The Orderly Electrician World Of Your Home’s Electrical Wiring | Myrtle Beach, SC

The Orderly Electrician World Of Your Home’s Electrical Wiring | Myrtle Beach, SC

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From your home’s fuse box or circuit breaker panel to the wiring in your walls, orderly electrical wiring is important for your safety and reliable power. Over the years, modifications and upgrades can complicate your home’s wiring, which adds challenges to future electricians. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC we value order in our customers’ electrical wiring, and our electricians are skilled at detecting and making right any problems that evolve over time. We want to make sure that your family is safe and has convenient access to reliable electrical power, along with the modern protections that our professionals can install throughout your house. We are glad to provide electrical inspections to locate and correct wiring problems that have evolved over time, and our emergency electricians respond to problems that arise from short circuits, corroded wiring and fixtures due to water leaks, and other urgent electrical issues.

One of Your Most Important Electrical Protections: Easy Access to Your Circuit Protection Devices

Whether you have fuses or circuit breakers, it is essential that you, your electrician, or the fire department is able to access your power shutoff location directly, without removing stored items, furniture, or other items from in front of the panel. In some cases, homeowners have even installed appliances that obstruct access to the circuit breaker panel, providing few options for emergency response if there’s an electrical problem such as a smell of overheating wires or flooding water in a room with electrical items on the floor. It could even interfere with rescuing someone from electrical shock. If your electrical panel is not easily found, make sure that everyone knows where it is in case it is necessary for them to perform a shutoff or guide emergency personnel, including electricians, to it.

A Fresh Start in Your Electrical Panel

Over the years, as your fuse box or circuit breaker panel ages, upgrades and modifications can create a tangle of wires if not done properly. When the time comes to upgrade to circuit breakers if you have a fuse box, or a more modern circuit breaker system if you have an earlier type, it’s an opportunity to start fresh with beautiful, orderly wiring and room for systematic expansion in the years to come. It’s also a great time to upgrade your home’s electric service to higher capacity, especially if you have an older home with limited power availability. Our electricians can help you calculate the right amount of power for your home’s needs, and make arrangements with the electric company to upgrade your connection. This is also a great time to add modern protective devices to your home’s power.

Adding Protective Devices to Your Electrical Panel

If you have a modern circuit breaker panel, you have the option of having our electrician add whole-house surge protection and whole-house lightning protection, protecting all devices in your home, not just the few electronics that you have plugged into power strips with these features. It’s a much more convenient and effective way to guard against spikes and surges in your power lines from lightning strikes nearby and sudden electrical load variations or power station issues in your neighborhood. These variations in your power can cause both gradual and sudden damage to your devices, resulting not only in failures now, but eventual breakdowns in the future in electronics, motors, and control circuits that are present in nearly all home appliances these days. There’s also another feature that electricians include in recently built homes, the AFCI circuit breaker. This new type of circuit breaker watches for signs of arcing and other irregularities that are typically signs of wiring problems that commonly lead to a risk of fire. Added to the overload protection that circuit breakers normally supply, they significantly limit your risk of catastrophic electrical problems. With the warning that these devices provide as they trip and protect your home, you can have us investigate your wiring for potential problems, which could be as simple as an improper or loose outlet or fixture wiring, bare wires leading to short circuits and overheating, or hidden wiring problems inside your walls.

Updating Your Wiring for Order and Modern Protection

Not many homes have “knob and tube” style wiring anymore, but there are plenty of homes with other older styles of electrical wiring, especially wiring run without proper grounds. Grounded wiring became standard in the 1960s, so it’s quite possible that your home still has two-prong outlets and other risks, or even three-prong outlets without proper grounding. Our experts can run replacement wires where needed and make sure your home’s wiring is up to date. We can also add GFCI protective devices in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where power is used near water. These devices sense current leakage that could indicate someone is in danger of an electric shock, and they shut off power to save lives. They have been required in homes since 1971, so there are still plenty of places that may not have this important protection.

Wires Across Your Floors

With sufficient electrical outlets, you should have little need for extension cords and power strips. If you have whole-house devices installed, you won’t even need them for surge and lightning protection. These devices pose several risks to your family, including the fact that few of them have child-resistant features and the likelihood that the spread of cords will result in damage from vacuuming or other wear that exposes bare wires leading to shock and fire risk. Even running them under a rug or other cover can be dangerous, since damage may still occur, and is less likely to be noticed. Let us install the convenient outlets you need, and keep your wiring simple and safe.

Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach Is Your Orderly Electrician

We’re safety conscious as well, helping you to protect your home and family in Myrtle Beach, SC from electrical dangers. Call us for inspections, repairs, upgrades, and emergency service.

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