Signs It’s Time To Call The Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Signs It’s Time To Call The Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Can you imagine living without electricity? Today, electricity is used in practically everything. They are essential to our lives. They make our lives comfortable and convenient. It will be difficult to function without it.

When your electrical system fails, you will need to fix that immediately. Otherwise, you won’t have power. This is why you need a licensed and experienced electrician to install your electrical system. A good system reduces the chances of calling an emergency electrician to help you restore power.

Call an emergency electrician right away when you notice the problems listed below. With a licensed electrician, you can prevent small problems from escalating into a bigger and costly problem.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

When you notice flickering or waning lights right after turning on multiple outlets, that is a sign that there might be a problem with your electrical system. If your home is old, it is possible that you have wiring problems too. Wirings deteriorate over time — this is why you will need electrical maintenance too so a professional can thoroughly check your entire electrical system.

Call your emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC especially when you keep having flickering lights. Do not wait for the problem to escalate as that might be dangerous or more costly for you.

Faulty Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is an essential component in your systems. Its primary function is to shut off the circuit when there is electrical overload. Circuit breakers also prevent surges that may damage other electrical components. When you are using a lot of appliances with high voltages, you may notice that your circuit breaker will trip. That is normal. However, if it constantly trips, you need to contact your emergency electrician immediately.

Burning Smell

You need to ask for help immediately when you notice a burning smell coming from the outlets. Other times though, you may not notice this. If you are using several high-voltage appliances at the same time, chances are your electrical outlet may overheat. When this happens, check your sockets and switches for brown marks. Switch off your outlets immediately and unplug all your electrical devices. Then call your emergency electrician to prevent further damage.

Strange Humming and Buzzing Sounds

There is something wrong with your circuit breaker when you notice buzzing sounds coming from it. Remember that your breaker protects from surges — so when it’s damaged, serious problems could occur. Seek help from a professional right away.


It’s pretty normal to see a blue spark after connecting an appliance to an outlet. However, when the wiring is damaged or faulty, or your electrical system is not properly installed, that may result in bigger sparks. These usually last more than a second and are colored yellow or white. Call your emergency electrician when you notice this to avoid fire and other problems to your system.

You Have No Lights

The first thing you need to do when this happens is not to call an electrician right away. You will need to call your utility company first and check whether there is a power interruption or another problem is coming from their end. If it isn’t the utility company’s fault and you don’t know what is going on, call a professional so they restore power.

Home Flooding

Most homeowners would likely call their plumbers when flooding occurs. Although they can help you resolve your flooding problem, you will need to ensure safety first. It is dangerous to stand in a wet area especially when it’s very close to the electrical outlet. That may get you electrocuted. You would want to avoid that by calling your emergency electrician. Make sure you have their number as that will come in handy during emergencies.

If you have an old home – older than 20 years, it’s also important that you schedule maintenance with a professional. Your wiring could be deteriorating and only a licensed professional can check that.

You Get Huge Bills

If your bills suddenly skyrocket and you have not bought any new appliances, you should try calling an emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC right away. There could be something wrong with your electrical system. The electrician would thoroughly inspect if there is a problem with the circuits and what you need to do to rectify the problem and solve your bill problems.

Mild Shock With Switches

A surefire way to know that something is wrong with your electricity is when you get a little electrical shock when you switch an appliance. This should be addressed immediately to avoid an even larger problem, like you being electrocuted.

It could be because the residual current has been stored in one of your appliances. When you touch it, the electricity is then transferred to you.

Get in touch with an emergency electrician right away when this happens.

You Haven’t Checked Your System in a While

If you do not know how to do this, it is best for you to just contact a professional in your area so they can inspect your electrical system.

Call one especially when you haven’t done this in a while. You never know there is a problem with the circuits or wiring when no one actually inspects it.

Sometimes, upgrading your system would help prevent bigger damages to your appliances that would even cost you more money.

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