Residential Emergency Electrician: Winter Electrical Hazards And How To Prevent Them | Conway, SC

Residential Emergency Electrician: Winter Electrical Hazards And How To Prevent Them | Conway, SC

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Winter is a season that brings various electrical issues. The falling ice, freezing weather, rain, and low temperatures can lead to electrical surges, circuit overloads, ground fault, and other issues that an emergency electrician can address. The electrical hazards can range from mild to severe electric fires that harm people and destroy properties.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 39 percent of fires were due to electrical failures during the snowy days. Electrical malfunctioning in homes is preventable through periodic checkups and maintenance to ensure the electrical system in your home is operating smoothly. The emergency electrician in Conway, SC, should replace all the damaged electrical parts with advanced ones to prevent looming electric hazards.

Here are some of the electrical dangers that you can encounter during winter.

Circuit Overload

The chilly days can cause the electrical panel in your home to strain, causing circuit overloads. The heaters that include portable heating systems, heat pumps, boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and central heating systems can be demanding, making the circuit breaker trip frequently if an emergency electrician does not address the issue as soon as possible.

Without maintenance, the heating systems are prone to hike your high energy bills due to dirty filters or faulty components that can make outlets overheat, causing the circuit breaker to trip.

The circuit overload is preventable by installing another electrical system or grid that can handle heavy appliances without the possibility of overloading the circuit. The electrician can help get more advanced outlets and power cables in the electrical market in Conway, SC, to withstand the high power consumption and avert overloading circuits.

The electrical technician can advise you and your inhabitant to avoid plugging numerous appliances in one outlet or extension cord. Most importantly, the emergency electrician can install circuit breakers in your home if you don’t have one or check the existing breaker if it is working to protect your home from circuit overload effects of an electrical fire.

Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when the electric current takes an unintended path and goes through a human body. The grounding faults can result from inclement weather that can cause trees to fall on power lines, making them touch the ground. The ground hazards are also due to low insulation in electrical wires that have wear and tears of old age.

The insulation of electrical systems can also weaken because of high moisture from ice that falls on the power lines. Another reason behind ground faults is ungrounded systems that have extremely high voltages.

Hiring an emergency electrician is appropriate in determining a ground fault in your home and clearing it before anyone gets electrocuted. The professional uses a current transformer, that is, connected to a meter reading the amount of current flowing from the transformer. After diagnosing a ground fault, the technician can clear it using relays that determine if to switch off the power supply or not, a circuit breaker, or a fuse.

An electrician can protect you and your family from ground faults by installing circuit breakers that trip the instance they sense current flowing in the wrong path. The electrical expert can also attach current transformers and potential transformers (that measure voltage differences) in different parts of your circuit for protection against electrical accidents such as burns and electrical shocks.

Arc Faults

Another electric hazard that can claim properties and lives is the arc faults. Arcing accounts for three to five home fires resulting from electrical failures. The arc faults are the most dangerous in a home because of the sparking that starts most electrical fires. Arcing results from a loose and damaged wiring system or a damaged appliance. In winter, the arc faults are due to lightning strikes.

If you don’t have an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) in your home, you should call a qualified and trained electrician before winter to install one. People with an existing AFCI can schedule maintenance to ensure the devices are efficient as necessary prevention measures.

Contact with Power Lines

The freezing days with strong winds, storms, and lightning can cause downed power lines, resulting in more electrical accidents. Coming in contact with the live electrical wires can have dire consequences beyond an emergency electrician.

The electrical expert can help you prevent touching the power lines by advising you to stay far from overhead power lines, especially during rainy winter days. That includes not building your home under power lines. They can also advise against digging any part of your home without the help of an emergency electrician to check for underground power lines.

Other Ways of Preventing Electrical Hazards in Winter

The electrician checks the outlets to ensure proper screwing and stability and inspects the cords to ensure they are not frayed and have no naked wires.

The experts analyze the outlets for any discoloration or signs of burns and replace them before winter begins. They also inspect your electrical systems for overloads and install other outlets or cords to help you prevent electrical fires due to overloading circuits.

The experienced emergency electrician and the crew closely inspect your home for any possibility of leaks that could make rainwater or melting ice fall into electrical devices, paneling, outlets, cords, or cables for immediate repairs. The professional might also protect your home against surges that can destroy appliances and start a fire by installing whole house surge protectors. Making sure the trees around your home are well-maintained to avert the possibility of falling to power lines is wise before the chilly months start.

Having Electrical Issues!

Winter can bring about numerous problems that can cause dire effects on people and property. You might experience arc faults, overloading circuits, ground faults, electrocutions, or electric fires during the chilly days. The good news is that the issues are preventable with the help of professionals.

If you have any electrical problems in winter, you should contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach in Conway, SC, for an emergency electrician. Our electricians have the skills and experience to address all your electrical needs, including repairs, installations, and replacements.

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