The Reliable Electrical Contractors | Myrtle Beach, SC

The Reliable Electrical Contractors | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Electricity is very essential in any home, office, hospital, mall, school or even industry to provide lighting and also power appliances and machinery. Each of these developments has its unique electrical connection needs and require assiduous professionals to get the job done. However, there is bound to be some complications either due to a faulty connection during wiring and installation or a power surge. Due to this, it is always important to hire an experienced electrical contractor to do the repairs or the wiring and installation if it is a new building. There are hundreds of electrical contractors and electricians available but only a handful have what it takes to deliver quality and precision.

The best way to avoid any technicalities or complications is to ensure that wiring and installations works are handled by renowned electrical contractors. For this reason, be sure to take you time and outsource for the best in the field. Luckily, you do not have to go far as Mister Sparky is your one-stop-shop for all your electrical needs. We are the leading contractors in the area and an impressive track record to show for it. All our clients know us for our professionalism and diligence in handling all their electrical needs and in a timely fashion. We have a team of electrical contractors who have been tested and approved as the best there is in this region; always on call to attend to any of your needs any day, any time.

We offer a range of electrical services which include;

  • Electrical repair
  • Ceiling fans installation and maintenance
  • Outlets installation
  • Lighting
  • Generator sale, installation and service
  • Surge protection
  • Circuits and wiring

Having been in the industry for a while now, we understand the inconvenience of not being in operation due to a power surge, faulty electrical panel, sub panel, blown fuse, or faulty wiring which is why we are putting our best foot forward in serving you.

Why Choose Us?

At Mister Sparky, we believe that more is more, and that is why we go the extra mile to provide you only the best there is even in the slightest of needs, as that’s what makes the biggest difference. Yes, we are that good. Here are the reasons why you should make us your preferred electrical contractors in times of need.

Unequalled quality

Money is the key motivation for most contractors available but our preferences go beyond. We do love a good pay at the end of the day, everybody does, but only after we offer you exemplary services. Electricity, as a good servant and a bad master, quality service is the only option that exists and that is our driving force. We have a very thorough and upright recruitment process for all our technicians including support staff aimed at ensuring that you are served by the best in the field. No other electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC understands the importance of faultless wiring, quality generators, precise electrical connections and installation including reliable repair and maintenance services like we do.


The field at the moment is saturated with amateurs and fraudsters posing as qualified electricians but the only reliable means of verification is through licensing and accreditation. We are more than proud to state that we have met and surpassed all the standards and requirements set by the licensing authorities. We are registered, approved and licensed by the licensing authorities to serve local residents. During recruitment, we run a background check on all our technicians and engineers and also test their skills before hiring to ensure that they are qualified as their credentials state. All this we do to ensure that you get the professionalism and expertise that you pay us to offer you.

Timely arrival

We understand that time is of the essence and that is why we have not one but a team of technicians on the ready to dispatch to your premise whenever you call on us. In a world that is dependent on electricity for operation, power surge and blackouts are drawbacks to your business and a source of insecurity as well at your home. At Mister Sparky, we value your time which is why we are always on time to attend to your calls of distress no matter the day or time. If we are late, we do not charge you for any of the services that we offer you.

Exemplary customer service

As the leading electrical contractors of Myrtle Beach, SC, serving you is our calling. Your wish is our command and this is our core driving force which is why we offer unbeatable customer service. Besides the technicians and engineers, we also hire a courteous customer care team working round the clock throughout the year to answer your calls and also respond to your questions and concerns. In case of any electrical installation or repair jobs, do not hesitate to give us a call and enjoy excellent customer service from the customer care team.

Pocket-friendly prices

At Mister Sparky, service delivery is our primary goal which is why our charges are straightforward. Unlike the norm that you have to dig deeper into your pockets to get served by renowned professionals, we offer competitive prices like no other electrical contractors in town. Be it an installation work, wiring, repair, lighting or generator sale and installation, we have tailored all our prices to suit your electrical needs.

Impressive track record

As mentioned before, our reputation precedes us in the industry. Since the establishment of Mister Sparky, we have toiled to build our brand by serving our clients to and beyond expectation. When you call on us, we dispatch a team of skilled electrical contractors with all the tools required to handle the work to completion. No delays due to lack of tools or insufficient workforce.


As the leading electrical contractors, and with a 5-star rating from Google, our word is our bond and we vow to deliver unrivalled electrical services whenever you call upon us. Rid yourself from any electrical problems by giving us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach a call today.

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