Smart Home Upgrades, EV Charging Stations, And Other Ways Our Electrician Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

Smart Home Upgrades, EV Charging Stations, And Other Ways Our Electrician Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

Even if you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, as you look at upgrading your home with smart home equipment, home theater gear, a home office, and even a faster level 2 EV charging station, you’ll find there are areas where our expert electrician services can make your home improvements safer, more professional, and even more attractive as the result of years of experience and training. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC, our licensed electricians are almost wizards of home improvement and safety. There’s something about understanding the principles involved and having deep experience with implementing electrical solutions that significantly improves the results of electrical work, especially the performance over years of service and the safety from subtle concerns like properly connecting and positioning wires. For example, combining power wires, networking, and cable requires knowledge of how they interact, and even fire safety issues depending on where they’re installed. Here are some examples:

Smart Home Convenience, Attractively and Safely Installed

If you have lots of great smart home gadgets in place, chances are you have lots of power adapters clustered to feed them. You may also want to install smart lights, switches, and even a wall-mounted smart panel, but you don’t have the time or even the experience for all those features you’d like to integrate. Our electrical team can get you set up quickly, with plenty of well-located outlets where you need them, and carefully-installed smart home features that look and work like your home was built with them. We may even have some new ideas for you and tips from other installations we’ve done for homeowners who are enjoying smart home technology.

Home Theater

If you’re enjoying an impressive home theater system in the showroom and planning on taking it home, give us a call to make it happen. As soon as you do the math for the power required and look at all the wiring runs involved, you’ll see why having electrical professionals is an excellent idea. For instance, did you know that some subwoofers pull up to 1500 watts of power? That’s basically one standard circuit right there, and your other sound, video, and management systems can add up quickly as well. We can make sure you have the power you need, professionally wired for safety and appearance. Did you think about 3-D sound? Do you know how many separate speaker wire runs are involved in a 7-1-4 system? Yes, that’s definitely a job for the professionals as well, and then you can just relax and enjoy the ride in your home theater system. We do wiring reliability and complexity very well.

Home Office

Your home office is an outpost of your company and requires many of the same features, including plenty of proper outlets for your equipment rather than a sketchy array of power strips. In fact, if you’re using power strips for protection as well, have our electrician install whole-house surge protection and lightning protection instead, and have everything in your home covered. We can also run network cabling to your office rather than dealing with the risks of WiFi, add backup power from a UPS, and better lighting and other features to meet your proper ergonomic needs.

EV Charging

The realities of electric vehicle ownership include “range anxiety” over how far you can get on a charge and the challenge of dealing with the wide variety of charging stations out in the world. Not everyone is a speedy Tesla Supercharger, and you may wind up spending time in odd locations just to top up your battery for the trip home. Your standard charger, plugged into a regular AC outlet in your garage, could take almost the whole weekend to gain a full charge. Let our electrician install a proper level 2 charging station designed for your home, which gives most vehicles a worry-free overnight charge and is an attractive feature if you decide to sell your home.

Workshop Power

When your spare time involves power tools and other energy-consuming devices, whether it’s a nice table saw, laser cutter, lathe, or welding equipment, you’ll usually become frustrated from running them using existing power outlets. For one thing, you probably won’t have enough outlets and circuits to install everything conveniently, and in many cases, you’ll want higher voltage power so you don’t have situations where the equipment struggles to start and handle heavy work without tripping the breaker. Our electrician, who may very well have similar equipment at home as well, can help you calculate your electrical needs for proper equipment operation and install the circuits you need, in the locations that are right for your shop design.

Safe Ceiling Fan Installation and Smart Fan Systems

Ceiling fans may look simple to install, but running the power safely and attractively to their location is an art, as is installing the unit for safe operation, considering the motion and vibration that occurs over time. Let our expert electrician who has installed many ceiling fans in diverse locations run the wires, install the controls, and provide a secure mount for the fan so it can run without trouble or concerns for years to come. For multi-speed fans with lighting and other features, having an expert electrician can get you enjoying the fan without having to rethink the installation, and our electrician even knows smart ceiling fans and controls that can be integrated with your smart home system for even more convenience and comfort!

Your Versatile Electrical Services Team in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have projects in mind, or if we can inspire you with new ideas to improve your home using our electrician’s many talents, we’re glad to sit down and plan with you. Our customers enjoy making their homes more customized and personal, with electrical features that suit their lifestyles. Let Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach use our efficient electrical wiring skills, power safety training, and trusted connection reliability experience for your home.

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