Need An Emergency Electrician? Reasons Why Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Trip In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Need An Emergency Electrician? Reasons Why Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters Trip In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in their houses. They serve as protection against life-altering electric accidents. Homes built near beaches, water bodies, and rooms are prone to be wet, hence rely on the interrupters to prevent electrical problems that will cost more to hire an emergency electrician to fix.

The most popular type of GFCI device for residential properties with outdoor receptacles is the single-phase electrical outlet. A GFCI is responsible for monitoring the current flowing from the outlets to appliances, which should be hot to neutral.

It senses any imbalance in the current flow, tripping because of the current mismatch, hence the need for an emergency electrician. The GFCI is essential in preventing electric shocks and electrocution because it can detect current flowing in you and trip as quickly as possible, averting death. Below are some of the common causes that can result in your GFCI to trip.

Moisture in the Receptacles

Dampness and moisture are among the causes of ground faults that make the GFCI trip, interrupting the flow of current and switching off electricity. The accumulation of moisture due to the tropical climate in South Carolina can lead to moisture build-up in outlets, including receptacles.

The receptacles installed outside and in dump-prone rooms need the GFCI because of the dangers of experiencing ground faults. If moisture accumulated in the receptacle box does not evaporate, it will cause a ground fault in your homes. Without a ground fault circuit interrupter in your home, you are in danger of electrocution. Getting an emergency electrician to identify the cause of the tripping and reset the GFCI should be your priority. The technician will start by inspecting the receptacle box to ensure it is dry.

If it is a dump because of accumulated moisture, the electrical professional will skillfully dry the receptacle before switching on the circuit breaker. Also, for receptacle boxes installed in high humid areas in your house, including the bathroom or the kitchen, the hired emergency electrician will ensure it is waterproof and locked securely.

Current Flowing in Unintended Path

Another reason behind GFCI tripping is the leakage of current flowing in the unintended path. The pathway might be through a person or water, which can cause catastrophic problems, including electrocution.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 228 people were electrocuted in 2017. The GFCI device is essential because it trips the moment it detects the electric current is flowing through water or in a person who is in contact with hot or live and ground wires.

It flips off, breaking the circuit and causing a blackout in your home in Myrtle Beach, SC. The circuit breaker trips as soon as it senses a current leakage as low as 0.006 Amps. The power outage and the tripped GFCI are issues that will force you to call an emergency electrician for prompt and reliable electrical services.

The technician will professionally unplug every appliance and device on the circuit and switch off all the switches before identifying and diagnosing the problem. After fixing the leakage problem and insulating the live wires, the electrical expert will restore the power in your house and reset the GFCI.

Overloaded Circuit

When you use one outlet to power the appliances in your home, you might have a circuit overload problem, which an emergency electrician needs to handle before it causes an electrical fire. The circuit overload can also make the GFCI trip because of the high amperage flowing through the electrical wires.

Another cause of the electric overload is connecting defective appliances to an outlet that will increase the voltage flowing through to them. Loose and corroded wire connections are also known to cause circuit overloads that can make the GFCI installed in your house trip, thus breaking the dangerous circuit.

Overloaded circuits are among the primary causes of electric fires that account for thousands of deaths and billions of property destruction in the United States annually. Fortunately, the electrical fires can be prevented if you promptly contact an electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC, after the tripping of the GFCI. When many appliances are in one circuit, it can be difficult for the electrical expert to pinpoint the exact point of leakage. With the use of a leakage current clamp meter, the professional will measure the load current of the circuit and the leaking current below 5 Amps.

The first step that any electrical expert will take when diagnosing the problem is unplugging all the appliances that are connected to that circuit. The emergency electrician will reset the GFCI device and start plugging the electrical equipment back to the outlet one after the other while measuring the current flowing through the circuit.

This process will enable the technician to identify the items causing the tripping. The electrician can also recommend installing another outlet to stop the tripping and the possibility of electrical fires.

Malfunctioned GFCI Outlet

A faulty GFCI device can also trip. It might be difficult for an electrician to pinpoint. The ground fault safety device can also experience wear and tear after serving for years. The technician can check for overloading circuits, leaking current, and dump receptacles to find out the cause of the tripping.

If the GFCI has tripped and the problem cannot be identified, the hired electrician might check the safety device for any faulty parts.

The culprit might be the sensitive circuitry in the device that detects the leakages and flaws in the current flow. It might have worn out, making it difficult to sense any flows in unintended pathways, making the whole system dysfunctional. At this point, the qualified emergency electrician will have to repair the sensitive circuitry or replace the GFCI outlet.

Do You Need Professional Help

Ground faults are dangerous because they can cause electric shocks or electrocution in wet and humid areas. Installing GFCI in your home will protect your family from life-threatening electrical problems.

So, if you need any services relating to ground fault circuit breakers, you should consider reaching out to Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for an emergency electrician. It is a reputable electrical company with qualified and skilled professionals ready to address all your electrical needs.

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