With the electrician’s support, you might decide that changing the electrical outlet is a better option. You may choose to drill new holes or install the new ones on the same holes after some modifications. That is why working with an electrician is recommended.

We Can Help You Change the Outlets

Have you noticed either of the electrical outlet issues above at your home? You should consider replacing them. Contact us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach to book an appointment at your convenience.

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How To Become An Electrician

Electrical contractors are arguably one of the most sought-after professions, with applications in multiple industries, including manufacturing, construction, energy, and processing. Due to the sensitive and risky nature of electrical work, one needs extensive training and qualification to get certified.

A trained electrical technician is knowledgeable in various electrical issues, including installation, maintenance, and repair services. Depending on skills and licensing, an electrician is classified under different categories. Below are detailed steps explaining how to become an electrical technician.

Becoming an Electrical Technician

Earn a High School Diploma or Equivalent

The first step to becoming an electrical contractor is clearing your primary education. These professionals must complete their high school diplomas or an equivalent level of education. Some skills required in this field are cultivated through various activities and academic concepts. Schools subjects that are invaluable in your electrical career include:

  • Physics- this subject provides an understanding of concepts required to understand how electricity works, most of which are needed to complete tasks.
  • Mechanical drawing- information learned is vital to planning and designing electrical systems in a building or electrical equipment.
  • Algebra and trigonometry- these subjects enhance an electrician‘s understanding of electrical installations, including wiring, measuring the angle of circuits, and electrical currents.
  • English- you need to learn how to communicate with clients and colleagues as we read technical documents and instruction manuals.

Attend a Vocational or Trade School

Attending a trade school is not a requirement to become an electrical technician. However, it offers an advantage with valuable training, a certificate, and a networking opportunity. No matter the institution, university, or community college, these institutions provide experience and exposure that prove vital to the success of your career.

During your training, you are provided access to tools needed in the field, taught how to use them, and techniques required to grow your skills and apply for an apprenticeship. Aside from the learning experience, some states may substitute the hours in the classroom with the time needed to qualify for a journeyman license.

Apply for an Apprenticeship

The most important step to becoming an electrical technician is getting an apprenticeship. You need to complete at least 4,000 hours of on-the-job experience to get licensed as an electrical technician. There are multiple ways to apply for an apprenticeship, including:

  • Trade school – vocational institutes and trade schools offer an opportunity for students to apply for apprenticeships at various institutions and companies to gain on-the-job experience. These opportunities also help with securing a job placement.
  • Unions- applicants can take advantage of opportunities provided by the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees with locations all over the United States. The best part of a union-based application is that you are given practical and classroom-based training within the union’s offices. However, you have to be a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to enjoy the benefits of the JATC.
  • Non-union- joining a union has its benefits. However, you can choose to pursue other channels. Independent Electrical Contractors and Associated Builders and Contractors are the two primary organizations that help with non-union apprentice applications. These organizations have a presence in major cities in the U.S.

During your application, you will likely complete an aptitude test to gauge your understanding of your skills. Applicants are also subjected to drug tests and an interview and are expected to meet various physical requirements to qualify.

Register as an Apprentice

Once you meet the threshold required to become an apprentice, you need to register to start work. Keep in mind, some authorities require you to register before you can be allowed into the job site. Be sure to review your area’s requirements before joining the workforce.

Complete your Apprenticeship

Your journey as an apprentice marks the beginning of a long career as an electrician. During this period, you are able to explore various areas, including in-class, on-the-job training, and mentorship, to gain an in-depth understanding of electrical works. In most cases, you have to work under a master technician for at least four years before qualifying for a licensing exam. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical-distribution equipment and wiring.
  • Construction of blueprints for electrical plans and deciphering technical diagrams.
  • Local codes to ensure all projects are done in compliance with national, state, and local regulations.
  • Diagnosis of electrical systems and use of special devices.

Get Licensed

After completing 1000 hours of classroom and at least 8000 hours of on-the-job training, you can apply for certification. Requirements for licensing vary based on state or city. Hence there is no universal blueprint for the application process. You need to research local regulations regarding the qualifications required to work in your area.

In some cases, applicants are required to take various tests to gauge their skills and knowledge. These tests cover areas such as safety protocols, building codes, National Electric Code, and electrical concepts. Once you receive your license, you can offer services in any of these categories:

  • Journeyman- this is the most basic level offered after completing your apprenticeship. You are allowed to work independently but can’t lead projects or pull permits.
  • Master- you need at least two years of job experience to qualify as a master electrician. You also need to pass an exam to receive your license, lead jobs, and train apprentices.
  • Independent electrical contractors – these are small business owners who hire electrical technicians to complete jobs. The individuals offer insurance coverage to workers and are required to have Master’s qualifications. You can also choose to generalize services or specialize.

Learn More About Electricity with Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach

Careers in the electrical industry are among the highest paying, with applications in multiple industries. Due to its interaction with technology, this discipline offers a chance to grow and learn with new techniques and equipment being invented. With these steps, you can actively pursue a career in electricity.

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we offer an opportunity for people to explore careers as electrical technicians. Contact us for more information on becoming an electrical technician and our services.

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Install Whole Home Surge Protectors And Avoid That Helpless Call To An Emergency Electrician

Install Whole Home Surge Protectors And Avoid That Helpless Call To An Emergency Electrician

Electrical surges can result in life-threatening, horrendous events. Further, they can happen when least expected, leaving lots of damage in their way. But did you know that most electrical surges within any home come from within the house? Almost every appliance at your home relies on electrical power for operation. But while electrical power is necessary, issues like power surges could spell doom to your loved ones, you, and your property. So, how can you protect your loved ones and property? You could enlist an emergency electrician to install a whole house surge protection if you realize your home doesn’t have one. These electrical fixtures will save you costly electrical damages in life-or-death situations. But how do whole home surge protectors protect you? Continue reading to find out.

What Whole Home Surge Protectors Do

Computers, HVAC units, and other expensive appliances should be connected to surge protectors. However, a surge protector does not prevent the occurrence of power surges. Instead, they are designed to protect your appliances and devices from surges by acting as a pass-through for the power from the source to the device(s) connected to an outlet. Whenever there is a power surge, the device sends extra energy to the outlet’s grounding wire, preventing it from sending too much power to the appliance. Eventually, this prevents the damages that the excessive power would have caused.

The Underlying Problem

Electrical surges experienced in many homes can be classified into external and external. To reiterate, electricity follows the path most directly into the ground. Hence, for the electricity to travel, something must be conducting it into the ground. This could be, unfortunately, your house. Unless you install lighting and surge arrestors, you will occasionally deal with electrical emergencies and call emergency electricians. Below is a detailed explanation of internal and external power surges to help you better understand how they affect your home’s safety.

Internal Surges

These are electrical surges that originate from within your home. As mentioned above, electricity is necessary, and every home needs power. With almost every appliance now using electrical power, electricity can be categorized as a basic need. Besides the electrical wiring, your home has many electronics, from TVs to laptops, that need electricity. But did you know that power surges happen in your home daily? Below are the two common causes of this:

Electrical Overloads

Plugging in too many loads, using an appliance above the rated amperage of the circuit, or overusing extension cords all results in electrical overloads. This is when an appliance tries drawing too much power than the circuit can provide. Overloads cause internal power surges when the overwhelmed circuit receives massive spikes in current because the appliance is drawing too much power. Some appliances, such as garbage disposal units, washing machines, HVAC systems, hair dryers, and electric ovens, have motors that automatically turn off or on to help the appliance achieve its function. This causes a lapse in power whenever the motor is not running and a sudden surge when turned on.

In many instances, these surges don’t result in problems. If they did, homeowners would call electricians occasionally because of the damages or accidents they would cause. Do your lights flicker or breakers trip when you turn on either of the appliances above? That could be because of an overload or even an internal surge. Even the smallest deviation in voltage may overwhelm the devices, meaning that you’ll have to call an emergency electrician should something go wrong.

Faulty Wiring

One of the leading causes of internal faults is faulty electrical wiring. Have you had your wiring inspected recently? If you haven’t, you should. Faulty wiring may contribute to other risks at your home, such as electrical fires caused by arc faults. Ensure your home is safe from such incidents by enlisting a professional for a routine electrical wiring inspection.

External Surges

Have you ever heard that you should unplug your appliances and devices during a hurricane or thunderstorm? South Carolina residents must have experienced this at one point. External electrical surges are those that come from an outside source. Below are the main causes of external electrical surges

Lightning Strikes

In the US, more than 20 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes happen annually. South Carolina experienced over 2.9 million lightning strikes in 2022, ranking 13th in the US. This goes to show the potential for external surges caused in the state. The lightning strikes may cause large-scale power surges, which would ruin electrical gadgets plugged in. If your home suffers an electric strike, immediately call an emergency electrician for damage assessment and repairs. Electricity from lightning may enter your home through your satellite dish or cable TV cables or the incoming electrical and telephone service lines. But how can you prevent your home from the dangers of lightning strikes? You can install lighting arrestors that safely carry the lightning current into the ground. If you haven’t installed one in your South Carolina home, enlist an electrician to fit it.

Fallen Tree Limbs, Wildlife, and Car Accidents

Car accidents and tree limbs which take down the electricity lines will result in power outages. Similarly, animals like birds, snakes, and squirrels may sometimes interfere with power equipment by climbing onto transformers and knocking out the power service. All this will only cause a power outage, not a surge. So, where do power surges come from in such an instance? When the utility company gets complaints of a power outage and switches back the power grid for the power to be restored, the excessive electricity floods the power lines and electrical system. This is where the power surges of this nature arise.

We Can Help

You should install whole home surge or lightning arrestors to protect yourself from power surges. Has your home suffered an internal or external surge? Contact us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for damage assessment and electrical repairs.

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Why Should You Enlist An Electrician To Install Recessed Electrical Outlets?

Why Should You Enlist An Electrician To Install Recessed Electrical Outlets?

It might not seem as though electrical outlets have advanced much over the years. However, recent technological developments have made manufacturing more convenient, safer, and more flexible outlets than ever. Besides safer GFCI plugs, smart outlets, and plugs featuring USB ports, you can today also have an electrician upgrade your standard electrical outlets with newer models called recessed electrical outlets. These outlets give you more space for inserting a plug and a low profile. These new electrical outlets have many advantages, making them popular in some quarters. They have a “decluttering” feel and look since they allow cords and plugs to sit flush with your walls rather than protrude out. Hence, your gadgets and appliances can sit flush against your walls with no spaces in between.

Advantages of Recessed Electrical Outlets

Recessed electrical outlets are increasingly becoming popular in modern buildings and homes. They are a great option for enhancing safety and saving space. Other benefits of these electrical fixtures include;

Eliminates Trip Hazards

Recessed electrical hazards effectively eliminate the trip hazards common with standard outlets. Whenever the wires and cables are exposed, they pose a considerable risk to anyone walking by. They may entangle their feet on these wires, eventually falling or tripping. Unfortunately, falling in your house could result in severe injuries or even damage to furniture and other electronic components. By upgrading your outlets and installing recessed ones, you minimize this risk. The wires and cables in these outlets are hidden, reducing the likelihood of tripping. This feature alone makes the recessed outlets a great option for homes that have elderly and children.

Easy to Install

Another advantage of this electrical outlet is they are very easy to install. Provided your receptacles have enough space to accommodate these outlets’ extra depth, your electrician can easily install them. While you can install them yourself, you are advised not to unless you are trained in electrical work. You might suffer electrical shocks or even electrocution when you mishandle electrical wires. Rather, have a professional install to ensure the wiring is done right and you and the electrical appliances are safe. Most recessed electrical outlets are designed to fit inside standard electrical boxes, making their installation a rather straightforward process.

Help Save on Space

Space saving is the most significant benefit of recessed electrical outlets. When installed by a professional in your home, recessed outlets allow the plug to sit within the outlet, flushing with the wall. This means you can cover your electrical outlet with furniture such as a desk or a couch. This is a beneficial feature, especially for compact homes or small rooms with limited space. By installing recessed outlets, you’ll be able to free up some extra space and make your room appear more organized and spacious.

Improved Safety

Since the recessed electrical outlets sit in the wall, they are less likely to get exposed to water and other elements, which might result in electrical hazards. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor applications such as decks and patios. These outlets are more resistant to the effects of moisture and weather, meaning they are a better option for outdoor use. Some recessed electrical outlets feature covers that make them even safer and protected from the elements above. Hence, if you have been using extension cords on your patio, have an electrician install recessed electrical outlets depending on the number of appliances you use.

Improved Counter Space

Besides saving space, the recessed electrical outlets provide more counter space when installed in the kitchen. Since they allow electric ovens, cookers, blenders, and other kitchen electrical appliances to sit further back and flush with the kitchen walls, the recessed outlets can also increase the available counter space.

Installing them means the appliance cables and wires don’t have to cross over your counters, making the kitchen appear more organized. This feature is more beneficial in small kitchens where every inch of space counts. Additionally, the recessed electrical outlets make less mess with the appliance cables hanging on your countertop, reducing the likelihood of making them wet.

Disadvantages of Recessed Electrical Outlets

The main disadvantage of installing recessed outlets is that they easily collect dust because they sit on the walls. Therefore, you should be cautious when cleaning to remove the dust and prevent a further buildup of dirt and dust.

Compared to regular electrical outlets, they are aesthetically better. They are more visually appealing, meaning you cannot go wrong when an electrician upgrades your current outlets with recesses.

Where Do Recessed Electrical Outlets Work Well?

Behind Furniture

These outlets are flush with the wall, meaning they can be installed behind furniture. You even move your furniture, such as benches and sofas, to be flush to your walls without being afraid that you are getting in the way of your outlets and plugs.

Behind Wall-Mounted Flat Screen Television

TV units are usually mounted to your wall. Thus, recessed outlets allow the important cables to seamlessly run between the TV and the wall.


Recessed electrical outlets will better protect your electrical appliances’ elements, reducing the chances of electrical hazards. Purchasing recessed outlets having a slim cover means you can stop using bubble covers that aren’t aesthetically appealing.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Water can be dangerous to electrical equipment in both bathrooms and kitchens. However, installing recessed outlets will reduce the chance of water entering the outlet. Additionally, it will increase counter space, enabling objects to be put closer to the wall and minimizing the number of cords that may be in your way.

Upgrade to Recessed Electrical Outlets

From the foregoing, recessed outlets offer many benefits compared to regular ones. You should use recessed outlets if you have a deck, a patio, or any other outdoor space where you plan to install electrical outlets. Contact us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach to book an appointment for electrical outlet upgrades.

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Benefits Of Hiring Electricians From Multi-Purpose Electrical Service Providers

Benefits Of Hiring Electricians From Multi-Purpose Electrical Service Providers

Electrical faults aren’t something to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, some homeowners think they can easily fix electrical faults without professional help. However, that is far from the truth. Hiring an experienced and licensed electrician to fix your electrical problems is much better and more beneficial. Besides avoiding electrical shocks and electrocutions, hiring a full-fledged electrical contractor provides many benefits you might not have considered. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of hiring a multi-purpose electrical services provider.

What Does Multi-Purpose Electrical Services Entail?

As you may have guessed from the name, these are electrical services provided by a contractor trained in handling different electrical problems. Multi-purpose electrical services are beneficial in resolving different problems that you could be facing at your office or home. Full-service electrical contractors handle everything, from new wiring and electrical maintenance to high-tech solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial properties and troubleshooting. These services may include anything from fixing faulty switches to whole-home rewiring. Seasoned electrical contractors provide such services with expertise and knowledge to conduct electrical installations, repairs, or maintenance.

Benefits of Enlisting Full-Service Electrical Contractors

In the US, there are about 400 fatalities that occur every year because of high-voltage electrical injuries. Additionally, at least 30,000 non-fatal electrical shocks occur every year. Such statistics should be a grim reminder of the dangers of electricity if mishandled. Therefore,

rather than perform electrical repairs at your office or home by yourself, it always is better to enlist the help of an experienced, licensed electrical contractor. Besides saving you from injuries, there are many other benefits of hiring a multi-purpose electrical services provider, including:

Affordable Services

Services from multi-purpose electrical contractors are better and more affordable than hiring individual electrical technicians. These contractors offer competitive rates for all their services. By hiring them, you’ll get high-quality services, albeit at a reduced cost.

A Single Solution to Many Electrical Problems

As mentioned above, full-service electrical contractors are trained to handle many electrical problems. They can do everything from rewiring your home, fixing that faulty switch, and installing new electrical outlets to complex electrical inspections and installations. They have the expertise and knowledge to do electrical repairs or installations without struggling. Whether commercial, residential, or industrial, you can resolve any electrical problem by hiring a full-service electrical contractor. This means you don’t have to hire different professionals per issue. Hiring a multi-purpose electrical contractor is like entering a one-stop shop where every product is available.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Full-service electrical contractors are often more cost-effective than hiring a different professional for every task(s). when you hire from them, you only have to pay for the services rendered. Hiring different electricians introduces many variables, and as the saying goes, many cooks spoil the broth. Aggregating all your issues and having them addressed by a single contractor is cost-effective and results in uniform repairs. When you hire different contractors, they will repair things differently and use replacement parts from different manufacturers. This removes any uniformity in repairs, unlike when done by a single contractor that uses replacement materials from a select few manufacturers.

Warranty on Services and Parts

By hiring multi-service electrical contractors, you’ll get a warranty on their services or parts. Hence, should something go wrong with the installation or repair, they’ll fix it free of charge. This is a great benefit as it provides peace of mind knowing the electrical problem will be fixed correctly.

Efficient and Quick Solutions

The other benefit of enlisting a multi-purpose electrical service is that they will offer efficient and quick solutions to all your electrical problems. Additionally, they have the expertise and knowledge to conduct any installations and repairs promptly and with a high degree of efficiency. This is handy, especially when dealing with emergency installations or repairs. You can imagine hiring a professional dealing with installations when dealing with power surges caused by storms only to find that some outlets are submerged, but they don’t know how to deal with such. That would be frustrating. Multi-purpose electrical services can address your electrical emergencies and resolve your issues quickly, minimizing any harm or damage the electrical problem might have caused.

Reliable and Safe Solutions

The most significant benefit of enlisting multi-purpose electrical contractors is that they offer reliable and safe solutions to all your electrical problems. Remember, electricity is dangerous when not properly handled. Thus, you should leave all electrical installations and repairs to experienced electricians. Full-service electrical contractors have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to conduct all repairs and installations reliably and safely. Hence, when you hire them, you can rest assured that all your electrical issues will be fixed correctly in the first instance.

High-Quality Solutions

The other benefit of hiring a company offering many electrical services is that they offer high-quality solutions to all your electrical problems. They also use quality materials and parts for all their installations and repairs. This is critical as it ensures all your electrical issues will be fixed correctly and last a long time without recurring.

Flexible Scheduling

Most of the time, full-service electrical contractors are highly flexible with their work scheduling. This allows homeowners to schedule installations or repairs at their convenience. It means you do not have to excuse yourself from work or miss important appointments. The contractors will work around your busy schedule to complete the repairs or installations.

Experienced and Professional

When you enlist full-service electrical service providers, you are assured that you’ll hire professional and experienced electricians. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to promptly, proficiently, and fairly address your electrical issues. Additionally, they have any required safety equipment for protecting your property and themselves while at work.

Hire Full-Service Contractors

Do you have an upcoming electrical installation, repair, or rewiring for your office or rental apartments? You could benefit much from hiring multi-purpose electrical services. For high-quality repairs, installations, inspections, and maintenance, contact us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach.

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