Why DIY Isn’t Always the Best Option When Dealing With Electrical Repairs in Georgetown, SC

Why DIY Isn’t Always the Best Option When Dealing With Electrical Repairs in Georgetown, SC

Looking to get some electrical repair in Georgetown, SC done? Before you take on the role of an electrician, read this out.

DIY-ing electrical repairs seem extremely enticing. Knowing that you can light up a bulb after it has been fused or work up any faulty wiring just makes you feel special, doesn’t it? Maybe, you have handled some electrical repairs in your house in the past too and successfully accomplished them. But that certainly doesn’t mean you have become an expert at it. Besides, every electrical fault doesn’t involve rewiring everything or changing a few light bulbs. If it were that easy, we wouldn’t need electricians. But since these things are not easy, electricians are trained for years to gain the basic know-how of dealing with electric repairs.

Another reason many people rely on DIY projects after watching a YouTube video or two is that they want to save the expenses. But would you rather put your life in danger instead?

Below is a list of reasons why electrical repairs in Georgetown must never be DIY-ed and left to a professional.

Fire Hazard

Fires are a common aftermath of electrical repairing gone wrong. Poor or old wiring is the prime cause of fires in residential and commercial properties. The worst thing about any fire hazard is the release of toxic gases into the air which can fill up the air in less than a minute and make one unconscious. Not to mention, they can burn your house to the ground and everything in it, including your loved ones if you aren’t careful enough.

Therefore, it is important that you know that fires and electricity make for the worst combination ever and therefore mustn’t be fooled around with. If you wish to avoid any such incident, it is best to call a professional for electrical repair in Georgetown, SC.


The statistics above should have already alerted you that electrical repair in Georgetown, SC is no funny business. It isn’t like hammering your own thumb or poking another hole in the outdoor swimming pool when trying to cover up the first one. Electrical repair in Georgetown, SC can be a matter of life and death. Your thumb may heel over time and buy another swimming pool but there is no guarantee that you will survive an electrical shock. Electrical shocks are the most concerning part of any electric repair in Georgetown, SC process. Touching faulty wires or not turning off the current may result in one and leave you with a permanent disability, in case you do survive.

Code Violations

Nearly all communities need homeowners to opt for building permits so that taxable income can be tracked of the property. Having a permit also means that the homeowner abides by all the guidelines and safety codes listed in the permit. The violation of any of these codes can result in jail time and hefty fines if one isn’t careful.

When trying to fix the electrical wiring on your own, you may end up violating any codes, making you accountable for fines and punishment. No homeowner would want that, which is why it is best to always call an electrician for any electrical-related work.

Building Permits

If you are planning to perform a major electrical repair in your home, you must always first check in with your community’s building permit authorizer. Working with electrical repair in Georgetown, SC without a building permit will put you and your family at a risk. Unless you wish to be charged or worse, asked to leave the premises because you mishandled the electrical wiring, it is best that you obtain a building permit before DIY-ing anything.

Overestimating Handiness

Most of the times, homeowners are the one who make basic wiring issues worse. It is true that one may feel tempted to change a bulb or open the switchboard to rejoin a broken wire. But what if the reason the bulb fused out wasn’t because it needed replacement? What if the broken wire resulted due to a spark somewhere caused by fluctuation in the voltage? Unless one is sure about what caused the issue in the first place, one mustn’t try to attempt electrical repairing on their own. An open outlet means that all wires will be free to move around. In case, the voltage strikes up again, the electric current in the wires can cause a much bigger fire which may end up damaging your valuable furniture and walls. Thus, we recommend calling an electrician for electrical repair in Georgetown, SC.

Poor Knowledge

Another reason why you should be calling an electrician for electrical repair in Georgetown, SC is that sometimes, we fail to identify the actual issue and focus on something else entirely. For instance, assuming that just because the ceiling fan isn’t rotating doesn’t mean it’s off. There is nothing more dangerous than working on live wires. You can end up with severe injuries if you aren’t careful enough. Therefore, if you can’t seem to pinpoint the issue, it is best to leave it to a professional and rely on what the electrician has to say about it.

Expensive Repairs:

Another reason why you shouldn’t DIY electrical repair in Georgetown, SC yourself is that they can be expensive. Suppose if upon inspection you find out that it is a faulty wire that is causing the fluctuation in the voltage. You, with your power tool box, get working. After working several hours, you still aren’t able to fix the issue and finally decide to call an electrician for electrical repair in Georgetown, SC. Upon his arrival, he tells you that instead of fixing the issues, you have only caused more damage, how will you react? Wouldn’t you feel like cursing yourself? After wasting hours on trying to fix it, all you did was make it faultier.

You could have easily avoided the additional expense had, you called in professional help before! Since you didn’t you will now have to pay for damage that wasn’t there in the first place?

With all these potential dangers all set to engulf you and your loved ones in smoky flames and fatal shocks, would you really want to take up this DIY project? If you think that by doing so, you will save up some cash; just know that the cost of losing a loved one because of your carelessness will be much higher than calling professional help to perform the electrical repair in Georgetown, SC.

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