Common Electrical Issues That Require an Electrical Services Professional | Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Electrical Issues That Require an Electrical Services Professional | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Electricity is powerful and essential. Only professionals should conduct electrical services in your home. Having electricity in your home helps you run your life with greater ease. Electricity can also be the source of stress if it is not working properly. Malfunctioning electrical systems is dangerous to you and your property. If you are experiencing any electrical issues contact a professional electrical services company to fix the problem, assess the damage, and help you move forward.

Common Electrical Issues

Dip in Power

A very common problem in most American homes is dips in power. This can be identified by a sudden dimming of the light or weakness in an electrical appliance electrical current and performance. A dip in power can be attributed to an electrical appliance. Electrical appliances that require a lot of power may cause your entire circuit to dip in power due to the amount of energy needed to power the machine. If you notice dips in power only occur when using a certain device, try unplugging it at times and adjusting your use of the device. If this doesn’t work you should contact an electrical services company such as Mister Sparky in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Electrical Surges

If you are experiencing frequent electrical surges you may have a serious problem on your hands. Electrical surges can manifest for various reasons. The only way to pinpoint the correct one is to acquire the help of a trusted and local professional company that offers professional services.

Lighting and stormy weather is one of many reasons you may experience an electrical surge. Electrical surges due to this usually don’t occur frequently except in the presence of a storm or lightning. Damage to the power line can also cause your power to surge unexpectedly or frequently. If the cause of consistently surging power is a damaged power line you should contact the power company as soon as possible and ask them to send someone out immediately. You should also contact an electrical service company to ensure your home’s electrical systems weren’t badly affected by the constant surges.

Electrical surges can compromise the integrity of your electrical systems and wiring. If this is a persistent issue in your home you will need to hire a company to handle electrical services to prevent the surges. The constant power surging can degrade the inner workings of your system and lead to various electrical problems. Frequent power surges can also be the result of an overloaded system or faulty electrical appliance. If your power is unable to handle the output of power needed to power all of the appliances you have in use, you will most likely experience a power surge. If you live in the Myrtle Beach, SC area and experience frequent power surges, you should contact Mister Sparky right away.

Light Issues

One way to determine whether your electrical system is out of whack or not is by the behavior of your lights. Constantly flickering lights could be a huge problem and indicate that your electrical wiring or fuses need some work. Light flickering when you first flitch the switch is normal, especially in older homes. The normal amount of light flickering lasts for less than a second. If your lights flicker for more than a second then your electrical systems may be experiencing problems. The cause of this can be possible faulty wiring, an overloaded circuit, or blown fuse. To determine whether your flickering lights are normal or not contact Mister Sparky for professional and reliable electrical services.

Light switches can also become faulty. If you notice your light switch isn’t working how it should, it could be a result of faulty installation or loose circuits. Either way you will need to acquire the services of an electrical service company sooner than later. Loose electrical wires can be dangerous and lead electrical fires.

Overloaded Circuit and Circuit Breaker Tripping

Microwaves, dryers, window air conditioners, and washing machines require high amounts of electricity. The wattage that these machines require may be too much o for a breaker to handle. Some of these machines are used on a consistent basis which causes your circuit breaker to trip. Frequent circuit breaker trips indicate the power being used is too great for the circuit. Mister Sparky can assist you by rewiring your system for machines that require more power.

Circuit breakers are designed to protect you from dangerous surges of power. A circuit breaker that is constantly tripping is working just fine. This is what they were made for. You can help alleviate the situation yourself by changing your high voltage machines with higher quality ones. You can try using only one high voltage appliance at a time or stop using it all together. The best option for fixing consistent and inconvenient circuit breaker trips is to hire an electrical services repair company to rewire the electricity so high amounts of voltage is able to pass through the circuit safely.

If your circuit is constantly tripping due to a power overload you may want to consult with your local electrical company about best practices. Avoiding daisy chain power boards and removing devices that you aren’t using will help tremendously. Having your phone charger plugged in when it’s not needed is a waste of energy because it consistently draws power even when it isn’t connected to your phone.

Electrical Shocks or Blacked Switched Plates

If you notice your outlets are beginning to darken then you need to acquire electrical services. This indicates too much heat is being produced. Too much heat around outlets can lead to electrical fires. This hazard must be dealt with swiftly and professionally. Faulty wiring installed by an amateur or by someone experienced can be life threatening.

Faulty electrical wiring and outlets can also lead to electrical shocks, which can also be life threatening. To prevent this from happening you should stop using the afflicted outlet immediately. Contact Mister Sparky for urgent electrical services and refrain from using that particular outlet until the issue has been resolved.

If you notice any of the electrical issues mentioned in this article, it would be in your best interest to hire Mister Sparky in Myrtle Beach for professional, reliable, and skilled electrical services. Contact Mister Sparky to schedule an appointment.

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