What Ceiling Fan Problems Does An Emergency Electrician Handle? | Myrtle Beach, SC

What Ceiling Fan Problems Does An Emergency Electrician Handle? | Myrtle Beach, SC

In the absence of an air conditioning unit, fans come in handy to keep your space cool and comfortable. Out of numerous fans, including table, pedestal, floor, tower, and wall mounted, ceiling fans are the most popular and efficient in circulating cool air in the rooms. They work better in rooms above 8 ft high because the blades should operate between 7 and 9 feet above the floor.

Having energy-efficient ceiling fans means you enjoy 40 percent more energy efficiency than the conventional types, lowering your utility bills. Despite their numerous benefits, they are prone to breakdown or malfunction due to lack of maintenance, poor installation, and mishandling, hence the need for urgent repairs from an emergency electrician. Some of the ceiling fan problems you might encounter in your home include

Flickering or Dimming Light

Ceiling fans with in-built lighting fixtures provide light and circulate a nice breeze in your rooms. They also make your house look attractive, depending on the design and type you get. When the lights in the ceiling fan start to flicker or dim, it indicates an issue that requires immediate repairs by an emergency electrician.

One of the reasons behind the dimming or flickering ceiling fan lights could be poor installation. If the installing contractor used incompatible or old bulbs on the fan’s lighting fixture, it might fail to perform at its peak. The current limiter in the fans can also make the lights flicker, especially if they are cheap and of poor quality.

Another cause of the issue could be loose light bulbs that need a quick fix of removing and then reconnecting it. But if the underlying cause of the problem is loose wiring, do not take it lightly and call an emergency electrician because it can lead to arcing short circuits or fires.

Sometimes the flickering lights might signify an overloading circuit, which can cause electrical hazards. It is best to call a qualified electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC to check the entire ceiling fan or electric system, identify the problem, and skillfully fix it immediately.

Won’t Turn On

Imagine switching your ceiling fan on, and it does not start rotating. You try turning it off and then on and give it a few minutes, but it remains unresponsive. Maybe it is the thermostat? You check the device for settings and functionality, yet nothing happens.

A malfunctioned ceiling fan unit can force you to take a cold shower or go swimming to cool off as you wait for an emergency electrician. The expert can start by checking if the circuit breaker flipped or not. Then inspect for loose wiring and connections in the ceiling fan and outlets.

If the circuit breaking switch is on and the wiring has no issues, the electrical professional can inspect the fan to identify any defects. The electrician can also analyze the state of the short ball bearings and fix them immediately to restore their peak performance and functionality.

You can prevent your ceiling fan from failing unexpectedly by getting an electrician to tune up different mechanical and electrical parts.

Unusual Sounds

Your ceiling fan can produce a strange loud noise when operating, indicating fan problems. The loud sounds can be annoying and a source of headaches that might force you to call an emergency electrician to analyze and repair the problem.

Finding the root cause of the noisy ceiling fan disrupting your peace is the first thing the electrical professional does.

Some of the common reasons behind the loud noise in the fans when operational include:

  • Faulty Dimmers: When you hear a humming sound from the ceiling fan, it is a sign that dimmers are controlling their speed, which should not be the case if the unit is at its peak. The electrical technician should replace the dimmers with proper speed controls.
  • Loose blades: The ceiling fan generates clicking sounds when its rotating blades become loose. It requires a professional to tighten the screws on the fan blades at the point connecting to the fan. Without timely reinforcement, your ceiling fan will eventually fall, compelling you to reach out to an emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Loose light fixtures: Ceiling fans with lighting can produce rattling noises when the system is operating. The sound is louder and more irritating when your fan is at its highest speed.
  • Poor installation: an improperly connected ceiling fan can have numerous issues, including weird sounds from loose lighting fixtures and blades.
  • Faulty ball bearings: If you skip regular tune-ups that include lubricating and cleaning the ball bearings, your ceiling fan will have friction and resistance when rotating, causing a grinding sound.

An emergency electrician can fix multiple issues by removing the fan, checking and repairing all damaged and loose parts, then reinstalling it accurately.

Wobbly Ceiling Fan

Another ceiling fan issue you are likely to encounter in your home is a wobbling unit. It is a problem that can make you call an electrician without delay because the fan seems like it might fall at any time.

Some of the causes of the hanging or wobbly ceiling fan include:

  • Poor installation due to a rushed and shoddy job.
  • A substandard fan that can become wobbly fast as the poor-quality materials wear out.
  • Damaged blades and ball bearings can make the fan seem like it will drop down the next minute.
  • Bent or loose connections in the fan: the blade brackets and screws could be detached, making the fan look like it is falling.

A wobbly ceiling fan is dangerous in a home, and you should avoid using it until an emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC repairs damaged parts, replaces worn-out units, and installs it correctly.

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