Why Do The Lights Flicker In Horror Movies? And Other Signs Of Electrical Danger For Your Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Why Do The Lights Flicker In Horror Movies? And Other Signs Of Electrical Danger For Your Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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You’ve probably noticed that flickering lights and buzzing electrical sounds are often used as signs of danger in horror movies. They could be a sign of something mysterious happening, a warning of darkness and danger to come, but to emergency electricians they’re signs of potential wiring problems and the risk of fire in your future. Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC has the skills to find and fix any electrical problems resulting in the flickering, flashing, lights, and buzzing wires and switches. If the cause is otherworldly, that’s another matter.

Time Is a Factor in Many Electrical Wiring Problems

In a way, bad electrical wiring is its own story of horror and suspense. Problems don’t always show themselves right away, in fact, everything can seem just fine for months or even years into the future, as the problem waits and slowly grows, heating up and burning off insulation, or creating a blackened and resistive connection that eventually causes ignition. Emergency electricians seek out and repair these weak connections, hopefully in time to avoid the big damage that a little problem can cause. Alert homeowners can catch the sounds, smells, and even sparking sights of developing electrical issues, but many of them occur deep in the walls where they’re unlikely to be found. That’s why, as part of training, electricians and other types of electrical workers are carefully shown how to do proper wiring, and tested to make sure they’re proficient at it.

Licensed Electricians, Making Choices Carefully

Becoming an emergency electrician or any other job that involves working with electrical power is making a commitment to a kind of perfection. Though everyone makes mistakes in life, with electricity even the small mistakes can be deadly, or lead to the destruction of property. The answer to human error is to train carefully to perform operations correctly every time and to double-check the results even if you’re sure you did it right as always. For industrial electricians and linemen and women working for the power company, the reality of a single error can be dramatic, as high voltage power can leap several feet to an unprepared worker, and high current industrial power can vaporize metal wrenches that fall across contacts. Home power, which heats your stove and perhaps your home, powers your welding equipment, and charges your electric vehicle, has enough potential, so to speak, to cause problems of its own that may be less dramatic at first, but with memorable and regrettable outcomes.

Power Where You Don’t Expect it

Speaking of potential, that’s the term that is used to describe a hidden voltage that’s lurking as the result of wiring problems. It can be the power that’s present on your damaged toaster, giving you a shock when you touch it and your other hand is on a good conductor to the ground. It can be electric energy lurking on the case of a device with a three-prong cord, plugged in with a two-pronged adapter that’s not connected to the ground. Of course, many homeowners have replaced two-prong outlets with available three-prong units without running a ground wire, presenting the same effect but hidden in the outlet box. Potential is the tendency of electricity to travel from here to there according to certain principles that keep emergency electricians on their toes because strange wiring leads to strange currents and it can be tricky to sort them out and determine the cause. In some cases, electrical potential can even arise in unconnected wires, in situations where power is induced by power lines or other significant electrical sources running nearby.

So, Emergency Electricians Are Scientists?

There’s a certain amount of understanding electrical theory that helps emergency electricians figure out what’s wrong in a hurry. Most licensed electricians have a feel for what they’ve seen in the past, that’s an advantage of years of supervised training where wisdom is passed along. They also know that the wiring behind your walls, in your outlets, switches, and junction boxes, might not even be what they expect. Moisture, creatures, and aging can affect your wiring and lead to bare wires or poor insulation just waiting for time or just a bit of motion like a plug being plugged in or switch flipped to knock them into contact with each other. Other clues like frequent circuit breaker tripping even on circuits with very few or even no items plugged in, can seem mysterious but it indicates that it’s time for an emergency electrician to take a look around. Hopefully, an expert eye can find problems before something serious happens.

To Avoid Future Mysteries, Have New Wiring Done by a Professional

Our emergency electricians love to find excellent wiring, done to code, whether it’s new or performed decades ago by one of our predecessors. It’s a sign that your home has been well cared for by professionals. When our team of electricians performs modern wiring for you, we plan on it serving you well into the future, for some other electrician to discover decades from now and admire. Materials and standards may change as we learn more about our craft, but a professional, licensed electrician with years of training and mentoring is your best bet for a quality wiring job. We look forward to using our hard-earned skills for you.

Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach — Your Experienced Emergency Electrician

Part of our role as electricians serving the Myrtle Beach, SC area is responding quickly to help homeowners avoid the damage and injury that electrical problems can cause. Our experience gives us insight into where problems are likely to occur, which can also be used to perform an electrical inspection for you and catch problems that haven’t started to spark or smell. Safety is an important part of our job. Give us a call if you are concerned about your electrical wiring or service, or if you’d like to have an experienced professional electrician inspect your home’s wiring.

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