7 Ways An Electrician Can Help You Light Your Backyard | Myrtle Beach, SC

7 Ways An Electrician Can Help You Light Your Backyard | Myrtle Beach, SC

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A major study revealed that outdoor lighting reduced crime by 39 percent. This should encourage homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, to not only focus on interior lighting when renovating or designing their homes but also exterior lighting, considering the prevalent property and violent crimes in this city.

Besides security reasons, outdoor lighting can completely change the mood and aesthetics of your outdoor space. When it’s properly done, exterior lighting can offer a relaxing atmosphere and make your backyard fun. Outdoor lighting has a significant impact on your garden and patio outlook, and that’s why homeowners should pay attention to where they set the lights, type of lighting to light use in their yard.

With many functional lighting ideas in the market, finding the right one suitable for your exterior may be challenging. Not to worry, though; our electricians will guide you to find the best solution and proper lighting that will make your backyard beautiful and safe.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is the most intense backyard safety lighting that illuminates large areas to scare off destructive animals and burglars. It’s powered by a standard 120-volt current and is mounted on high spots to cast rays of light down onto the backyard fence entrance and main walkways.

Most folks prefer motion-sensing floodlights for maximum security. An electrician will install them on exterior siding or walls. They contain two or three bulb housing units, which goes on only when the built-in sensors detect movement in the area. Their intense light protects your property from burglars, and they may think you’re home and on alert even if you’re not.

Path Lighting

Ranging from soft to moderately bright, path lighting is a safety and landscape lighting that helps residents cross walkways while attractively highlighting them. You can have an electrician install them along stepping stones from the main walkway to a backyard feature like a fountain or around flower beds to emphasize their contours.

This lighting is often available in 12 to 15 volts. There are also solar LED options comprising decorative bulb housing units affixed to a short stake driven into the ground. Electricians advise folks using low voltage path lights to utilize a transformer to lower the 120-volt house current to 12 volts. On the brighter side, energy-saving solar versions require no extra wires.

These lights use a solar rechargeable battery or can be connected to a remote solar panel located in a place that gets direct sun; therefore, they can stay bright for several hours after dusk even though your walkways are shaded.

String Lighting

If you want to arouse a cozy and intimate ambiance, primarily for entertainment, you can install string lighting that emits soft and low-voltage accent lighting. You only need to hang this light wherever the activity is, whether it’s on the eaves of the home to brighten an outdoor kitchen or from the posts of an outdoor pavilion to illuminate patio furniture.

Electricians recommend rechargeable, waterproof, and solar-powered outdoor or traditional battery-powered string lights. There is no need for running extension cords across the yard with such lights, and you can brighten far corners of the yard without electrical outlets and ensure that lights are safe even when spattered with rain.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lighting brightens small recessed outdoor areas where shadows lurk. It’s a low-voltage and moderately bright form of safety and accent lighting that can be installed above stairways or around pools and other sunken seating areas.

Wall sconces with an open-bottomed design are popular among Myrtle Beach, SC, residents because they emit the maximum amount of light down onto recessed areas. Homeowners with limited space can contact an electrical service to install the semi-flush-mount sconces.


Lanterns have been a popular choice for illuminating outdoor spaces for a few centuries. They can stand tall next to walkways, sit on coffee tables, or hang on brick walls. Some folks still prefer outside lantern lights even though many outdoor lighting options are available in the market.

A professional can install lanterns near the back door to highlight a transom window or ornate wreath atop it. Several lanterns are semi-flush mounted and consist of a glass-and-metal exterior that’s fastened to an arm attached to a plate on the wall.

There are also battery-powered tabletop lanterns that could still bring the same visual interest to eye level while gently brightening elements such as bowls of snacks, board games, and beverages that you might reach for while having outside entertainment.

It’s advisable to choose translucent lanterns instead of a clear glass covering to avoid an intense radiance that could distract other backyard light fixtures.

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting ranges from standard-voltage and moderate to high-intensity lighting. Besides accentuating nearby garden features, deck lighting is designed to help residents move across the deck at night to avoid tripping hazards as well as visual clutter.

An electrician will help you fit a string of LED lights inserted under the surface, and you can safely walk over them. They can also be installed around the perimeter of the deck surface, along deck stair railings, or even between the individual steps of stairs.

Spot Lighting

It’s also referred to as landscape lighting or “up-lighting.” It is a standard-voltage landscaping lighting that best showcases a plant or ornamental features by shining narrow, moderate- to high-intensity beams upwards. They will mount spot lightning at or above the ground level below the trees or lawn ornament to make them magnificent.

Some homeowners use bullet-shaped lights to ensure maximum light on taller objects such as trees. Bullet lights are ideal for a more elevated object because they have a mobile head based above ground that casts dazzling light over longer distances at an angle of your choice.

If your landscape has shorter features you can opt for round and well lights to radiate light upwards over shorter intervals. They let small garden features take center stage because they are hidden in the background. To cast a warm white light around your front lawn or patio, you can contact an electrician for a user-friendly installation process.

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There’s a lighting option for every backyard. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we provide outdoor lighting that enhances your home’s beauty and value and improves the safety of your commercial location. Our electricians offer expert installation of all types of backyard lighting to ensure your home’s outdoor area is well lit. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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