Signs You Need the Services of an Electrician in Shallotte, NC

Signs You Need the Services of an Electrician in Shallotte, NC

The internet has changed how we approach problems. Powered with our smartphone and fast download speeds, it is easy to tune into a DIY video on YouTube about a possible electrical fix.

And while DIY videos are a good way to exercise your mind, lean new skills, and possibly solve an inconvenient problem, it is ill-advised to experiment with anything that has to do with electricity. The rule of thumb is that if it has power and an electrical charge, you should steer clear from it – let the pros handle it.

Those tutorial on Google and YouTube could get you injured, and several dozens of people are known to die because they tampered with powers they couldn’t control.

Our advice is to always call an electrician in Shallotte, NC if you run into electrical problems in your house. The dangers that a single live wire poses to a person cannot be overstated. Electrical devices under house wirings can prove fatal and any amount of current over 0.01 amps can give a bolt of deadly shock. So proceed with caution.

Call a professional as soon as you notice the following warning signs:

Light Bulbs are Flickering

Have you noticed the light bulb flickering and dimming the moment you turn a heavy application on? This is a common electrical problem. It means that your larger appliances are drawing too much power from the same socket. It is important to either relocate the appliance and isolate it from others, or call electricians in Shallotte, NC to give you a possible solution.

Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

The circuit breaker often trips when attempts were made at shorting wires. In layman terms, the circuit breaker trips when something very, very bad happens. This issue should be immediately taken into account. Circuit breakers also trip when your home circuits start getting overloaded. Professional electricians in Shallotte, NC will be able to tell right away if any improvements are needed to your circuit breakers.

Smoke on Electrical Sockets

If you see smoke coming out of an outlet, you’re looking at the signs of something potentially deadly at work. At the first instance of smoke, turn off all the appliances in the area and investigate for problems. Do not touch the wires because they could be carrying live current and prove too harmful to you. We recommend closing off the main circuit breaker until you can pin point the root cause of the smoke.

It is safer if you wait for your electrician in Shallotte, NC to arrive and rectify the problem.

Damage from Heat

If your electrical sockets are damaged because of fire and heat damage, then you’re looking at a common sign of unsafe wiring at work. The general rule of thumb is that wirings should be cool to touch. If they’re anything but, it is time to call an expert electrician in Shallotte, NC and refrain from touching the area until the problem is rectified.

Trailing Wires

While not necessarily an electrical hazard, trailing wires are dangerous to leave lying around. Most homeowners try to deal with the situation by hiding them under rugs or bits of furniture. You never know when someone might unknowingly walk over these wires and trigger an electrical fire, not to mention if they accidentally trip as a result. This is a problem that should be dealt with before it turns disastrous.

Your electrician in Shallotte, NC will install new outlets to properly accommodate for the trailing wires and save you the hassle of jumping rope every time you want to get from one place to another.

Older Homes

Electrical standards are changing and are constantly improved. This is important from a safety point of view because older electrical standards are vastly inferior and unsafe. Older appliances, sockets, wirings and fittings need to be updated. What’s worse is if your system isn’t properly grounded, then it’s just a matter of time before someone touches exposed metal cases with their fingers to risk a possible deadly electrocution.

Exposed Wires

These are wires that are not covered with plastic, often raveled in clothes and bits of scrap. Possibly because your previous electrician wanted to deal with the problem as soon as possible and didn’t want to spend the time and resources to properly cover up the wires as they attempted to switch outlets and covers.

We don’t need to mention how dangerous is it, and you should call an electrician in Shallotte, NC right away.

Kitchen and Bathroom are Humid

Bathrooms and kitchens are especially vulnerable because of the humidity. This is more true for homes that aren’t complaint with standard codes. It is important therefore to make sure that the electrics are well protected from the moisture. Get in touch with an electrician in Shallotte, NC to survey your bathroom and kitchen for problem areas. This will give you peace of mind.

Spotting Rust

If you spot instances of rust and moisture underneath the primary service panel, it is time to raise the alarm. Further deterioration indicates fundamental problems across all your electrical wiring that need to be closed up right away. Corrosion and rust can wreak havoc on electrical systems that are programmed to detect small fluctuations of as little as a few mill volts. Most homeowners aren’t too concerned with the rust. After all, the wires used to conduct electricity aren’t subject to rust, but the steel panel to which they are bolted onto, are vulnerable to rust. When rust takes over, the non-ferrous wires start corroding.

Rust indicates the presence of moisture and oxygen, and might even shed light on possible sources of water flowing through the main service entrance cable and into the primary service panel.

If the rust is not too bad, the connections can be cleaned off and reused. But this is a decision best made by your electrician in Shallotte, NC.

To get your house properly inspected for potential electrical problems, you need a thorough checkup. Give the pros at Mister Sparky Myrtle Beach a call to get the electricians in town. Click here to find out more.

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