The Ultimate Ceiling Fan Guide | Electrical Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

The Ultimate Ceiling Fan Guide | Electrical Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

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High humidity levels in Myrtle Beach, SC make ceiling fans one of the must-have household appliances to cooling rooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces. Yet, the experience of buying a ceiling fan can be a tricky one whether you’re all set to buy a new fan or replacing an old one, since you want one that won’t breakdown easily.

From buying the right fan to dealing with electrical repair problems, this ultimate guide will help you with all that you need to consider when looking for a ceiling fan installation and electrical repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Things to Consider

Here’s a list 3 most important factors to consider before you buy a ceiling fan in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Your budget is the primary factor to keep in mind when buying anything. We suggest that you allocate your budget smartly to ceiling fans, and think of it as a long term investment. Don’t compromise on quality of a fan you select just because it’s cheaper.


Ceiling fans in Myrtle Beach, SC come in a wide range of sizes. So make sure that you find a size that is appropriate for your room. A fan that does not fit well may not work at its full potential. The process of ceiling fan installation with electrical repair in Myrtle Beach, SC is critical as well because the fan works at its best when the right-sized fan is used.

Placement Area

Buying a ceiling fan for your living room is not the same as buying one for your patio. The diverse weather conditions in Myrtle Beach, SC across the year will affect the performance of your ceiling fan installed outdoors more than it will the ones placed indoors.

Be clear about where you want to place the fan and then purchase a ceiling fan that is specifically rated for that environment.

Ceiling Fan Colors

When selecting the color of your ceiling fan, do consider the overall color scheme of the room you will install it in. For example, make sure that the fan matches its dowlrod and compliments the prominent features of the room.

Type of Ceiling Fans

Following are ceiling fan styles that will effortlessly complement your home décor.

•  Antique Ceiling Fans

These designs are best suited for you if you have traditional or vintage themed home décor. The scrollwork on blade brackets and the delicate filigree on the motor give antique ceiling fans a unique look.

•  Contemporary Ceiling Fans

These modern style ceiling fans can be paired with casual contemporary looking furniture. Unlike the antique ceiling fans, they usually feature a wide range of colors, metallic finishes and clean lines with minimum adornments.

•  Rustic Ceiling Fans

This type of ceiling fan perfectly complements lodge-style furniture, handmade accents and striped prints. Featuring soft colors, wood finishes and straight lines, rustic ceiling fans can be paired with country or western interiors without a second thought!

•  Tropical Ceiling Fans

Island-inspired fans give your house a tropical feel away from the beach! You can pair these with bright patterns and colors or even handcrafted items. Tropical ceiling fans usually feature distressed wood finishes and rattan blades that add to their unique look. But do keep in mind that these ceiling fans in Myrtle Beach, SC can be hard to repair.


Common Ceiling Fan Problems

By now you know what to look out for when buying a ceiling fan in Myrtle Beach, SC. Be mindful, however, of some of the most common problems that will require you to get you ceiling fan electrical repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.


Ceiling fans are supposed to operate steadily and smoothly. Any unusual movement or motions in ceiling fans should alarm you and you should instantly reach out to a service provider that offers ceiling fan repair and electrical repair services in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Even a carefully-selected ceiling fan can face this problem. Wobbling may occur because of faulty installation, damaged fan blades or even loosened connections. You shouldn’t hesitate to employ a good electrician who could identify the right cause and then repair the problem accordingly.

Excessive Noise

Are you annoyed by how noisy your fan has become? It is usually a sign that either your fan is too old or you need ceiling fan repair and electrical repair service in Myrtle Beach, SC

Fans normally make a distinct and low operating sound but louder noises could mean that your ceiling fan needs maintenance. Over time, the material used in constructing the fan may rust or have loose connections causing its parts to clank together.

But don’t worry too much. All your fan needs is proper cleaning and intensive lubrication. Get in touch with the best electrical repair in Myrtle Beach, SC to get rid of all the noise.

Frozen Speed

A frozen fan speed can be frustrating because you no longer have control of how fast or slow your fan operates. Rusty or rough ball bearings usually make your ceiling fan to get stuck on one speed. It may also be due to an overheated fan motor or a faulty capacitor. So instead of trying to repair the ceiling fan yourself, get a trusted electrical repair in Myrtle Beach, SC company on board.

Power Problems

Isn’t it annoying when you turn on your fan but it just doesn’t work? This is a clear sign for you to instantly get electrical repair in Myrtle Beach, SC for your ceiling fan.

When your fan fails to operate, it is usually because of electricity issues such as tripping of circuit breakers or shortage of electricity. Loose wiring and defective motors or ball bearings can also be causing these technical issues.

These problems will require a professional electrical repair in Myrtle Beach to check your electric and wiring connections and then repair the ceiling fan accordingly.

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