Common Causes of Electric Shocks | Electrical Contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Causes of Electric Shocks | Electrical Contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC

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You might be wondering about what will happen as a consequence of an electric shock. If you have an electric shock, it can have serious consequences on your health. Electric shock effects on the body can vary due to two key factors: the length and severity of an electric shock.

However the fact remains that electric shocks can have serious and sometimes fatal effects on the body. These effects include:

Skin Burns

Electric shocks of severe or mild natures can both cause serious skin burns. If you get a minor electric shock on your finger from a socket, you will notice you only have some blackened skin on the affected area and slightly dull pain.

However, typically if the electric shock is more severe your entire body can have severe skin burns.

Internal Burns

Since human bodies are conductors, the electricity can go through your entire body and cause burns in your internal tissues and organs. If the electric shock is severe, it can potentially cause deaths and organ failure as well.

Heart Damage

Severe electric shocks can have effects on the most important organ of all—your heart. If you get an electric shock, there are chances that your heart will start beating very fast or stop beating completely.

How Do I Know if Someone Has Electric Shock?

If someone has had an electric shock incident, it would be apparent from the following symptoms:

Unconsciousness: An electric shock victim might typically fall unconscious and may not respond to you even if you try to revive them.

Breathing problems: It might be difficult for the electric shock victim to breathe. At times, they might even stop breathing.

Pulse issues: If a person experiences electric shocks, they can have an erratic or even an absent pulse.

Burns: A very obvious sign of electric shocks are the burns on the entrance and exit points of the electric current in the body.

Cardiac arrest: If someone appears to start having heart trouble after touching an electric wire, they are having an electric shock.

Causes of Electric Shocks

Faulty Outlets

Typically, if your outlet is faulty and if its screws and wirings are loose, you will have unstable electrical current. This can cause electric shocks when you use the outlet or turn on a switch.

You should stay away from worn outlets as a result, as well as those with cracked cases and faulty wiring. If you notice these issues in your outlets or if you see sparks or burn marks on your outlet, you should contact an electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC.

If you have older or outdated outlets, you can get electrical shocks any time you use them. If you use two-prong outlets, which are outdated for most devices now, you will be shocked because the outlets have no ground wire.

The ground wire is typically a safety barrier to prevent the negative effects of an erratic or unstable electrical current. If you have power surges or if you misuse the outlets for too many appliances, you might also get shocks.

To avoid electric shocks in this manner, you need to contact electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC that will be able to repair and update your outlets.

Appliance Trouble

Sometimes, electric shocks can be caused by appliances that are problematic or old. If your appliance is wearing out, it will not work as well and will not channel electricity like it should.

This is because the appliance can have problematic wiring, cords, circuits or even electrical currents. As a result, plugging it in can then cause electric shocks. To prevent this, you should have your appliances fixed and maintained by professional electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Another reason for electric shocks is appliances that are wet or in contact with water. It will be extremely dangerous if your appliances, like your microwave or even phone, have their plugs or other parts near or in water.

Electric Current in Water

Sometimes, when it rains in Myrtle Beach, SC,you can have electric current running through the accumulating rain water because of downed power lines or wires channeling current into the ground.

This can cause severe electric shocks as water is very conductive. You should always stay away from electric poles or wires in the rain on Myrtle Beach roads. You should also keep your appliances and outlets away from water.

Safety Tips for Electric Shocks

You can prevent electric shocks by not touching outlets or appliances with wet hands. You should also keep away from water near electric sources. You should not touch live wires or heated circuits.

Additionally, it is important to have professional electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC work on your electrical systems instead of doing it yourself.

In case of an electric shock, you should turn off the source of the power before helping the victim and calling emergency electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC, for help.

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