Your Top Priority Powerhouse Emergency Electrician | Shallotte, NC

Your Top Priority Powerhouse Emergency Electrician | Shallotte, NC

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Electricity has heightened the ease of running things. Most machinery that’s powered by electricity can be automated to perform repetitive tasks uniformly. They can run for a longer time than human personnel tasked with similar activities. However, even as it seems good, caution lies in professional installation and maintenance of all equipment. Mister Sparky, is an emergency electrician service provider who deals with many electrical issues.

The company was founded in 2010 by Tony Zack and is based in Shallotte, NC. It has since then expanded to become a national franchise and a leading electrician in North Carolina. Mister Sparky works towards realization of its mission which is to offer the highest standards in emergency electrician service and commitment to solving problems in time. Following this, it has established itself as a trusted brand.

Exceptional Operation Standards at Mister Sparky

High Quality Services

Our team of skilled human personnel is committed in ensuring our customers get the very best service from us. Regardless of how simple or tasking an emergency electrician service may be, we strive to solving it. The mantra is, doing it right the first time. In the long run this cuts marginally complimentary costs of electrical repairs and maintenance.


Our staff are adequately vetted to ensure the company only has the very resourceful electricians, skilled, professional and a person of decorum. They undergo continuous improvement programs just to better what they do best and enlighten them on emerging technologies in provision of emergency electrician service.


We work to delivery our services on time. Once a client calls and tells us their problem, we take it up promptly by visiting and fixing the problem. The idea is to deliver electrical services same day. Nonetheless, in cases where we can’t, delivery service call is free up to $1,000 as we value your time. This is not to say we don’t respond.

Emergency Services

Mister Sparky understands that electrical faults may happen inopportune times when it’s hardly expected or foreseen. Our electricians are on standby waiting to fix your problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can be there today, call us now on 843-213-6610.


We understand that issues of electricity are sensitive as they can end up fatal. Our team of electricians are skilled to ensure a thorough job is done, all details and considerations met, live wires sealed and away from people and fused. Our staff’s safety is similarly well taken care of.

We do not leave behind a mess or electrical works that would pose a hazard in the present or future. Our electricians always leave their work places clean, safe and well-maintained.

Guarantees and Warranties

Mister Sparky line emergency electrician service are guaranteed to be of high quality and worth of trading off with money. Their services are aimed at customer satisfaction to which we tirelessly work to achieve and probably surpass. Our products have warranties that may range from one year to ten years or more. With Mister Sparky you have sanity and peace of mind as electrical systems are skillfully fixed into position.

Legal Compliance

Mister Sparky of Shallotte, NC operates under the federal protection plans that outline that all home electrical appliance and system be serviced annual. This is done to ascertain its functionality and safety. Our company has legally complied with these laws and risen to become the industry’s leader. The U.S Occupation Safety and Health Administration and the National Fire Protection Agency are the oversite bodies.

High standards of electrical service at Mister Sparky, Shallotte, NC, has not gone without being recognized. For exemplary performance and being among the top industry shapers, it has for three years in a row; 2014, 2015, and 2016 been given a highly coveted award, The Super Service Award on Angie’s List.

To enjoy the amazing emergency electrician service coupon at Mister Sparky, one need to become a member of the Power Club at an annual fee of US $99. Therein are at offers and discounts that anybody would desire to partake of. Below are some of the benefits of being a Power Club member:

  • A 10% service discount on any electrical service of their choice
  • An arranged priority services
  • A thorough and comprehensive electrical inspection done by our team of experts.
  • In conjunction with sister company, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you will receive plumbing services at only $149 which is inclusive of maintenance and repair services.
  • In case on relocates, they have rights to join the nearest club membership at no extra charge, leave membership to new owner of transfers to your new home.

Mister Sparky Electrical Services

Mister Sparky of Shallotte, NC works along four major lines; electrical repairs, outlets, ceiling fans and lighting. Nevertheless, there are other major electrical services that it provides such as:

  • Electrical appliances installation in a new home or office
  • Generator installation and serving
  • Electrical upgrade to the new and modern systems of wiring
  • Service contracts
  • Fixing faulty electrical connections
  • Fixing ceiling and ventilation fans
  • Interior and exterior lightning
  • General electrical repairs

This mega electrical provider deals with a range of emergency electrician service of all kinds from installation to repair. In its 9 years of existence, the company has established trust among its clients for consistently providing quality, efficient, and affordable services on time with admirable professionalism. Integrity is a visibly value in our customer, employees, stakeholders and vendor’s relationship as we deliver what we promise.

For emergency electrician service contact Mister Sparky at 843-213-6610 to make an appointment and we will get back to you offering same day services.

To find out more about our company, emergency electrician service we offer, our operation policy, pricing among other thing, visit our website where you can talk to our interactive customer care.

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