Warning Signs That You Need Professional Electrical Repair Services | Conway, SC

Warning Signs That You Need Professional Electrical Repair Services | Conway, SC

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Having electricity in your home provides you with comfort since the majority of domestic appliances such as stoves, lamps, ACs, and dishwashers run using electricity. A functional electrical system not only keeps your home running properly but also minimizes the risk of danger. When your appliances are working correctly, you barely think about the condition of the electrical system. You should be keen on checking the status of your electrical fixtures to seek professional help whenever you notice electrical issues in your home. According to statistics, an estimated 51,000 fires are recorded each year due to electrical malfunction. Below are some of the warning signs to look out for.

A tripping circuit breaker

A circuit breaker controls the entire electrical system in your home. If it keeps tripping, this simply means that there are too many appliances plugged into the circuit hence overloading it. You can try unplugging an appliance or two from the circuit and see if this helps. In case the issue persists, the problem may be coming from the box itself. Frequent electrical repair services from a certified electrician will help in solving circuit problems and prevent you from overloading it. A professional will help you to determine the underlying issues as soon as possible. If you don’t deal with the problems fast, there may be a possibility of an electrical fire.

Flickering lights

You may notice flickering lights in your Conway, SC, home, and this is a normal occurrence if it’s occasional. However, if it happens regularly, it means that your electrical system has an issue. Some of the causes of flickering lights include sensory overload on a circuit, voltage fluctuations, and outdated wiring. Also, an appliance may exhibit excess current upon startup hence causing a voltage drop. Contacting your local electrician for repair services is the wise way to go to handle such issues. They will help you pinpoint what the problem is and fix it for you, whether minor solutions such as fixing bulbs or major ones like rewiring. Always schedule regular maintenance services on your electrical system to detect problems and deal with them early on.

Burned outlets

Charred outlets may result from incorrectly installed wiring or a circuit overload. When wires become old and torn, they get loose and lead to free-flowing energy; also known as arcing which generates a lot of heat that can melt or burn any surrounding flammable material. Also, the circuits may be overburdened with appliances that exceed the electrical capacity. This leads to the wiring becoming too hot causing an ignition. The issue commonly occurs in older homes that have worn-out fixtures. You can always seek professional help for malfunction diagnosis and electrical repair services. The experts can efficiently replace worn-out wires with up to date ones.

Buzzing sounds from the circuit box

A slight humming sound from your circuit box is normal but if it gets louder with time, you should get a professional to check it out. This may be due to the current flowing through the breaker which causes a buzzing but faint sound. If you hear sizzling sounds with occasional sparks, you may be looking at loose or frayed wiring. Also, there may be constant loud buzzing if the circuit breaker doesn’t trip when needed. To avoid any possibility of an electrical hazard, don’t ignore those sizzling sounds because you may need to replace your wiring. So call a licensed technician for electrical repair services that take care of the issue.

Sparks when plugging appliances

When water gets into an electrical outlet, it may cause sparks when you plug in an appliance. Always lookout for the moisture entry point, be it a roof leakage or an accidental spillage. In case you have a ground fault interrupter outlet, the power can automatically shut down as a safety mechanism. Also, having an old and outdated wiring system may cause the wires to deteriorate leading to a loose connection; this causes a short circuit and leads to an electric spark which is a leading cause of electrical outlet sparks. Strive to get regular electrical repair services from a professional electrician to determine any underlying issues.

Burning odor

Another sign that shows you need electrical repair services is a strong burning smell like that of plastic near the electrical outlet. Some of the common reasons for a burning odor include foreign objects stuck in the electrical cord, exposed wires, damaged electrical wiring, and circuit overload. To mitigate further damage, get a professional electrician to determine and take care of the problem. But be sure to cut off the electrical supply from the breaker box to inhibit children from trying to fiddle with the wires.

Hot ceiling fixtures

Lack of sufficient insulation causes the ceiling fixtures to become hot, while proper insulation provides resistance to heat flow and lowers your heating and cooling costs. Exceeding recommended bulb wattages can also cause overheating. The issues may pose a potential fire hazard, so you should consider switching to compact fluorescent light that produces less heat. Whenever you need more insight into insulation and dealing with hot fixtures, you can seek help from a seasoned electrician. The professional can also discharge electrical repair services whenever necessary.

Shock switches

Switches that emit shock are a sign that the fixture is faulty or the wiring is damaged. This may occur when a wire shorts out in the circuit that leads to the conduit where wires are enclosed. A faulty appliance with damaged insulation may cause a shocking effect when plugged into a switch. You can try removing the device but if the issue persists, it means that the wiring of the switch is damaged. Damages, including cracked casing and frayed wiring, cause a bad path for electricity. Repairing switches and faulty wiring is an effective way of handling the issue, so make sure that you contact a professional for electrical repair services.

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