Shocking Revelation About Things That Can Endanger Your Life When Handling Electricity and Electrical Repair | Conway, SC

Shocking Revelation About Things That Can Endanger Your Life When Handling Electricity and Electrical Repair | Conway, SC

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Until something happens at your home, it is easy to forget how hazardous the electric systems can be. As far as electricity makes our lives comfortable, it is also very dangerous. If electrical repairs are handled by unqualified persons, it can be extremely fatal owing to many hazards that can arise at your home or workplace. Fortunately, the hazards can be mitigated through staying aware and taking steps to get rid of dangers—presumably, by getting the assistance of a professional electrician. That is why Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach in Conway, SC, has made it their life’s mission to help by providing premium electrical repairs. With that in mind, below are the 8 most common electrical hazards that could happen at your homes, offices, or factories if not repairs are not handled by qualified personnel.

Poor Wiring

Quality wiring that conforms to all the safety electric standards is important. On the other hand, poor wiring can increase the chances of power surges, fire, arc faults, and other severe consequences. This is the reason why you should always avoid doing even the small electric tasks by yourself—always hire a professional electrician to engineer all forms of electric wiring around your homes or offices.

Also remember that damaged, cracked, worn, or corroded electrical wires escalate the chances of electrical accidents. To avoid this, make it a routine to engage a qualified electrician to check your wires regularly for safety.

Some wiring faults that can endanger your life include:

  • Improper connections like electric switches or outlets
  • Overheated wires damaged by rodents
  • Pierced wires insulation that can be caused by stepping over the wire
  • Cracked wires caused by age, corrosion, heat, or bending

Outlets Close to the Water

Electric outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, bath tabs or other living areas should be installed at a reasonable distance away from the water sources. This is because water conducts electricity and keeping these outlets a fair distance from water sources helps to reduce the chances of electric shock. Always remember never to use any electric devices like an iron box, hairdryer, Heater, phone, radio among others near the pools, in the bath, or any place with a wet floor.

Wet Hands

Some ladies reach for their hairdryers from the bathrooms with wet hands. This is very dangerous because handling electric appliances with wet hands increases the chances of electric shock. Stay safe by drying your hands before handling electric appliances

Damaged Tools and Appliances

It is very dangerous when you are exposed to damaged electrical equipment. Never try to fix any of the electric equipment. In case you note damaged electrical equipment in your home or workplace, contact a professional electrician for electrical repair. The electrician will check for any form of cracks, abrasions on the cables, wires, and cords. In case there is any form of defect, let the professionals perform what they know best. If you come across any damaged electric tool and equipment, call a Conway, SC, technician for electrical repair services. If it is in a factory, then an electrical engineer will perform the Lockout, Tag-Out procedures before they can start any electrical repairs or maintenance.

Pouring Water on Electric Fires

A common mistake that is committed by electrical laymen is pouring water on electric fires. If an electric fire occurs, never pour water on the flames as it can lead to electrocution. These fires are most evident when electrical repairs or any other electric undertakings are done by unqualified individuals. Always engage an electric professional in case of an electric fire emergency.

Extension cords

Chances are you are using extensions in your home or workplace. While these cords are a convenient way of supplying power, if not fixed and used properly, they can easily create electric hazards. This is why it is advisable to involve a professional electrician while fixing your extensions and any other electrical repairs. Remember not to use a lot of appliances at once in one extension.

Light Bulbs

Most of you often do not consider light bulbs as one of the electrical hazards. However, there is a high chance of electrical fire if the light bulbs are kept near flammable materials. These include beds, plastics, drapes or others. You have probably heard about arc flash. But hopefully, you have never had the chance to experience one. Arc flashes are very dangerous depending on the level of energy involved. The simplest form of an arc flash can be noticed when the light bulb burns out. To make sure that you avoid the occurrence of flush lights always involve qualified electricians when replacing your bulb or deciding the best bulb for your room

Improper Grounding

In electricity, grounding is very important. Without the recommended grounding, almost everything in the electric circuit is compromised and becomes extremely dangerous. There are a lot of symptoms that are associated with an incorrect grounding and only a professional electrician should be allowed to test both the grounding wires and the electrodes. Proper grounding eliminates the risks of electrocution. Occupational Safety and Health Administration have given out the guidelines regarding electric grounding. Improper grounding is one of the worst OSHA electrical violations.

Apart from the physical injuries that can be caused by improper grounding, it can also lead to the dimming of lights in the house. This can also be worsened by turning on larger electric appliances like stoves and heaters. Furthermore, improper grounding escalates the chances of electric shock and high electric bills.

Final Thought

Are you in need of any form of electrical repairs in Conway, SC? Look no further, Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach has the best-experienced technicians in the whole South California who offer premium electrical repair services. We have the best-experienced technicians who will be at your doorstep in no time when you contact us. Central to our hearts, we believe that the professional way is the right away.

We offer free estimates and we guarantee that all our electrical services uphold the highest safety standards. We strictly adhere to these safety codes and guidelines to ensure that our electrical repairs or other services last for years.

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